Surprising benefits of Vicks vaporub on your feet for stuffy nose and more

icks vaporub has been used from decades for relieving cold, cough and also as an analgesic. Most of the uses and benefits of vicks vaporub are just so surprising and brilliant that you instantly fall in love with this product. As a gentle soother and mood enhancer with its cool and strong smell it captured your mind along with smell. There are several more ways than you know, vicks vaporub can help us in healing and comforting us. Vicks vaporub is the most popular decongestant from around a century. The unique ways it helps us are just marvelous.

Benefits of vicks vaporub:

Vicks vaporub is a smooth topical analgesic which includes eucalyptus, menthol, camphor and more ingredients in petroleum base. Traditionally it has been used for relieving cough and cold, easing stuffy nose and also helping in belly reduction too. There are some more wonderful benefits of vicks vaporub which include:

1- Vicks on feet for stuffy nose:


Vicks vaporub can be applied on feet and rubbed to relieve the stuffy nose easily. Many parents will swear by using this on their little ones who are younger than 2 years old on whom vicks can not be applied in nose. Since it is a topical treatment it is always better than giving any medicine orally until need be.

Applying vicks on feet provides night-time cough relief which is very very relaxing and comforting. Just apply a generous hand of vicks vaporub and rub it well. You will feel warmth when you apply on the feet. Now wear socks and sleep for the night. The next morning you will see relief from congestion and cough

2- Vicks vaporub reduces sinus and headaches:

The strong and soothing smell of vicks vaporub helps in reducing sinus and headaches a great deal. Just rub it under your nose or apply on your hands and rub then smell it with deep breathing. Methanol in vicks helps in easing and reducing headache and cold inflicted sinus. Also vicks lowers the blood pressure in your head and helps in relieving pain

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3- Keeps insects and mosquitoes away:


Applying vicks vaporub on your body keeps the mosquitoes and insects away. As a good insect repellent it keeps the flies away too. Additionally your can apply vicks vaporub on your clothes too to keep the mosquitoes and insects away

4- Heels cracked and dry feet:

If you have cracked and dry heels just apply vicks vaporub all over your feet and rub it well. Then wear socks and keep it overnight and then see smooth feet the next morning. Also the deeper cracks can be reduced with regular application of vicks vaporub on your feet. The following day use pumice stone and warm water to wash and scrub away the dry skin from your feet.

5- To cure fresh bruises and sore muscles:


Just mix salt with vicks vaporub and apply on minor small bruises. This will help in quick healing and preventing any infection at the site. Also for sore muscles you can massage with vicks vaporub over the inflamed spot. After massage, cover it with a warm, clean and dry towel for some time. Keep that part lifted for a few minutes using a pillow or other support. Continue 3 times a day to relax your sore muscles quickly

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6- Curing tennis elbow, athletes feet and runners knee for some:

Tennis elbow and runners knee can be painful for anyone. And normally they are not treatable effectively for all. Just apply vicks vaporub on the affected areas of elbow and knee and massage well regularly. The camphor and methanol helps in reducing the pain

7- Vicks helps in clearing toenail and fingernail fungus:


Vicks vaporub can be used to treat toenail and fingernail fungus. Apply on infected area and cover them with socks. Repeat once a day and keep it overnight to get rid of infection in a few days

8- Vicks vaporub helps in relieving stretch marks:


Apply vicks vaporub on stretch marks and leave them. Repeat at least 3 times a day. Continue for a few weeks and you will see results soon

9- Vicks vaporub helps in belly reduction:


Vicks can help in burning belly fat and cellulite. This can be specially beneficial in your stomach and legs area when camphor, baking soda and alcohol are added and made a paste. Apply this paste with a black plastic strip in affected area always before proceeding for your workout. This can be repeated twice a day too for better results soon

10- Control your pets with vicks vaporub:

Do you hate that your pet keeps scratching and spoiling your furniture and also pees everywhere in the home. Using vicks can help, and seriously it can. Just apply vicks on the areas where your cat scratches or pees. You wont see them repeat that again as the smell prevents them from ruining your home

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11- Vicks can be used as humidifiers

Inhaling vicks at night while sleeping can be soothing and also prevents decongestion too. Just add this to the aromatherapy section of the humidifier and breath easy all night. Specially if your have young kids, nasal and throat congestion can be difficult and keep them up all night. Vicks will help in giving them proper nights sleep

The above compilation on Surprising benefits of Vicks vaporub on your feet for stuffy nose and more is to help you utilize this amazing traditional aromatherapy concoction for many more brilliant benefits. Be sure to check with your healthcare provider for more details and proceed first with a patch test. Also minimum age for applying vicks on babies is 2 years and be sure to consult with pediatrician if using for any kid under 5.

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