Brilliant ideas for Coloring in Pages for Kids and Advantages

Who wouldn’t want to sit down and color some excellent coloring pages? There are plenty of excellent coloring in pages for kid’s activity and learning available today. There is an artist hidden in every kid, and it is your onus to help them discover.

Did you know that it is a simple activity that provides your child with lifelong benefits? With fine motor skills, children can write and manipulate small objects. Not only helps them academically but also overall development. With coloring, kids develop and strengthen the arm and hand muscles helping them to improvise the activities like lifting objects, typing etc.

Why is Coloring Important?

If you are wondering why do we color, here what you need to know about it. What we perceive is usually only the reflected colors. Thus, it’s not red that’s in apple, but the wavelengths reflecting from the surface that we see is red and the rest all colors are absorbed. Hence, when an object is reflecting white, it is usually all the wavelengths that are being reflected and when the object is black, it absorbs all the colors. These simple and fun activities can help great development in kids.

There are Many Benefits of Coloring for Kids:

  • Coloring helps kids to focus mainly. For example, filling out the lines of the age appropriate book for coloring helps the kids to concentrate on a thing at hand and at the same time creating something beautiful.
  • Improves handwriting, giving them dexterity to manipulate with pencil on the paper. It helps eliminating the possibility of incorrect grip on pencil, thus helping them to hold on to the tool the correct way.
  • Hand and eye coordination is a must while a kid is busy coloring pages. Right from holding the crayons, to sharpening it, they love recognizing which color to apply; they learn the basic coordination skills.
  • Knowledge acquiring via the colored pictures helps them to build a perspective, shape and form in their head. They start recognizing patterns very soon and early. Regular coloring improves confidence in children.
  • It helps to develop motor skills and improves their knowledge on colors and texture awareness.
  • It is said that the brain experiences relief by coloring as it enters into a meditative state. They express their creative side which otherwise is difficult to see. A kid makes an imaginary world inside his mind before drawing it out on a sheet. Children express their personality by drawing and coloring.
  • The anxiety levels and stress levels are lowered potentially. It helps the kid to vent out their feelings like frustration and other emotions they are going through via coloring.
  • It helps you to negate the unwanted and negative thoughts taking you towards positivity. It is a way of self-expression. Some kids express through words, while the others like to express via art. In case the child is drawing something like a skull or blood, they might need your help urgently. If they draw sunshine, mountains and other cheerful object like heart, doll, they are satisfied and might be expressing content.
  • Coloring could be done by anyone at any age; it does not need you to be an artist.
  • It could be an excellent hobby to be taken up and enjoyed wherever you go.

In today’s education world, coloring books and sheets have become an integral part and important educational tool to prepare the kids for preschools. It is one of the favorite pastime for many little ones, helping them to spark their imaginative skills, giving them an opportunity to express their thoughts. Kids love spending hours coloring their favorite cartoon or animals.

We have Some Great Coloring page for Kids’ ideas to share with you.

Outline Picture with Colored Glue:


You can make this easily with a tempera paint to the glue liquid container and stir it. Now, trace the outline with this for any picture. The colored glue once set and dry, fill the rest picture with colored pencils or crayons to create a beautiful contrast and have fun.

Cover the Coloring Page in Pulses:


A more interesting and creative way of art making could be done by the coloring page in pulse. Pour a layer of glue on the page and sprinkle the pulses like black eyed pea, kidney beans, lentils, rice, any grains over the top of the glued layer to create a natural looking piece of artwork like above.

Placemat with Colorful Art:


Help your child to cut out the pictures from a coloring book and place them on a contact paper of a size of a placemat. Place it on top pf the paper and cover it completely with another matching piece of contact paper.

Glass or Marbles to cover the Coloring Page:


Kids could use the flat marbles or any colorful marble to fill in the pictures from their coloring page. A picture can be reused for this which has already been colored by them. They can either glue it to make a permanent one or have a temporary piece of art with no glue.

Create a Small Scene:


You could help your child choose the animals from the coloring book to create a habitat with glue and string or any other construction paper.

There are various printable coloring pages for kids free available online for the little ones to enjoy too.

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