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Christmas and new year is all about the best gifts and sharing love and joy. We have a list of top toys for Christmas 2017 for your kids that you could gift. There are many popular and coolest toys in the market for Christmas that you could let your little one have fun with.

Whether your children are 1 or 15, boys or girls, we have a list of top toys for Christmas for your kids this year. Are you ready to have Santa deliver these on the Christmas Eve?

Top Toys For Christmas 2017:

1. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding:


Who would not like to have a robot for this Christmas? The Lego Boost Creative Toolbox helps you to build and code the Lego such that you can have five of them. This has a simple tablet free app that tell you everything you need to know to let the little scientists and the engineers of the future build their own robot and have fun. This game features the Bluetooth low energy connectivity with two encoded motors and activation buttons along with internal tilt sensor and light. The color and distance sensor detects distance, color and motion of the robot. The building instructions of the 5 different robots have the Lego Boost app which requires 6x AAA 1.5v batteries which is not included. This makes the Lego boost creative toolkit into the list of most popular toys of 2017.

2. Disney/ Pixar Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Track Set:


The unlimited fast and furious action with this Disney/ Pixar Cars game is one of the hottest toys for Christmas, keeping the kids entertained for hours. Changing the lane and crashing into one another, having a thrilling climatic race with the Disney/ Pixar game. It is the biggest track set (raised one) in the cars’ toy history making it the best Christmas toys for kids. The motorized booster makes the cars speeding continuous throughout the play and diverters allowing the cars to switch lanes.

3. Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey:


The must-have kids’ toy 2017 that lets you get interactive and go crazy with the cuteness of the toys makes it the best gift for Christmas or any holiday season. The Fingerlings toy helps you to play with them when they react to the sound, motion and touch. They are as good as turning their head, blinking the eyes and making adorable baby monkey sounds. These have over 40 animations bringing the baby monkey to life for the kids to enjoy playing with it. These small interactive baby monkeys cling to almost anything like a finger or a notebook and a pen or a pencil. Kids enjoy swinging them by their tail and treating them like their pets or rocking them to sleep. There are 6 different colors of the baby monkey and kids want them all. The baby monkey Zoe blows kisses back when you kiss them. Make a loud noise to watch them getting excited. One of the best Christmas toys for your little ones.

4. LEGO BATMAN MOVIE The Batmobile 70905 Building Kit:


Legos are the best gifts for kids. And the Lego Batman movie the Batmobile 7-905 building kit makes it a hot Christmas toys to gift your kids with. The coolest batwing set that lets you have different wing modes to fire off mini discs and also has a secret car hidden in it. Hammer inside and all parts are compatible with other Lego set which makes it versatile and helps the kids to mix and match. A 1053 piece set which is perfect for the kids to play from 8-14 years of age.

5. Pie Face Sky High Game:


A cool game for your kids to play which really brings in all the fun together. The game stands over 3 feet tall and it is for the players to test their strength. You have to hit the plate hard enough for the pie to smash on your friend’s face. The kid’s toys 2017 list is incomplete without this carnival strength tester game. This game includes the chin rest, throwing arm, base, 4 track pieces, sliding disk, 2 splash-card panels, plastic hammer, spinner with arrow and base and the game rules included.

6. Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar:


One of the hot Christmas toys which kids love to play all day is the Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar from Fisher-Price which lets the kids build the problem solving skills and overcome the obstacles with the code-a-pillar. The basic coding, sequencing and planning in the game lets your little one to get introduced with every little segmented connections of the Code-a-Pillar. Kids learn to program a path by putting in sequence the correct segments and complete the obstacle course successfully. The segments are connected with each other having endless combinations and is easy to come up with them. The starter set is available with three easy straight turn segments having two right turns and two left turns and a single sound segment. There is no end to the combinations kids can make. Every time it is a new challenge and new target. The perfect age group for this toy is 3-6 years for kids.

7. Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle with Lights and Sound:


The light, sound and sea patrol lifesaver launcher action figure Ryder can be an excellent one for the kids to come up with excellent stories and play with their imaginary situation and keep busy. One of the toys trends 2017 which is also a new release from the popular kids program Paw Patrol. Kids love to set the sail for an adventurous trip and rolling into the sea that also comes equipped with a detachable anchor, ATV vehicle, crane, two lifesavers, Ryder action figure, baby octopus and exploration platform for the sea missions. As a captain, your kid has the command of the lifesaver launcher and as well as the places to reach with it. This dual boat/ land vehicle can also very easily tackle rocky roads and slide on the bridge letting you navigate on the terrains. Whether land, air or sea, your Par Patrol will be there.

8. Spinmaster Luvabella - Blonde Hair - Responsive Baby Doll with Realistic Expressions and Movement:


The Luvabella Responsive Doll is just like a real baby. The more the time your little one spends with this doll, the more she learns. Luvabella goes from babbling to real phrases over the time and also has more than 100 phrases and words that she speaks. The doll giggles, kisses, and goes off to sleep in your arms. Your little one will have a company of her own and you know what the best thing is? If you listen to her, you can hear her heart beating too. The interactive doll is an amazing experience and with true-to-life expressions and movements. Your baby can play with her baby in so many ways. The doll comes with interactive accessories such as spoon, pacifier, bottle, and Lamby toy. It is suitable for kids above 4 years of age.

9. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle A Cooperative Deck Building Game:


Who doesn’t like the fantasy world of Harry Potter? The best Christmas toys for kids will have Harry Potter building game as the best Christmas gift this year. The Defend Diagonal Alley, Quidditch Pitch, the Chamber of Secrets and many more such amazing invasions that kids cannot get bored of. The more they play the wand-er they get and soon get influenced with the mastering of powerful Spells.

10. Checkout Register Kid's Wooden Pretend Play Set:


The Wooden Checkout Register is a gorgeous piece of play for the kids. The set comes with a play money,scanner, card reader and a credit/ debit card. They have everything a budding retail entrepreneur would need and while the kids are also encouraged to learn their counting skills with the abacus. Undoubtedly your kid is going to emerge a strong individual with the best of the toy offers and without even realizing they learn the counting skills and much more. The best durable toy that kids do not get bored of.

These were few of the top toys for Christmas 2017 for your kids to learn and play with.

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