Best Crossfit Workouts For Beginners

Staying healthy and fit is important. Workouts help you to stay fit and keeps your body in proper shape. Below are a few Crossfit workouts for beginners.

Benefits of Crossfit Workouts

1.Crossfit Workouts, prepares your body for nearly any sport, competition or activity.

2.Keeps you from plateauing

3.Burns more fat than steady-state cardio

4.Helps you work out more consistently

5.A great support system

6.Couples with better nutrition

Best Crossfit Workouts For Beginners

1. Stretching the Spine - Basic Cat Position

This is one of the simplest and a gentle exercise to stretch out your back. To start this basic Crossfit workout, get down on your hands and knees. Keep your hands, under your shoulders, and knees under your hips. Allow your back, to return to its original position, such as in the neutral spine position.

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Slightly arch your back, and allow your head to rise, and your butt to stick up and out. This is done in an inhaling position. For the exhale, pull your navel, inwards, towards your spine, and squeeze your butt. Keep your lower back, curved, like in a C position. Continue, rounding your upper back. Next, allow the head to slowly drop forward. Your whole spine, should be in a C-shape, at this point. Make sure, your back is rounded to the greatest extent possible.

For extra resistance, while stretching the upper back, push your arms. Keep your abdomen and rib cage pulled in. Use this pulling action, to stretch your whole spine. Then, again inhale and return to neutral spine position. Go further into the arch, sticking your tail and head upward. Complete four repetitions. The basic tips to follow in this exercise, are in each direction, do not go for the complete stretch, and do not bend your shoulders. Keep them relaxed, down away from your ears.

2.Sexy Cat position

This workout, is a bit modification of the Basic Cat and requires a bit more coordination. The stretch in this workout is three-dimensional, and you move the hips and spine in a spiral position.

To do this, Crossfit beginner workout, begin by doing one basic cat workout, to get the spine in arch position, and contracting. Add a spiral, in one direction, with your hips. And in the opposite direction, with your head and neck. In one direction, behind you, imagine the tailbone, inscribing a full circle, and in another direction, in front of you, imagine the crown of your head, inscribing a full circle.

Complete the workout, for four repetitions and then reverse the direction of the spiral for another four more repetitions.

3. Air Squat

One of the best Crossfit workouts for beginners. A Crossfit beginner, should start the movement, at both the hip and knees, alternatively. Make sure, throughout the workout, your feet are flat on the ground.

Keep a braced and a neutral position for the spine, and tighten your core. Let your back be in an arch or a round shape. By bending at the knees and hips, lower your body. Make sure, your knees are in line with your toes. Drop your hips below the knees, and in a standing position, push backup through your heels.

4.Shoulder Press

One of the fundamental, Crossfit routine, as it creates a strong overhead position for many of the more advanced CrossFit moves. To start this Crossfit workout, on the shoulders, hold an empty barbell on it, with a grip, slightly wider than the shoulder width. Overhead directly, by pressing the bar up, and return to the original position.

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5. Burpee

This Crossfit Workout for beginners, is tough and effective, and is also great for metabolic conditioning. It is also one of the best Crossfit workouts for women. To begin this Crossfit workout, lower yourself to a squat, from a standing position. On the ground, place your hands, and kick your legs back into a push up position. Do a push up. Bring the legs, back into a squat position. Repeat the process of, squatting, jump into the air, and return back in a squat position, and start again.

6. Pushups

The most important tip for this Crossfit workout, do not use your knees, if you cannot do a basic pushup. You will need more strength, to eventually do a full push up. To do this Crossfit workout, use a platform, or something, to raise your hands off the ground, which requires less strength. Begin this workout, by placing hands directly under your shoulders, and lower yourself all the way to the floor. Immediately, push to starting position, when you reach the bottom.

7. Push up with Hand Release

The basic tip for this Crossfit workout, is releasing your hands, will help you go all the way down, to get the most, out of your pushups.

Get into a pushup position. Release your hands momentarily, as you lower yourself, and while the chest is in contact with the floor. Place hands back on the floor, and push up to the original position.

8. Butterfly Situp

One of the best Crossfit workouts for women. To start this workout, lie on the floor, facing upwards, with a folded towel under your lower back. Keep your soles of your feet together, and knees open to the sides, and arms overhead on the floor. Sit up, and brace your core, by reaching your fingers toward or past your toes. Slowly, return to original position. Repeat this workout for 3-4 reps.

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