Family Games Night: Fun Simple Ideas For Enjoyment

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When the house smells like a pizza place and you hear more shrieks and laughter than the usual, know that they are having one crazy family game night! If you want to do it too, and thinking what games should you play, we have listed few amazing family game night ideas for you to keep each member of the house happy and entertained.

Fun Family Game Night Ideas:

1. Mouth re-tractor fun Game:


By now, you might have already seen those viral videos trending on internet of people trying to speak or say words with the mouth re-tractor worn and the others have to take a guess as to what they just said! Trust us; if you haven’t tried this, it is hell of a fun game. You can play it in teams and the team to guess most of the words correctly wins. If you still aren’t sure why this super funny is because it sounds like you have a lot of marbles in your mouth and you are trying to talk with it. Keep your phones handy to make amazing fun videos of your family going crazy while playing this game. This is the most unique fun family games that you would have ever heard of!

2. Who Am I?:

This is a game that everyone can participate and might have already played at least once with friends or a party. But a very a quick and spontaneous game which is also an easy, last-minute, family games to play at night. The game goes in a way that each person gets 20 questions to figure out “who they are.” You can range your character from Disney characters and cartoons to politicians and actors keeping a note of the little kids while you play. Sometimes, you can use names of your extended family to boggle the player’s mind!

3. Spoon cards Game:

This fun game is played with family members sitting in a circle with one less spoon in the middle as compared to the count of the participants. A kind of musical chair game where each player to start holding four cards in their hands. The motive of the game is to get 4 of the same rank. When the deck of cards is passed round the circle one card at a time, the goal is to find the card that you need. You have to then tactfully exchange it with the card you want to discard from your hand. Once you have made it to 4 cards of the same rank in your hand, discreetly take a spoon from the middle of the table. Thus, when the other players notice that one spoon is missing, the fun bit starts now! They all must attempt to grab a spoon as fast as possible in order to not be the lone one left without one – obviously who loses!

4. Pass it on to Next:

A super simple game for family night where you are as well expected to be pretty genius! The no so perfect drawing comes in handy and makes it funnier. Similar to a broken telephone game, where, the only change is that you have to draw. The game says, draw what you see and then take a guess of what you saw for comical and unpredictable results. The miscommunication happens at its best! And also a game perfect for a terrible artists! Testing your imaginative skills here can be played with any number of members.

5. Singing Competition Night:


Make any two persons from your family be the panel of judges and the rest participate as the contestants. In case you have a smaller family and importantly, if you don’t mind embarrassing yourself in front of others, feel free to invite some other guests over to join the fun night. You can as well have a karaoke machine which is also a fun way to flavor up the night with excitement.

6. Charades:

This is an ever green game which you can never have enough fun with or go wrong with. A perfect fun family game where you simply divide the members into teams and then have one member from each team to act out a movie one after the other while their team is busy guessing what they are trying to mean and find the answer!

7. Likes and Dislikes:

Write down the chits with all of the names of your relatives, shuffle it in a hat and let everyone draw a chit. They will need to discreetly interview that person whose name was in the chit. A lot many times you might need to do it at the time of the party and find out a secret that no one would know about them. Fun right? Now comes the best part- after all of them have had time to do their interviews, they need to come back and gather in a group together and share the secret they learnt while the other relative writes the name of the person who they think is the secret about. The one who is smart enough to guess the most people correctly wins a prize.

8. React and Act:

For a group of crazy fun loving family, who enjoy getting theatrical and loud. All the members of the family brainstorm lots of varied events to react to like for instance when you spot your favorite star or celebrity on the street, discovering a snake under your bed, biting a sandwich to find a finger stuffed in, a house full of rats etc. and then write them down in a piece of paper as chits. Pops them into a hat and shuffle. Each member goes one by one when they draw one of the chits from the hat and react to it as though real, while the rest of them try to guess what on Earth they're reaction or screaming and fainting about.

9. Pen and Partner:

Brilliant family game to play. Divide into pairs and sit back to back with the "partner holding the pen." One of the team members has a drawing tool and paper whereas the other has a basket full of odd objects from all around the house. Person with the basket has to describe the object in a way such that the partner then sketches the description. Wouldn’t that be fun to take a guess as to what they draw?

10. Doodle with Noodles:

Using your household items from the kitchen, get penne pasta and spaghetti noodles. The challenge here is to get the penne pasta into the spaghetti noodles only without using hands but just mouth!

11. Balloon fun:

Blow up few balloons such that the each member is give one balloon each. The task is to keep the balloon from touching the ground and falling. But when they try to bounce it up back again, they cannot use their hands rather just the head. Tie the hands at the back and see the heads moving like bulls.

12. Tear it up:


You will need 2 toilet paper rolls along with a long stick and rubber bands. Also you will need 2 empty cans with lids such that you put toilet paper rolls on the stick and let one of the member hold or hang it on the chair. Once this arrangement is ready, put a bit of the toilet paper into the can and secure it such that it hangs from the paper roll now. Using a rubber band and a paper bomb, from a distance the family members have to aim and hit the can such that the toilet paper rips and it falls together with the can. Time it to see the fastest one to rip the toilet paper.

13. Telephone:

This game is also called as Chinese Whisper. One of the family members starts the game by whispering a sentence into the ear of another member sitting next to them. They murmur what they think they heard to the next person and it goes on in the same fashion from one to another. This continues until the whispered sentence gets to the last person playing. At that time, the last person says the message out loud as to what they heard it as. It is indeed fun to listen to how much miscommunication could happen and what the message turns out to be at the end. Adults and kids both have fun playing this game together.

14. Never Have I Ever:

The one of the best family games to play, which everyone enjoys. The idea is similar to musical chairs which has one less chair than there are people. Organize the chairs in a ring, all looking inward. One player stands in the middle and declares loudly about one thing that they have never done. For instance, the person in the middle can announce, “Never have I ever eaten a shark.” Anyone who has eaten a shark would then get up, and leave their chair unoccupied to find a new chair. The person who was standing in the middle would also find a chair to sit. The one who is left without a chair is the next person in the middle to take a turn announcing “Never have I ever …”

15. Would You Rather:

The more imaginative you are, the more fun this game turns out to be. For this game, the players gather at one side of the room or another depending on what they choose given two options. For example, the first set of options might be wearing boots or going barefoot. The person who is “it” would announce, “Would you rather wear boots or go barefoot?” If you prefer an answer to wear boots then you would go to the right, but if you would prefer to be barefoot, you would go to the left. You can track the common answers and see who are like each other.

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