Tips on keeping romance alive once baby arrives

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Having a baby is the most cherished blessing for any parent and living each day with the child gives ample reasons to make wonderful memories. But for couples who just became parents, it is very important to keep their romance alive. Having a baby means a lot of lifestyle changes and most parents find it challenging to keep their passion and romance alive amid all the changes around. Specially the first few months can be extremely difficult to find time and connect with each other.

How to rekindle romance after a baby:

Keeping romance alive in a marriage after a baby is born can be extremely challenging. Specially if you have a nuclear family set up where not many relatives and helpers can be found. Some tips on how to get the romance back after having a baby:

1- Plan ahead:

Now that you have an infant with you, the planning has to be done ahead. Expect last moment changes but try and plan a few days ahead. Have helpers come and take over your responsibilities at home and sneak out with your partner

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2- Home dates:

At home dates can be exciting and fun, all you need is to re-innovate the ideas which used to click prior to having the baby. If the child sleeps 3 hours at a stretch then plan at home date for those 3 hours. Have some wonderful ideas like binge watching together, a quiet candle lit dinner or a one to one interaction session with drinks and more

3- Take time out each day:

Fix up at least 15-20 minutes each day or twice a day to talk to your partner. This must be adhered to despite your busy schedule. And try and make the most of this time by getting intimate and communicating too

4- Walk together:

Take the baby for a stroll and walk hand in hand together. A small gesture takes you a big way post baby. Be a part of all the walks and play times with the baby together as much as possible.

5- Get the PDA back:

Public display of affection is much needed post baby. Don’t worry about holding hands or hugging or more in public as you only have as much time you get. PDA can be interesting and rekindle your romance post baby

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6- Remember you are a mom as well as a wife:

Most women begin forgetting their duties as a wife as soon as they have a baby. All they can remember is how to be a great mother and keep the baby happy and healthy.

7- Get flirty:

Wear your girl friend look and be more flirty than  ever. As it most definitely would rekindle the romance you may have ignored post childbirth. Being playful and fun can be great for re-connecting with your better half and small gestures take a long way

8- Make yourself felt and known:

Send love notes, selfies and texts to your partner as much possible. These small moments will not only keep you both connected but also keep the romance tickling between the two of you.

9- Get over who does what:

The baby needs a lot of work to be done, but thinking about who did what can ruin your relationship with your husband. So just pick your stuff and finish as much you can, never fighting or competing on who did what.

10- Treat him like your man and not a child:

Most women begin mothering their husbands too which not just affects their relation but also brings a lot more confrontations in the relationship. Treat him as your man and stop trying to change or correct him, he is the one you loved and are in love with even now

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11- Plan the parenting guidelines together:

You both are equally responsible for your child’s happiness and health. And the most important thing as a couple in love, you both can plan the parenting guidelines together. Like who does what, who stays home when and how do you both plan to keep your sanity alive by enjoying your own spaces and taking chances to baby sit

12- Find time to make love:

Making love to each other must not be just a routine but feel for it. The more you make love the stronger your relationship gets. Keep those times fixed and try to get more and more spontaneous for it gets more passionate

13- Listen to your partner:

Find time to listen to your partner always. Communication is the key to every relationship’s success. The more you talk the better you know how the other one feels and it gives a chance to improvise too in keeping the love and romance alive post baby

How to keep the romance alive with a toddler:

Parenting a toddler can get extremely challenging and when you are thinking of some quality time to sneak it may need more than just effort. Some tips to keep the romance alive with a toddler include:

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1- Send the toddler off to the grandparents at least once a week. This can be your time to connect and feel the passion

2- Make small gestures like notes, texts and hugs and kisses amid the daily grind

3- Serve breakfast in bed sometimes:
Specially when you have the toddler taken care of by someone, be sure to surprise him with preparing breakfasts and lounging with each other

4- Watch a movie together:
Keep the child with grandparents or cousins and sneak out for movie time together

5- Create intimate moments:
Intimacy can be created with small gestures and making him feel loved is what you want. If the toddler has gone to bed and its still time before you have to hit the bed the surprise him with intimate gestures which will keep your romance alive

6- Be realistic, don’t dream hours together but enjoy precious minutes or seconds also together.
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The above compilation on Tips on keeping romance alive once baby arrives is to help all the parents in focusing on love and romance as much as they do about the baby. A baby brings the parents closer than ever.

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