8 Easy Steps For Creating A Scrapbook for a Child

Scrapbooking is a hobby where you can relate your past articles, photos, newspaper clippings, etc., in a decorative album. Children can take it as a growing hobby and meet their friends to share the scrapbook ideas and tips.

An Introduction to Scrapbook:

The older style of scrapbooks has photos that were mounted with photo mount. The quotes are included in it, describing about the persons in the photo and when the picture was taken. These are great to improve and express the creative side of children. Scrapbooks can be given as gifts to friends. You can present them on a beautiful page filled with all the memories and this brings a smile to the friend’s face.

If you are new to scrapbook page, then you can follow a few easy steps and turn into a wonderful scrap book child.

1.Find the Perfect Kit:

Before you start with scrap booking, it is important to find out the perfect kit. For example, if you want to gift a scrapbook to your parents, then make sure you collect all the old photos where you can find parents, grandparents, their relations, etc. Then buy a glue to stick the photos in the page, color pencils to color the page and any decorative items to stick on the page for more attraction. Do not start the scrap book if you have no idea of what to do. First plan for the things and then proceed.


2.Select All The Pictures:

Select all the pictures that you want to make for scrap booking pages. Crop all the pictures and know exactly the purpose of collecting the pictures. Set all the pictures in an order.


3.Set Background Papers:

Set the background papers for all the pictures. Try to find out the exact background page for every photo you choose. For example, if you choose a picture in black and white, then try to choose the background page in pale chocolate color or walnut color. It takes you to imagination for a while to the olden day pictures.  


4.Add Journaling Blocks:

Always add journaling blocks that suit the picture and describe about the person, event or the theme. Double mat these blocks to bring out more attractive look.


5.Arrange The Pictures in Order:

Arranging the pictures in the proper order is as important as collecting them and assigning background page to the picture. Arrange everything on the background papers and get it exactly how you want.


6.Glue The Pictures:

Glue the pictures in their positions. Stick it properly and make sure that you use the correct glue to stick. If you use a bottled liquid glue, there is a change that it seep through the photos. Inexpensive glue may leave a little bump under pictures if the glue does not adhere at the back of the photos.


7.Add Graphics:

After sticking the pictures, if you want to say something on the page, it is the time where you can express your feelings about the situation. For example, if you are the first score of the ball game and want to stick the picture in the scrap page and then you can describe your experiences about the game. You can add anything to the page to reflect the theme. In the above event, you can stick a ball picture beside your photo with a colorful ribbon attached at the end of the page.


8. Share The Scrap Book:

The final step is to gift the book to your friends or near ones. If the event is a national grandparents’ day, then you can collect the most memorable pictures of your grandparents starting from their childhood till now and prepare a scrapbook. Gift it to your grandparents. You believe it or not they fall into tears after receiving the book.


The above steps can make you a perfect scrap book designer. Once you create your first scrapbook, I am sure that you will be hooked to this. It helps you think in a creative way and a great way to make new friends.


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