Traveling with Toddlers: Tips, Checklist And Kids Activities

Parents may be cynical in traveling with toddlers. Especially, when it is a longer journey or via flight or a bus etc., it has a probability of getting totally crazy! If you want to keep your tot happy 30,000 feet above the ground and between the time zones, you’re at the right place to know how.

Holidays are meant for relaxing and rejuvenating. However, if the joy turns into worry with children and the whole point of the holiday doesn’t exist anymore. More than anything, packing is the most important and a tedious one as you have to make a proper list. Although during the kid’s infant years, you evidently would have carried a lot of things while travelling, however, the list might have to change now as your kid is a grown up now! They might be approaching the age to play with toys, enjoy snacks, clothes and gear that you might need the kid to be comfortable and entertained.


Quick Tips for Flying with a Toddler:

  • Be prepared to show some UFOs: The baby would love to look out of the window in an airplane in search of aliens and keep busy.
  • Pack extras: When it comes to traveling with a toddler on a plane, it is recommendable to carry an extra pair of clothing and socks.
  • Never vaccinate and fly immediately: Yes, you kid needs vaccinations, but take an appointment at least a week before the travel. Especially, if you do not want them to deal with side effects during the travel day.
  • Try to travel at night: Book a night flight as much as possible, such that your baby would be sleepy and might have drained all their energy throughout the day so help them dream while travelling.
  • Go for a walk: If your toddler is fidgety, it is okay to take a minute and walk them through the plane galley and up and down the aisle to distract, refresh and avoid irritation or impending meltdowns.
  • Pressure Prep: Prepare the baby for the pressure while take-off and landing. Keep some ear plugs or cotton to comfort the kid from the pressure. Have some passionate conversation to distract them and let them keep the discomfort away.
  • Pack Medicine: Avoid any leakages while packing medicines by using plastic bags to seal and secure them.
  • Avoid last-minute hassle: You have booked the airline tickets and are ready to travel. But did you consider booking cabs and other conveyance along with accommodation at your destination? When with kids especially, you do not want to end up in any situation where you would have to make last-minute changes to the plan. Book everything before hand to be sure.
  • Divide the list of things to carry: Have a strategy while packing. You might want to keep the things you need to carry in a flight first and then pack the rest for the security check-in.
  • Most importantly, smile through the stress: The most important bit for you to do while holidaying is to stay happy and relaxed. Do not forget to enjoy. It is okay if the kid is right before you in the security line, they will just learn and manage.
  • Do not feel bad for everyone else: Every parent has got a kid, but every kid is different. Do not care if other passenger curses you the moment they see you with a baby. When your baby is uncomfortable and crying, no one is more bothered than the parents, to be honest, and you are doing all you can to calm them down. It doesn’t matter even if you buy your co-passenger a drink. The moment your baby cries, they would surely make faces and react! So – yeah! You know you are doing your best so let’s all just deal with it.


  • Carry all distractions for the baby: Yes, you might not like the baby looking at the screen all day. But when you are about to board a flight or traveling on a long journey, you should not mind them keeping busy on the device!
  • Make a checklist: Always make a checklist few days before traveling. You are confident having travelled with your baby some time ago, but since they are growing, each time they might need newer things for them to play or to be taken care of. Look below for some important things you do not want to miss.

Important Checklist to Carry While Flying with Toddler:

It is good to take a note of “flying with a toddler checklist” which has an almost complete extensive list of things you will need while traveling based on experience.

  • Diaper bag and Diapers: Always keep extras packs of the diaper in case of emergencies or delays.
  • Baby wipes.
  • Changing pads: You can also consider buying disposable changing pads at supermarkets or online for use.
  • Importantly, carry a disinfecting hand gel for hygiene.
  • Carry small reusable bottles of toiletries, such as your baby’s body lotion and shampoo. Include your tot’s toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soft tissues for the baby.


  • Toys and books for the baby: Keep your little one’s favourite items, with some new ones to surprises the baby. Remember to carry sturdy toys so that they do not break while in the luggage.
  • Baby blankets: Add in few for comfort or warmth. Carry bright shades of it for the baby to feel good.
  • Plastic bags: Always carry a few medium-size disposable bags for storing soiled diapers, shoes, clothes or anything else.
  • Have an extra pair of kid’s clothes, socks, and shoes. Usually, it is sensible to pack two or more outfit per day as the baby is bound to get it dirty. Prefer dark color clothes along with some jeans to avoid showing up dirt. Carry weather proof clothing especially for winters and rainy season to avoid the baby falling sick. Warm coats, mittens, scarf etc. for winters is a must. A raincoat comes handy in unexpected weather conditions.
  • A cap or a hat for the baby and sunscreen with goggles.
  • Have water bottles and sippers for the tot handy, also encourage your toddler to drink enough of liquid while traveling to prevent dehydration, especially when flying
  • Feeding bowl and utensils that the baby is used to for meals.
  • A high chair which is portable for the baby.


  • Energy small snack bar and other quick foods.
  • The first-aid kit is a must to carry while traveling with kids. Have a pain killer along with other medicines for any minor injuries.
  • Baby soap and wash.
  • Portable crib for the baby to relax. It is sensible to bring along one of the baby yard or the portable crib unless your toddler likes to sleep with you, or the destination has one for you ready.


  • Baby car seat
  • Collapsible stroller comes very handy so that you do not have to carry the baby in case they are tired and also easy to be gate-checked if you're flying.

List of Toddler Airplane Activities:

  • Word association games are one of the best games to play while traveling with kids.
  • Present your kids with gifts: It surely does not have to be any expensive gifts but when you surprise them with a small thing that means a lot to them. Not only are they busy with the thing but also have a sense that they have to cooperate with you.
  • Decorate the empty bottle with stickers: While the kids are busy sticking the stickers on the bottles, you can easily relax and rest for a while.

There could be various other things you might have on your list, but we have taken a look at most of the aspects, and there wouldn’t be much more to this. The travel toys for toddlers on an airplane to toddler airplane activities to keep them busy; everything is covered.

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