Must Try Easy and Stylish DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

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This Thanksgiving, surprise your family and guests with amazing Thanksgiving decorations. We have come up with some amazing ideas that you can DIY as well. Thanksgiving decoration ideas ranging from wall decor, customized messages, to craft projects, wreaths, table decoration and much more.

Thanksgiving decoration ideas

1. Beverage chilled in Pumpkins.


This is such a fantastic Thanksgiving décor idea, where you use a real pumpkin to make a beverage chiller. All you need is a big size pumpkin. Cut a small circular portion of it and scoop out the inside material such that there is only the thick layer of outer pumpkin remaining. Before the guests arrive for the Thanksgiving meal, fill the pumpkin with ice cubes (break the ice cubes to form smaller chunks) and place the beverage in it. Doesn’t it make a classy and easy DIY Thanksgiving decoration?

2. Message Board wall decor:


As you invite family and guests for Thanksgiving, if they wish, have them to write what they are thankful on the note papers pinned on the frame. You can easily make this frame by using any existing frame and remove the picture from inside to keep it plain and add these sticky notes on the glass surface. On the other hand, you can as well use a linen-covered foam core and an old frame to pin such notes. Add some Thanksgiving special add-ons to the frame to dedicate on that day.

3. Thanksgiving Leaf Tags:


Thanksgiving leaf tags are brilliant homemade Thanksgiving decorations which give your guests a special feeling too. You can either, use a cut paper in the form of leaf and paint it green orange and yellow in fall colors and write the name of the guests or, use a real leaf from your garden and paint the name of the guests on the leaf using oil paint (prefer a contrast color like the white used in the picture). You can decorate the table with these to show their assigned seats for special Thanksgiving dinner. Use metallic paper and make few more to decorate the rest of the dinner set.

4. Gilded Fruit Centerpiece:


Cover artificial fruits (like pear shown in the picture) with copper leaf for this Thanksgiving. This décor will never spoil and remain as is for a very long time. Coat each of the fruit with an adhesive layer and then paste the sheets of copper leaf until the fruit is completely covered with the sheet. You might need more than one sheet for a fruit. Repeat with all the fruits and display it in a bowl or a tray on the center of the dining table to make your Thanksgiving meal look awesome!

5. Thanksgiving blackboard door sign:


Greet the visitors with love using this blackboard and coated with chalkboard paint. You can as well cover it with autumn wreath or fallen leaves to decorate it further and make it special for this Thanksgiving.

6. Blessed, Thankful, Grateful Blocks:


Make an amazing Thanksgiving décor DIY with these stackable blocks. Use a wooden block and paint it with brown, red and yellow to show fall colors. Write on the blocks “Blessed”, “Thankful” and “Grateful” with white paint. Stack them one over the other and tie it with a jute rope to assemble it as one. Place it anywhere at your house entrance or inside the home to give a beautiful look.

7. Corn Husk Wreath:


You and your guests are going to love this decoration for Thanksgiving. Use a straw wreath and wrap the corn husk around this circle (15-18 inches) with a glue gun. You will need about 35-40 husks to completely cover this and make a wreath. To make it even more fancier, you can use a foam brush to paint the tips of this wreath with golden color paint (acrylic) and let it dry for 15 minutes. Again with the glue gun, start with the outer edge of the wreath, adhere another 3 rounds of corn husk (about 15 in number) positioning the tip of each corn husk between the two from the previous ring to look like that is shown in the picture.

8. Horseshoe shape wheat wreath:


Thanksgiving decorating ideas just made it to another level with this amazingly interesting wreath made up of dried wheat. Another DIY thanksgiving decoration which can be used to decorate on the wall or the dining table chairs. Cut the 25 inch length wire and bend it into a horseshoe shape to make the frame of the wreath. You can simply use the old coat hanger wire to shape as well. Gather the dried wheat. You might need 5-6 of these. Trim the stem to 3 inches long and wrap it together with white cloth-covered floral wire to make a bundle resembling a wreath. Make 10 more bundles of such 5-6 stems each for total of 10 bundles. Attach the bundles now to the horseshoe shape wire equally both sides equidistant. Leave an inch space at the center where you can tie a bow with a satin rope at the bottom for a perfect look.

