How To Cure Cough In Kids - Home Remedies

We all want our little on to feel better when they are suffering from cold and cough. There are many cough remedies for kids but how many of them is healthy for your little one?

Kids aren’t just tiny adults, and thus you cannot just give them medicines which an adult could easily consume to feel better. There are many natural cough remedies for kids which could be used instead of the drugs and medicines.

Winters are the common cold seasons where the viruses are more active affecting most of the kids easily. Especially the younger ones, who are still building their immune system and getting stronger each day. And it is a proven fact that children are more susceptible to flue as compared to the adults about 6-10 times annually. Runny nose, congestion, cough and mild fever being the common symptoms of cold and cough.

Parents are naturally worried, and want their ill children to get better as soon as possible. And parents prefer a quick and easy solution of dosages of drugs. But do you know the side effects of such strong medication in your child? When treating kids with prescribed drugs, it is important that you understand the significance form the adults with respect to the drugs and its adverse effects.

Although there were some studies which mentioned that most drugs are not specifically studies and research as an evaluation to be used for children prior to their labeling by FDA and accessibility to the public. Dosctors also suggest that you should not hit to the pharmacy for cough syrups etc. as they are not safe for children. So what should you do? Home remedies for cough for kids should be your first approach to avoid all the drugs and their side effects.

Home Remedies For Cold And Cough For Kids

1. Steam:

The best toddler cold remedies would be to turn your bathroom into steam room and let them sit inside for 15 minutes before bed. They must repeat this even once in morning. The steam helps the nasal congestion and making it easier for the kids to blow out the cough. It also loosens the chest easing it for the child to breathe. Let the kid have a toy or any play item if getting bored in there. Also you can drum the back of the child but not so much to hurt them such that it eases them out to cough and get out the congestion.

Another way of doing the same thing but for elder kids would be to heat water in a bowl and place it for them. They can then cover their head and chest with a towel and inhale the hot water for 10 minutes without touching the hot water and keeping safe from burns.

2. Keep the head Elevated:

When you little on is sick, one of the home remedies for cold and cough for kids would be to arrange a few pillows under their back or head such that they can sleep in a slightly upright position letting them breathe better and ease it. For a baby do not directly pile the pillow underneath head, rather place a pillow below the mattress or the bedding to elevate and rest the baby’s head.

3. A Humidifier:

The humidifier is a safer option for taking in steam and helping the child to clear their airway and moisten it. Toddler cough remedy has this as the primary one in the list which eases the room temperature and helps them to get better overnight. Open the windows and let the air out of the room for a bit in the morning for circulation.

4. Clear the Nose Regularly:

Even though the nose is choked, the kid would not know to blow it out and clear it. Help the kid to clear off the nose by spraying a saline solution in your kid’s nostrils to loosen the mucus, couple of time a day. Post the nasal spray, the mucus can be blown out to clear the respiratory track.

5. Use honey:


If you are wondering how to stop a cough instantly, the best coughing remedy for infants is honey! Although this is recommended for kids only above 6 months. Honey treats at night time can ease the cough and let them sleep better. The honey needs to be pure, darker and strong tasting variety that could help in soothing the itchy throat and coat the scratches in throat.

A spoonful of honey can be given to the child before bed. This makes an excellent dry cough remedies for kids.

6. Rub the Chest:

The best way to stop a cough could be by rubbing the Vicks to chest which is easily available in the stores and safe for older kids. It makes them feel comfortable and reduces the congestion in kids. The product can cause irritation in the airway and increase the mucus production and hence not usually recommended for kids below 2 years of age.

7. Hot Soup and Drinks:


The soup becomes one of the home remedies to relieve the discomfort caused by cold, cough and congestion. The best part about it is that is is homemade and works great for sore throat.

8. Gargle:

Although the younger kids cannot be taught the right way to gargle as they might end up drinking the water and cause discomfort. But the elder kids must be taught to gargle with warm salty water. This is an excellent expert-approved cough remedy at home. It eases the swollen tissue in the throat and makes them lesser tender temporarily. Regular gargling helps recovering from soar throat.

9. Drink Milk:


Milk is a great medicine to the body to build immunity and fight many diseases. The Vitamin D in the milk boosts the wounded immune system and fight the cough and cold.

10. Maintain a Good Hygiene:

Ask your kids to inculcate basic hygiene habits. Using a napkin when they cough or sneeze and wash hands every time after sneezing. Keeping the surrounding clean might help in improving the air they breathe. Stay away from irritants and allergens.

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