Brilliant Christmas Games For Kids To Play This Holiday

Christmas games for kids are the perfect way to enjoy and get together on a Christmas to keep the kids entertained. Be it at school or at home, these are easy to prepare games will make your kids want for more and keep themselves amused throughout.

You do not have to always go out and spend money to have fun, rather read about these simple games which you can re-use as well to play in future. Whether you are hosting a party or just helping to organize one, here are some great ideas for games for kids during Christmas. All age group enjoy this, we have specifically given ideas on how you can improvise and make the games difficult and challenging enough for the elder kids or adults to take part in the game.

1. Gift Stacking Relay Game:


This game is just perfect for kids Christmas games to play. Kids love to recreate the stack of gifts especially for Christmas. What better than making it a race? All you need is empty boxed wrapped with gift paper and if possible of different sizes. Adults along with kids as well enjoy this game. It is a fun party game for kids where they have to use of their speed and balancing skills. You can have obstacle of your choice and depending on whatever is available at home. You will have to divide the participants into 2 teams and split the team such that the entire half of the room is for one team. Teams are given with 4 gifts already stacked on top of each other and are challenged to take the stack of the gifts from one stool to another without dropping any. The next person must pick the gifts up and take them back to the other stool, and this goes on until the last person to complete the race. First team to get done wins. If the gifts fall, the team member has to go to the start and begin again. You can make it a level tougher by asking the players to make use of only one hand in playing this game. Or add extra boxes like 5-6 odd gifts of various sizes to transfer or even more.

2. Passing the Parcel Game:


Kids Christmas games always have a variant of the passing the parcel games because they love it. All you need is a present wrapped in layers of gift wrap or paper. Best is to wrap layers of newspaper as it is simple and also does not tear that easily. Avoid using tissue paper as that could be torn easily while kids are playing and feel it hard to remove just the top later. Similar to the traditional passing the parcel or musical chair game, you have to give a signal for the players to start passing the parcel – like start a music and stop it to mark the end of that round. The person who is holding the parcel during the time the game stops exactly has to take off one layer of the wrapping gift. Then the game continues until the person to unwrap the last layer of the gift wins the present. Thus, take a small gift like a stocking stuffer such that you can layer it enough and the game coordinator must make sure that each kid at least gets one chance to unwrap to keep them interested. You can add variations to the game by having a very small gift in each layer of the parcel being passed such that each kid gets a special gift every round. This will add fun to the game.

3. Jingle Bell toss Holiday Party Game:


This fun preschool Christmas party ideas and games where the kids can be challenged to toss the jingle bell into the red and white cups with aim. Kids love this game and the preparation does not take longer than just 5 minutes. The players have to toss the jingle bells into the cups successfully in three chances each. Just to secure the cups, you can use a glue gun and a surface like a cardboard or wooden plank etc. to stick them in the triangle arrangement. From a distance (mark it with a ribbon or a tape on the floor, the players have to aim and shoot.

4. Snowball and Spoon Race:


The traditional Christmas party game for kids, where you need some Styrofoam balls or balls of white yarn and spoons. Divide the players into teams and each team member takes turn to balance the Styrofoam ball on a spoon. The players have to carry it from one end of the room to the other and since it is a race, they must finish it the first to win. There can be some modulations to the game to interest the elders as well by holding the spoon and balancing in the mouth and finish the race without letting it fall till the end. This case, if the ball falls off, they have to start from the beginning.

5. Dare the Dare:


Similar to the passing the parcel game where all the players sit in a circle and pass on the parcel every time the music starts until it stops.  This time you will need to wrap the gift but have a dare written on the layers such that it adds fun. Once the parcel arrives to a kid and the music stops, they have to unwrap one layer. To mix things up you can have the notes between each layers such that “Tell a joke or miss your turn” or “dance to the slowest song” etc. Every layer will have a dare to do and the last one to unwrap the gift wins.

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6. Slowman Slam:

Slowman-slam ImageSource:

The super fun Christmas game for family where all you need is plastic cups and cotton balls. Make the plastic white cups look like snowman with some colored papers stuck to make the eyes and nose of the snowman and in case you do not have cotton ball, you can as well roll up socks to make a snowball. Stack them in a tower and let the kids take turns from a distance to throw the ball and break the stack. See how many they can knock over and keep rounds to eliminate to find the winner.

7. Punch a Present:


A brilliant Christmas party games where the kids get super excited to receive their gifts. The cardboard box punch a paper idea is a simple one where each circles when punched break opens to a gift which is stacked inside as a surprise. You can hold up quizzes about Christmas and the kid to give the right answer gets to punch any one of the circles and claim their gift.

8. Find the Reindeer Game:


The scavenger hunt game where all the kids are given equal time to hunt for the hidden reindeer around the party space only. You can variate the level of the place hidden depending on the age group of the kids playing. Although you can buy a plastic reindeer and hide it but we usually prefer to hand make it with the help of a cardstock paper which takes only about 10 minutes to get done with it.

9. Stocking Guess Game for Christmas:


Take a large stocking with the items around the house and put them in there. Let the kids take a guess one after the other as to what is in there. Put in all the Christmas related items like pine cones, ornaments, stars, Santa hat, or candy canes. Also a very good twist to the game to increase the difficulty level and make it interesting would be to keep all the items on the table as a display only for about 10 seconds and then put them back in the stock. The players are given 30 seconds to write what’s in the hat by recalling it and tell. For this game you might want to have more items so that there is more fun. Also the one to remember the most of the answers correctly wins. This will keep their mind sharp and enjoy playing it.

10. Pin the Nose:


You might compulsorily want to have a camera ready for this game. This is going to be a crazy fun game. Usually you can make a huge snow man on a cardboard and leave the nose. With another paper you could make the nose in multiple numbers and let the players play with it. However as shown in the picture, we used the backside of the door to play this game as it did not need much of arrangements or preparations. You could use the hat and eyes with some buttons for the snow man’s detailing. And hand over the nose pieces (with the names of the players written on it). Blindfold the player and ask them to stick the nose. The one with the closest proximity to the application of nose at the right place wins.

11. Memory Game:


This is an ingenious idea for child Christmas games. Where you could stick a number to the base of the Hershey’s kisses chocolate and keep in together in a grid shape for the kids to take turn to lift and remember the number and find its pair. You can variate this game by adding the multiplicative numbers and have more fun playing with kids and teaching them the recall and retention power as well as math depending on the age of the kids.

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