12 Significant Reasons Why Nursery Rhymes Hold Importance In Our Kid’s Life

Nursery rhymes for young children are very important as they learn a lot from it. Be it the development of an ear for the language or understanding the language or enacting to it. Rhyme book for kids is the best means through which you can help kids to hear different sounds and syllables in words and support kids to hear, read and learn continuously.

Be it nursery rhyme or telling a poem which was told to us by our parents or by the parents centuries ago which does not even have an origin! All these have a significant advantage on the kids. Although in a technologically advanced world today, kids have screen everywhere and parents proudly exhibit the fact that their toddler knows to operate an iPad! Well, for many parents, nursery rhyme is a thing of past – but they shouldn’t be! These little poems and songs have been around for centuries and despite so many changes in the world, rhymes have always been there as a constant thing to teach kids, do you know why?

Why Do Kids Need Nursery Rhymes?


1. Nursery Rhymes for kids are The Perfect First Stories: The little ones, who are just keen to garb literally everything and put it in their mouth, would not want to learn anything of their own, would they? That’s why when a mother reads from the short nursery rhyming books for kids, the kids learn faster. The energetic bouncy rhythm catches their attention and the shorter length means they do not lose their interest or attention. Before the kid come away to grab the book that rhymes, you will be done singing for them!

2. Nursery Rhymes help to Book Language Development Early in Kids: The common question we usually get from the worried and new parents is “What is the right age to teach rhymes to kids?” Of course, since we spoke about early language development, doesn’t mean we have to teach them from the first week of life such that they start talking when they are 6 months?! Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Although, you can always start it as early as possible and when you know the baby is able to listen to you, but you cannot expect them to speak right away. But you will be happy to know that when they start talking, they would always speak bits and pieces of the nursery rhyme that you might have read to the baby. And trust us, you will be delighted! That’s when you know that your hard work has paid off well.


3. Nursery Rhymes Help in Building Social Skills: Nursery rhymes when reading in school gets the kids all around to come together to learn. Kids bond over the stories ahead and when there are a classful of kids knowing the same rhyme, they have fun reciting it again and singing together.

4. Love for Books via Nursery Rhymes: It starts with you reading it out loud for them, but soon you will see them grabbing the book out of curiosity and taking a look at the colorful pictures and paging through it on their own. This love for books starts right here, and lets it go on for long!


5. Better Learning Skills in Kids by The Children Who are Equipped with Rhymes: Listening to nursery rhymes helps in strengthening kid’s ability to hear the sounds in words which is very important.

6. Kids Listening to Nursery Rhymes have Eased in Building Their Vocabulary: The more the rhymes and stories, the larger is their vocabulary. The kids who are taught rhymes have the strong vocabulary and listening comprehension, good at social conversation and writing and many more.

7. Love for Nursery Rhymes helps Them with Creativity: When you teach them nursery rhyme, they also learn to imagine it and helps them with their creativity. They make a picture of their rhymes in the mind and imagine it. They also try to draw and upgrade their motor skills along with that, some nursery rhyme crafts do a great job in complementing their skills.

8. Nursery Rhyme keeps The Connection to The Past: I am sure the parents love reading the rhymes to the kids as much as they love to hear. Besides, it connects the kids to our childhood days and makes us believe in the world of fairy tale’s existence.


9. Nursery Rhymes Helps in Improving The Motor Skills in kids: The kids want to enact and move their fingers with the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and jump and roll over “Jack and Jill went up the hill” rhyme helping them to develop their motor skills. They happily make hand puppets and play around singing rhymes.

10. Nursery Rhymes are Good For the Brain: The repetition of the rhymes help the kids to learn, retain and recall. This process helps the kids to build up their memory capabilities that can be applied to all sorts of activities. Even before the kids can even read, they sit and learn to look at the book and how it works. It also helps with visual and oral experience.

11. Nursery Rhymes Help in Preserving The Culture: The generation gap which is one of the biggest concerns that grandparents face with the young generation is also bridged with the rhymes as it remains to be the same since generations. It is called to be the long tradition and shared with the new members.


12. Nursery Rhymes are Fun for Kids: Importance of nursery rhyme is not only to help them to learn, but it also appeals the kids a lot. Kids must be taught the deeper meaning and origin of the nursery rhyme too to add their value. They enjoy reciting it always.

Best All-Time Nursery Favorite Rhymes For Toddlers:

  1. Humpty Dumpty
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  3. Row Row Row The Boat
  4. Ring A Ring A Roses
  5. The Wheels On The Bus
  6. Old Macdonald
  7. 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
  8. Incy Wincy Spider
  9. This Is The Way The Lady Rides
  10. 5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day

How the nursery rhymes speak about the kings, queens and peasants of rural past and show the kids a world without predating electricity, televisions and computers are must to teach out little ones.

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