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Most of the kids love to play in the water and so why not teach them swimming when they are still young? Swimming helps to improve not only the coordination of the body but also balance the body in and outside the pool. But before you put your heads into that, you must also think about the various swimming aids for babies you must consider before you could enroll them in classes or make swimming as their routine.

Let’s first understand, the ideal age to being swimming and why swimming is good for babies.

Ideally, it is recommended to put the baby into a bigger pool only after they turn more than six months old as the water might be too cold for them or they might also catch infection sooner due to their immune system still building. But did you know that most babies could actually swim until their six months of age, of course with your help! Thus there is no particular age when you must put the babies to swim. You will be surprised to know that there are many baby swimming classes that take babies of just 4 weeks old.

Swimming has a lot of benefits for the infants. The baby swimming helps them to improve the overall body coordination along with early balancing their body. The baby’s body is supported by water, and hence the concentration goes into balancing it which they learn very easily. The babies who swim are known to have better balance outside the pool too. They are able to grasp objects more easily as compared to any other non-swimmers. Swimming for babies is also fun and helps the babies to exercise their overall muscles and helps them grow stronger and more effectively in water than as compared to inland.


Even though you provide your child with swimming lessons, and there are plenty of benefits of baby swimming, they do not protect them from drowning! Having said the above, does the swimming aid for babies come into your mind? Yes, it is utmost important that you adhere to the safety and provide your child with all the comfort and protection while they are in the pool. Until the age of 4, their swimming skills are not enough to protect self from drowning. The babies aren’t grown enough to understand the water safety and how to react during an emergency. Hence it is always advised to be supervised by adults all time while in the pool and to add some basic baby swimming aids to protect them.

Best Swimming Aid for Babies:


1. Baby Neck Float:


Baby neck float which is made of environmental protection PVC and non-toxic material with a thickened double balloon which is of a soft and durable material. It helps to take care of the delicate skin of the baby. This baby swim float helps the baby to easily control the directions of the swimming and guarantees safety with its double handle design. It also has a double safety lock which assures the safety of the child and adjusts the loose or tightening of the float giving a more sense of security and comfort. The pneumatic internal and external diameter can be used perfectly to place the baby in the swimming pool. The flexibility of the neck float lets the baby learn faster and used at homes for the bath too. There are various bright vibrant colors for the babies to enjoy their swimming.

2. Baby Life Vest:


These are made of the highest quality material which is tested for durability and ease. The safety provided by the life vest serves the best for the beginners in water. This aids and helps the kids to learn swimming faster without fear. A super safe baby life vest/ jacket which is approved by the US Coast Guard.

3. Power Swimr System:


This product is endorsed by the Olympic gold medalist who supports this design made for the kids from 3-6 years. The system grows as the child grows the foam plates can be removed one by one until they swim by their own. It is easy to wear with adjustable cords creating a snug fit that boosts the child’s confidence. It has a brilliant feature of hidden pockets which keeps the floating pads secure. The system allows the kids to know their readiness level by removing the flotation pads gradually as they learn.

4. Splash about go splash starter float jacket:


This is an awesome jacket that has eight removable floats which can be adjusted depending on the child’s confidence and ability to swim.  The jacket works the best once the kids are big enough to stand up straight upright and hold their head outside the water. This is hence recommended for kids for 2 years and above. Unlike the armbands, this does not restrict their arms. Also is ideal for the kids with sensitive skin as it does not rub the skin under the arms. These make excellent swimming floats for the babies.

5. Swim School aqua tot Trainer:



This is an excellent alternative to the usual vest-type aids which usually ride up and run the chin. This vest helps the child to have independence while learning to swim and the best part is, it stays in one place. The vest stays secured to the kid’s body, letting them simply jump into it and easily wear it. Making it easier than the armbands and more secure.

6. Zoggs Kids Float Discs Arm Band:


With the armbands which do not require to inflate, there are no risks associated with it like punctures or having the hassle of deflating them after use in the swim sessions each time. The number of rings could be reduced depending on the child’s confidence and could be added as well depending on the safety measures of the child. Your kid would learn to swim faster and the Zoggs kids float disc could be used until they learn to swim by themselves.

7. JoJo Maman Bebe Child Float Suits:


A perfect swimsuit for your baby to enjoy in waters. This swimsuit is an excellent swimming aid which helps your little one to float without having realized they have worn anything extra. The armbands could lead to a lot of fuss sometimes and hence using this JoJo Maman Bebe Child float Suit, they could even change the amount of support as the child grows confident while swimming. The kid’s buoyancy can be adjusted to suit it right by removing from the total eight floats in the suit. Take a look at both age and the weight limits to adjust the buoyancy right and let your little one swim comfortably safe in waters.

8. Splash About Kids Sun Protection Float Suit:


This suit is a great one for the tiny swimmers to travel off to a sunny destination. This suits which come with detachable floats that you can adjust as per the child’s confidence. The Splash about kids sun protects float suit comes in three sizes to cater to the age of the kids from one to six. The extra coverage in the arms, legs and around the neck makes it extra secure to let them keep going into waters and also great for keeping them protected from the sun.

9. Splash about Fings:


This fings helps your child to swim with an exact buoyancy allowing the child to move their hands freely and sets up an optimum position to develop their swimming confidence and skills. An ideal one for the kids who are about to almost swim independently.

10. Speedo - Begin to Swim fabric Armband:


An alternative to the plastic armband made up of fabric which fits comfortably to the child’s arms and builds up their confidence to swim in water. The material is perfectly comfortable and has an additive bonus of blocking UV rays 50+ such that your child is safe and protected from the sun’s harmful rays reaching them. The traditional inflatable armbands could be replaced by these comfortably safe and secure speedo fabric armbands. This makes it one of the best swimming aids for babies.

These were some of the swimming aids for babies.

Having spoken about the swimming benefits for babies and the swimming aids available, it is time for you to buy one and let your kid enjoy splashing in the water while they learn to swim in no time.

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