10 Excellent Brainy Math Game Apps For Kids

What better than having the fun apps to reinforce the basics of arithmetic concepts in a playful and enjoyable way? Math game apps for kids not only teach your kids math skill but also have more to it in reserve which we have explained below in details.

Would you believe if we say that it has quizzes over breakfast, helps with bedtime stories with a sneaky math concept and some clever ways to encourage and help kids gain the skills they need from a smartphone? Yeah, the more we blame technology, sometimes it acts as a best friend your kids could ever have. This math app for kids comes for different ages, or the operation which makes the basics of math - addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. Trust us; with the help of these best math apps for kids, they hardly even know when they're learning while playing.

Introducing math to kids is tricky as you have to stimulate the curiosity in the kids and help them to establish the interest. Best free math apps available as a powerful way to introduce kids to the idea of play and learn. With a focus on STEM education nowadays in schools, there are terms of app build for your kids to play and improve their skills. Especially, the young kids develop early skills such as counting, number sense, shapes etc. While the kids and the older kids can indulge in algebra, geometrical concept trigonometry and calculus through such engaging activities.

Best Math Games for kids:

1. Bedtime Math:

Bedtime math is an application that provides a daily math problem for the kids of different age group. Although the application does not talk about a specific age, it is most suitable for younger kids. This game has the kids to put in a habit to visit every day and does not get them frustrated by having the answers listed as well. It is great for the parents also to include themselves such that they make a challenging by asking the questions to the kids. The best part is the kids can share items on social media to encourage their friends and challenge them however the drawback is that the kids cannot interact with each other on the website. As a parent, be sure to check out the privacy policy before you let the kids play.

2. Prodigy:

Free math games for 1-8 grades students, which has math video game including the entire virtual world for the kids to play and learn with friends. The game is based on learning a step further by providing teachers with useful features as well like - assignment rules to align the classroom easily with the games or assign homework to the kids. It helps in showing the real-time report which can be tracked as a student progress and identify the trouble spots. It has rich core-aligned math content such that the more the kid’s progress, the problems advanced accordingly getting tougher and challenging. This is one of the best math apps for Kindergartners.

3. Quick Math- Multiplication table and Arithmetic Games:

This is the best free math app where kids get addicted to play and learn. It helps the kids and adults to practice the mathematics while racing against the clock in an application for iPad. This game does not allow the kids or the adults to put it down. A featuring which has advanced handwriting recognition making it very different to the other applications available in the market along with a beautiful interface. The arithmetic general skills are enhanced with the help of this quick math application and help you to take it to the next levels.


4. Doodle Math: Shapes:

An excellent free math application for kids of age 3 and above. An all-around fun activity covering shapes and figures helps the kids to learn and play. The shapes include six activities in order to introduce the kids to varied shapes. Be it circles or triangles, hexagons, semicircle, trapezoids etc., multiple puzzle activities to keep your kid's busy learning. The activities are very varied in nature helping kids to keep their interest and also repeat the shapes in such a way that it reinforces learning frequently. This game is available for the kids to play in English or Korean.

5. Reflex Student:

Reflex is a research-based game that helps the students from 2-8 grades to develop instant and effortless recall of math facts including all the four operations. The students have already answered billions of math facts on this game Reflex. This app helps to increase their skills and build confidence in the kids. It also helps you with the test scores so that you can evaluate yourself. This application gives a highly attractive environment that helps the kids to continuously learn and experience it. It is a fun and the motivational game-based app for learning with helps the students to enjoy the program and take pride in playing and letting everybody else know that success.

6. Number Rack, by the Math Learning Center:

Number rack application facilitates the development of the child’s number sense naturally. The color beads with removable encourage the learners to grow and explore a variety of addition and subtraction strategies. This helps in building up their visual version of manipulative and pleases an open-ended educational tool for the kids to learn more. It also helps in writing equations and expressions with the text tool available in the app. An excellent way to learn about an iPad or an iPhone for the kids.

7. Number Monster:

A game that helps the early learners to teach numbers in a simple playful method. Kids easily recognize the numbers from 1 to 20. The friendly and easy way for kids to learn is via using this Number Monster app. It allows the parents to turn on and off the visual clues so as to make a challenging for the kids to progress. Similarly, they are also hey monster game where it offers the kids to learn different shapes and sizes. It has different level up to hexagon and Pentagon from the start with a square and circle etc.

8. Pizza Fractions:

With the help of kid’s favorite food pizza - they learn the concept of fractions. It is designed for a grade level from 2-5, providing an introductory practice with the help of Pizza fractions app. The players presented with randomly generated fractions to identify by counting the slices of pizza available on the screen. The entry level is with a very simple fraction with builds up the confidence of the kids and then gradually upgrading with the levels of difficulty allowing the beginners to start with easy fractions and progress as they learn. There is also is score data and timings allowing your child to complete in the indicated time.

9. iTooch Elementary School app:

Best math app for kindergarteners which has more than 25000 exercises. This application is a fun and a new way to practice and learn Math, Art, and Science, language for the kids from 1-5 grades. This application has a speech synthesis helping the younger ones to read and comprehend the text. It is a multiplayer management with adjustable font size to suit the needs. It also has an embedded calculator that can be used.

10. Max Tales- the Jungle:

The Math tales - the jungle application aims at teaching the kids, Math, and logic especially to the preschoolers through a story but has various links to the mathematical subject. This application combines fun with a rhyming tale with 27 different games of Math and logical subjects including learning colors numbers and has 9 different chapters of other key subjects. It is a colorful fun game designed to keep the interest of the kids and engage them in stories along with helping them to learn visual and logical attention and spatial perception. This can be monitored from a dedicated parent’s area where they can see what the kids are learning in this application while playing.

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