10 Most Fun Balloon Games To Play

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What is a party without games to play? But organizing games could be a costly affair or an overhead task to do the arrangements. Balloon games are my personal favorite as not only are they very cheap to buy and easily available but also enhances everybody’s mood and brings in a fun element to the party.

Although we consider balloons to be a kid’s thing to play with, in most of the cases we have seen it awakens the child in elders too. Balloon party games are an inexpensive and fun way to entertain your guests with endless series of games and activities.

List of Party Games With Balloons:

1. Name Pops:

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Have the players to write their names on the balloons. Ask them to toss it in the middle of the room. Now start a timer for 30 seconds and let the players stomp on the balloons and pop as many as they can. Once the time’s up, The Balloons which were popped would actually throughout the players it belonged to. They would be rendered out of the game for now. The ones whose balloons are still blown up play the next round. The second round continuous in the same fashion but with lesser time now- only 20 seconds. This goes on until there is only one balloon remaining. The player whose name is written on the last survival balloon wins the game.

2. Surprise Pop:

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Before your guests arrive, blow up a lot of balloons and fill some with surprise treats. Depending on the age group of your guests', you can decide what to fill in the balloons like for instance if it’s a kid’s party, you can fill in a lollipop, trinkets, small toys or notes. Now, place the balloons in different places to make it challenging for the kids to pop. An excellent idea for the elders to play the same game could be to use darts to pop the balloons.

3. Balloon Tennis:

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A fun game for your guests where you would need paper plates to make the tennis racket. You will need a clear space to play this game. Blow the balloon and with the help of the paper racket, hit the balloon back and forth to play a game of indoor tennis. A very enjoyable fun balloon games to play with kids takes fun to a completely new level.

4. Stack the Balloon:

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Place a carton box in the center of a room with a wide mouth. Surround with a bunch of inflated balloons on the floor. The rule of the game says that without using the hands the player must Place the balloons into the box. The one who plays the maximum number of the looms in a minute wins the game.

5. Balloon Word Search:

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Divide your guests into two teams. Make two sets of balloons such that each team has started balloons with alphabets A-Z on each of it. The Balloons have to be scattered randomly in each of the team’s area. The first team to collect and arrange the balloons to spell any word asked for wins the game. For example, you can ask them to build the word “screw”. The first member to find all the 5 balloons reading S-C-R-E-W wins the game.

6. Protect your Balloon:

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A super fun balloon game for kids where a larger group has more fun. Give each player a balloon and a string to tie approximately of a meter long.The task is to blow the balloon and tie it to the string around the ankle. Once this is the the aim of the game is to try and burst everyone else's balloons while saving your own with the feet.

7. Capture the Balloon:

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One of the best balloon games for kids where all you need is an outdoor space. Divide the players into two teams and name the teams with a color of their choice. For example, if the team is red and blue, give the red color balloons to the red team and similarity, the blue color balloons to the blue team. Each member is given one balloon. You need to set a timer for 3 minutes where one of the team must spend the 3 minutes time in try tag members of a team. When they tag an opponent successfully, the opponent gives the balloon to them. After the time is over, switch teams and play for another 3 minutes. After that time is up, count how many balloons are left with each team. The balloons that were popped or missed in the play do not count. The team to have most of the balloons wins.

8. Bunny Race:

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Fun balloon games for kids and elders where the players have to hold a balloon in between their legs and run for a race. If your balloon falls down in between, you from start the race from the beginning. The first one to complete race wins. It is fun to see people tumbling around and struggling to jump to complete the race.

9. Water Balloon Summer Game:

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An entertaining game to play during the summer and outdoors would be to fill the balloon of water and take turns to break them to find a surprise gift.

10. Place it on the Cone:

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A fun game where the kids have to settle the balloon on the cone such that it sits stable. They are not allowed to touch the balloon. Once the game starts, the supervisor of the game has to randomly bounce all the balloons on the air and then the players have to wait for the balloon to come down and place it tactfully on the cone.

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