Top 6 Diet and Fitness Tips For Men

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About 4 out of 6 men are either overweight or suffering from obesity. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies say that overweight is due to no physical activity atleast for 10mins and due to not following the healthy lifestyle choice. It is important to start adopting the healthier habits daily, not for you, atleast for the sake your kids. Following simple tips can motivate you to maintain your body stiff and have proper fitness.

•    Mixup Different Fitness Activities:

As variety is good for the body and also mind, try to focus on different fitness activities that keeps you fit all the time. Try for different fitness workouts like yoga, martial arts, exercises, etc., at regular intervals. Vary your tempo daily and also follow the cardio workouts like jogging, running, etc.

Try the activities along with a buddy that keeps both of you focused on fitness along with competition. Fitness practice along with a buddy makes you feel challenged and you can reach your fitness goal.

 Fitness Activities

•    Know Nutrition Labels Before You Purchase:

Reading the label is important because you can know the ingredients used in processing the food and also keep track of calories that are engaged with the food. Try to avoid food that have extra fat, sugar and try to opt for food that have high fiber content. Try to take fresh food in the diet rather than processed food and see essential nutrients are taken daily.

 Know Nutrition Labels

•    Follow Simple Cooking Procedure:

When you want to follow a healthy diet,it is important that the diet is prepared at home. Try to use grilled, baked or steamed food instead of deep fried items. Cook the vegetables with healthy oils like olive oil, canola oil, etc. Even when you go out for lunch or dinner, order the food that is healthy to your body.

 Follow Simple Cooking Procedure

•    Replace Fruits If You Are Bored:

If you are bored with your meals, then try to replace with any new items following the same nutrients in your new food. If you don’t concentrate on food that have narrow nutrients, then you can have deficiency in some vitamins or minerals that lowers the energy levels. Try to experiment with different fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc.

 Replace Fruits If You Are Bored

•    Focus On Serving Sizes:

It is important that you have to focus on the quantity of food you take. Correct quantity of food during day time and night time is important for a strict diet. Day time it is necessary that you take enough quantity for your lunch and the quantity is reduced for dinner.

 Focus On Serving Sizes

•    Motivate Yourself:

You have to stick to your fitness plan and try to take up a new sport or exercise to burn your calories. Try to follow the plan strictly and it is only you who planned and not something else is forcing you to follow. If you are not able to do your exercise one day, then try to compensate it on the other day. You can really find a change in your weight if the plan is followed correctly.

 Motivate Yourself

A healthy diet can have progress in your health and also improves nutritions in the body. Try to take carrots with fat free ranch dip and also whole wheat pasta as your food. Take any fruit in your cup of yogurt that helps you feel more satisfied.

- Neelima

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