7 Best Airplane Crafts For Preschoolers

Do you have a kid who totally loves airplanes? These easy airplane crafts are kid-friendly and fun to paint! Crafts are a fun way to explore the creativity of kids, and also gives them a new learning opportunity to develop their skills.

The below airplane crafts for preschoolers are so much fun for learning about flight and spending time together as a family!.

Make your own airplane craft and fly them in the air! Kids will be amazed by the sight of choppers and airplanes and choppers flying magnificently in the clear blue sky.

Airplane Crafts For Preschoolers

A) Ice Cream Candy Sticks Airplane Craft


One of the best airplane crafts for preschoolers. To do this airplane craft, you will need five to six ice cream candy sticks, a knife, glue, blue or black craft paper, scissors and a pencil.

Steps on how to do this Airplane Craft:

1.On a table or a flat surface, hold one candy stick of an ice cream with its narrow stick placed horizontally.

2.On its front end, place other candy stick cross ways, an inch behind the front corner, so as to make the wing pairs of the airplane. Stick on both the sticks. Both the sticks would now form the body and structure of the plane.

3. Cut small pieces out of the other sticks, to make the tail or rear end of the airplane. Now, paste the pieces of the sticks at the rear end, pointing in all the four directions.

4.On the blue or black craft paper, draw small windows. Cut and glue them to the body of the airplane art, and complete the work.

B) Clay Airplane Craft


Another one of the best airplane crafts for preschoolers. This craft is generally done using the clay of red, gray and black colors.

Steps on how to do this Airplane Craft:

1.Help your child, to shape the body of the airplane, from the red clay. Make an elongated body of the flight, using the clay.

2.Next, would be to make the pair of wings, along with the horizontal and vertical stabilizer, rudder and elevator of the plane, using the red and gray clay.

3.Develop the mid wing of the aircraft and complete the clay flight craft, using the black clay. This is one of the easy and cute airplane crafts for preschoolers to make.

C) Styrofoam Airplane Craft


To do this craft airplane, you will need flat, thin Styrofoam sheets, food colors, black marker or pencil, paint brush, scissors, and a knife.

Steps on how to do this Airplane Craft:

1.Help your child to draw the wings and body of the aircraft on a thin Styrofoam sheet, and cut them out using scissors. Now, paint both the parts using any food color you like.

2.Make a slit in the middle of the Styrofoam airplane body and insert the wings through it.

3.Now, cut four small pieces out of the Styrofoam sheet for the stabilizers, elevator and rudder, and glue them on the rear end of the craft.

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D) Egg, Chocolate, And Cream Airplane


An egg, brown food color, glue, small chocolate bars, glue, white and brown cream cones are required to do this airplane craft.

Steps on how to do this Airplane Craft:

1.Give your child an egg and help him color it brown using brown food color and paint brush.

2.Create a pair of wings, elevator, stabilizer, rudder and a couple of the base legs of the airplane, using small chocolate bars. Complete the craft, by sticking the chocolate pieces on the appropriate places.

3.Decorate the egg art by creating the nose, eyes and mouth, in the front end of the aircraft with the help of white and brown cream cones or any desert toppings.

Your kids would be craving to eat this airplane!

E) Lego Airplane Craft


Kids generally, love to play with the Lego blocks. And what better could it be, than to create a Lego Airplane craft for them.

To do this airplane craft, you will need, five to six blue and white Lego pieces, One large white Lego piece with small rods on the both sides, and a pair of two broad rings with small hole.

Steps on how to do this Airplane Craft:

1.Place two white Lego pieces on the big blue Lego and make the body of the airplane.

2.Arrange other two white Lego pieces in cross ways, on its top with the body of the airplane, to form a pair of wings. Place one white piece at the rear end of the craft to make the tail of the plane.

3. Now, put the two rods, in the small holes of two rings, at the base to form the wheels of the flight.

4.Place one small blue piece near the front end of the aircraft as its mid-wing.

F) Paper Airplane Craft


Take a rectangular blue or the green craft paper to do this craft. Paper airplanes for kids are great fun, as they love to see them fly in the air or float on water.

Steps on how to do this Airplane Craft:

1.With its green-colored side facing upwards, place the green rectangular craft paper vertically on the table.

2.Fold both the top corners of the paper inwards, and fold the triangle formed by bending the angles inwards.

3.Next, fold both of the top corners of the folded craft paper inwards again. Turn the remaining small triangle present in the middle of folded triangle upwards.

4.Now, fold the piece in symmetry with one triangle on each side. Bend the upper edges on both the sides in half completing the paper art.

Make an amazing and best paper airplane using this simple airplane craft ideas!

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G) Cardboard Airplane Craft


This could be the best airplane crafts for preschoolers, and they would surely love it. A big long cardboard box, is needed to do this craft.

Steps on how to do this Airplane Craft:

1.Place the big cardboard box horizontally on the floor.

2. At its front end outwards, open the flaps, such that these flaps represent the mid wing of the airplane.

3.Open the rear end of the flaps straight lengthening the body of the flight.

4.Have your child to enter the cardboard box from its rear end such that his hands and head should come out of the front end of the box. Make sure, the legs should be out of its rear end.

5.Give instructions to the child to spread his hands cross ways to the body, so as to make a pair of wings of airplane craft.

6. The elevator, stabilizer and rudder, will be represented by the legs of the child.

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