Best 15 Indoor Games For Preschoolers

Playing games are always fun for kids. Preschool children tend to be energetic little people. Beat the boredom on those indoor days with these fun games and activities. Listed below are a few of the best indoor games for preschoolers.

Best 15 Indoor Games For Preschoolers

1. Blow up Bubbles


A fun activity for the kids to do on their own. You will end up with bubbles all over, in this game. It is also a fun way to give your kids ideas about how to blow the bubbles.

2. The Listening Game


Simply, take out some miscellaneous items. Have your child look at all the items, and then take them away. Next, ask them to close his eyes, and listen to the sounds of the objects picked up by you. Ask him/her to guess which item made the sound.

3. Puzzles


Puzzles bring out your child’s creativity, cognitive and problem-solving skills. Have your child draw a picture on a sturdy piece of cardboard. Outline the puzzle pieces directly on the drawing. Mix them up and get solved them.

4. Duck, Duck, Goose


One of the best indoor games for preschoolers. This game can be played indoors or outside. But, make sure the room is safe for running kids if you are playing inside. Ask everyone to quack like a duck and waddle like a duck. Try to practice sounds and walks of different animals while playing.

Kids will learn how to take turns, listening, and large motor skills.

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5. Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes


Another one of the best indoor games for preschoolers. The kids sing the famous rhyme song “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, while touching the body parts as they are named.

Sing the song slowly initially, then speed it up to make it more challenging. You can make the game more funny and interesting. Change the lines of the rhyme by substituting with different body parts.

The kids will learn about rhythm and musical awareness, and also body parts.

6. Obstacle Course


To play this game, transform your yard or living room into an obstacle free room. Remove unsafe objects from the room and place piles of cushions, laundry baskets, or other items around the room for the kids to run under or through. Put on some music to encourage the kids to move around.

The game teaches the kids problem solving and motor skills.

7. Play Hot Potato


Have the children sit on the floor in a circle facing each other. Give the child a balloon or a ball, and say her to pass the potato to the person on her left.

Turn on some music or sing a song while the children pass the potato around the circle. At the stop of music or when the song ends, the player who holds the potato is out and leaves the circle. Play the game, until a single player is left on the floor. This child wins the game.

8. Masking Tape Race Lane


Make a masking tape lane on the floor. The kids will enjoy running down the lane and hopping down on one foot. For the difficulty level, try hopping with both feet outside.  

They really have to think about keeping feet together, feet apart, feet together!

9. Ping Pong Ball Catch


Give your kids plastic cups and ping pong balls. Toss the balls to each other and catch them in the cups. You can even play this game individually, by just tossing the ball up in the air and catching it.

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10. Ninja-Box Kick Down


This game is definitely a favorite! Stack a bunch of boxes, whatever you have, the shoe boxes, mailing boxes. Let your kids practice ninja punches and kicks. Stack them up again and repeat.

11. Memory Games


Place several playing cards, in the center of the circle, upside down in rows and columns on the floor. You can use any type of playing cards, such as a standard deck cards. Make sure there is a picture or pair of each number on the card.

Go around the circle, and allow each child to flip two cards. If they flip a pair, they get to keep the two cards. The child with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

12. Parachute Play


The children gather around the parachute and hold on to one of the parachute handles. In this game, there are more children than there are handles on the parachute. The children who are not holding a handle fetch the balls on the parachute.

The balls are all placed in the center of the parachute. The children then begin to move their arms up and down. The balls pop up and off the parachute, as they are very light weight so they pop up very easily.

13. Red Light-Green Light


A simple game, which your preschoolers would love to play. Have your students line up, side by side at one end of your space. The leader, stands on the opposite side and faces the children. When the leader shouts ‘Green Light’, the children walk quickly or run towards the leader, and the children stop where they are, when the leader shouts ‘Red Light’.

The leader continues to shout ‘red light or green light’ until the children get to the leader. Then all the children go back to the starting line and the game starts again.

14. Rolling Pin Races


This game is super simple. All you need are two rolling pins. Generally, kids love playing with cookware and kitchen utensils. Let your kid grab a large rolling pin and proceed to roll it on the ground, while crawling on his knees. Let the kids have a race with these fun rolling pins.

15. Indoor Treasure Hunt


A very fun and enjoyable game too. Send your preschooler on a home treasure hunt, by hiding several small toys, special snacks or books around the house. Give your child few clues or draw a map that leads to the treasure.

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