Early Potty Training Tips For Toddlers

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5 Potty Training Tips help parents to manage their son or daughter within a week and you can try out the tips below. Parents can also follow "Potty Training Boys The Easy Way" - a pediatrician's guide that help parents to guide their baby boy in an easy way. Generally boys tend to take more time for potty training compared to girls. It is important for parents that they deal the distractions, refusals, staying wet throughout the night, etc before they train their baby for potty.

Be Patient:

As potty training is a tough task for parents, they can find it easy when it is properly planned. Parents have to focus on their baby for a few days and notice when the baby pee or poop every day. Some kids can express their feelings of doing potty very quickly while some may not. Above all patience is the only way of training their babies on how to use the potty. So take some time to understand what their mood is and start reading the baby in a better way.

Keep Your Baby Diaper Free:

Keep your baby diaper free for sometime before the baby is taken for bath. Parents have to pay close attention to their babies cues and use special vocalization like Sheee-Sheee, Shuu-Shuu etc. But do remember that the full toilet indepedence to the baby comes only when the baby start walking on his/her own. 

Set Timings:

Don't worry even though your kid is not yet trained to use their potty. He/she will have it definitely done in one day or the other. Let the kid understand his own feelings and express it with you. Teach the baby about the signs of the bathroom, explain the baby that he/she has to ask for bathroom whenever she wants to poop. Take your baby to washroom every 15 to 20 minutes and this trick will really help parents to teach their kid how to use their potty.

Bribe The Baby:

Bribing sometimes helps the baby learn better than actual. Each time your kid use the potty, bribe the baby. Even though bribing is not supported by few parents, rewarding the baby for her success can help baby learn the things in a better way. Gift her whenever she wipes herself, pee or poop.

Try Out A Tune:

Whenever you find your baby sign for poop, then try to follow a tune and sing up for the baby. Try to follow the same tune whenever the baby wants to go for a potty. After a few days, your baby is ready to use her potty showing you the sign in the form of song for her potty.

Infant Potty Training is the practice where parents can introduce their baby to the toilet or potty. People follow different methods to train their baby for potty. Some people rush along with their baby to washroom when the baby anticipates poop or pee. Some parents get ready with their baby as diaper free baby within a few months and some still need extra time to train their baby. Above all, hygiene is important for any baby to lead a healthy life.

- Neelima

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