10 Fun Indoor Activities To Do On A Rainy Day

Has the rain pushed your kid to stay back home all day? Are you looking for activities that kids can indulge during a rainy day? Here are some easy, fun and inexpensive rainy day activities for kids to keep them busy enjoying the play.

Whether it is pouring rain or a snowfall outside, the weather forecast can upset the kids and result in them feeling restless. Snowy, wet or cold seasons make it difficult for the kids to go outdoors to enjoy. They are bound to get bored sitting at home. Thus, we have listed few boredom-busting rainy day activities to let your little ones stay entertained indoors. Let them try their hands in crafts, recipes of games that otherwise they would not be interested. Encourage your kids to indulge in such learning activities and prove that being a stuck side at home does not necessarily have to be bored and a bad thing.

Things to do with Your Kids on a Rainy Day

1. Scribble Pad:

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Who would not love to scribble freely on the wall? Let your child not be a couch potato on a rainy day. Rainy day kid’s activity does not necessarily have to be very adventurous. It could also have something where they just developed their coordination skills with the help of a fun activity by scribbling. Take a large section of the wall and paste with plain white paper to cover the wall as much as possible. Paste a sheet with broader width for the kids to play. Once you have secured the wall, ask the kids to lie on their back and with the help of their feet, holding a pencil, write the names or draw something on the sheet stuck on the wall. Look at the picture which shows how much fun the kids are having while they let free to draw and write on the wall with the legs. Although this just looks stupid, the actuality is that the kids are learning to coordinate with the help of the legs and take the control by enhancing their Motor skills and some great exercise. In fact, if you have never tried this, probably time for you to have fun as well this time when you arrange it for the kids.

2. A Noodle Doodle Game:

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This one rainy day activity which lets you as well play with your kids. It incorporates motor planning abilities along with hand and eye coordination. With the help of the noodles you need to be accurate to get through the ring.

3. Carry Each other's Burden:

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An awesome idea to have both your kids involving in rainy day activities. A simple game where all you need to be a balloon. Blow the balloon and asked the kids to place it in between their hips. The task is to carry the balloon without letting it fall to the ground. They must carry it for a minute and release it near a bucket or a tab to finish the task.

4. Trace your Outline:

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How fun would that be? Things to do on a rainy day could be many, but to trace your outline and decorate it is a great way to kill the boredom for kids. All you would need is a pencil, pen, paper and decorative items that you have at home to utilize. This lets the kids be aware of their body and have a sense of body.

5. A Popsicle stick Catapult:

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Rainy day activities for toddlers aw really fun as it helps them to learn a lot. Make this popsicle stick catapult and have fun with the kids. You can use a Marshmallow and attack on a castle. This miniature working catapult needs popsicle sticks along with some glue and a rubber band along with it a plastic spoon. Once you help your kid to make this catapult, challenge the kids to build up their own design. Building a catapult is absolutely using the art of science, technology, engineering and Math.

6. Make a Swing Bird Feeder:

Make-a-swing-bird ImageSource: Pinterest.com

If you're wondering what to do on a rainy day with your kids, encourage them to make some art and craft. Build a bird feeder with popsicle sticks and help the child to hang it in your garden after the rains. You would need popsicle sticks, string or chain to hang and glue along with Scissors. You might need to supervise this kid’s activity and teach them to make one. In the seat area, you can place a small screen so that the rainwater would be able to go through and drain keeping the kids dry.

7. Laundry Basket ski ball:

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To make a rainy fun day, that's a fantastic idea for the game is ideal to play at home. Rainy day activities for toddler need to be fun. Well you can have a laundry basket ski ball game what is made using all the available items at home. The simple setup and the active game makes the best game to play on a rainy day without getting bored. Using a cardboard box open only one side of the box, flattening the surface and keeping the bottom surface in an angle of 40 degrees and the other end of the box in a 40 degrees too such that it makes a ramp. The top portion of the box removed. Place the do laundry basket right behind the ramp of cardboard and attach a paper with the points on it like 50 and 100. Help the kid to play by showing how it’s done.

8. Bake Cookies:

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Help the kid to indulge in some activities in the kitchen. Bake a kid-friendly cookie along with the kid teaching them at every step and monitoring for the safety.

9. Toddler Doodle:

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Now you do not have to fear the kid running in the rain outdoors. Rainy day activities for preschoolers could be not so boring inside a carton box and give them crayons for fun. It makes the activity for the board toddler on a cold and wet day a creative one.

10. Fitness Jenga:

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This fun rainy day activity for kids where you could just use the Jenga blocks to indulge in an activity. Write down simple activity in each Jenga block or a simple exercise for kids to do like “Run around the room 2 times” or “plank for 10 seconds” etc. This helps the kids to burn off their energy on a rainy day.

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