9. Thanksgiving table runner:


Let it be all dipped in nature this Thanksgiving 2017 decorations where you can simply buy the plastic leaf and make into a Thanksgiving table runner. Or you can as well buy the felt paper which can be cut into the leaf shape and also will help to give protection to the table from hot plates. Cut many leaf shapes out of the felt and also few pumpkin shapes as you wish. Using an overlapping design of your liking and combination, hand-stitch them together. Place it running through the center of the table for the perfect décor.

10. Pine cone door hangings:


Our personal favorite cheap thanksgiving decorating element is this pine handing. Not all DIY door hangings need to be in a form of wreath, you can as well make this new style door handing with pine cones. Make this elegant cluster of pine cone hanging with the different sizes of pinecones. Take about 2 feet long ribbons to stick to each pine cones base, using a glue gun. Color the cones if you want. Once they dry up, stagger them in a varying length to look like a bunch randomly hooked, tie a knot on the ends of the ribbon together. Add some Christmas tree leaves to the top and make a huge ribbon knot at the center (do not have to stick this rather just hang it on the nail itself).

11. Box grater laminator:


This is one of the simplest Thanksgiving décor ideas, which is made from the readily available thing in the kitchen. You can create a moody ambience with this Thanksgiving décor. Arrange one or multiple box graters on a tray. Illuminate it with flameless flickers (LED votives etc.) to prevent the metal graters from becoming too hot. Fill the tray with small pumpkin and acorns, extra candles etc. to decorate and make it as a side piece.

12. Candled apple:


Bring some serious style and décor to your Thanksgiving meal table this year with these super stylish candle décor. Use apples and cut a circular piece from the top of the candle such that you can affix a tea-light candle into it. You can light the candles just before your guests arrive. Before doing so, make sure the candles are able to sit stable on the bottom on a plain surface to avoid any apples tumbling. Place as many as possible in the center of the table.

13. Pumpkin flower pot:


This is a fantastic idea for Thanksgiving decoration where you can bring in a big size pumpkin. Look at the picture with detailing, you can add as many as you want and make your own masterpiece. All you would need is plastic flowers and creepers etc. along with dry wheat stack and some small pumpkins to decorate. Either you can make holes on the pumpkin base to affix these plastic items or cut the pumpkin to scoop out the material and affix this inside the pumpkin. Using a stick pierce it in the small pumpkin good enough to go until the center of the pumpkin and leaving the other end of the stick to be pierced onto the base pumpkin. Thus with similar fashion add as many decorations possible to make it a pretty pot. Tie a bow at the center to make it look even prettier.

14. Homemade fall:


Pull out a dry straight branch from your garden (can be about a foot and half in length). Use paper leaves (cut out paper in the maple leaf shape and color it or use natural leaves but they do not live for long). You can as well use the Plastic leaves that we easily get in the market. Take the fishing string and tie one end to the stick and the other end hanging. Tie about 10 of such stings with varied length equidistant (some about a foot and half and other about a foot). Stick 2-3 leaf cut-outs on each string to look like leaves falling facing downwards randomly and giving it an overall look of a bunch of leaves falling. This makes a perfect wall décor for Thanksgiving.

15. Carved pumpkin lamps:


If you are good at carving the pumpkins, this is the best thing to do. Use varied sizes of pumpkins and make different carvings out of it to arrange as shown in the picture in a cluster of lamps. Another quick idea, if you are not great at carving, uses a drilling machine and drill holes in the pumpkin. You can variate the shapes and sizes of the drilled hole to form a patter and add a candle within for the same effect. Add some dried leaf to give the perfect Thanksgiving feel and mood.
Make these as your Thanksgiving 2017 decorations and surprise your guests with these best ideas. The guests will be thankful when they see and enjoy the warmth.

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