Best Weight Loss Tips For Women

Weight loss tips are not to starve you but make a smart diet plan along with basic exercise which you can follow as a routine. This not just keeps your weight in control but also leads to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Never skip your meal


If you are too hungry, you likely to make unhealthy choices and eat more. Do not skip your meal, that only adds your weight instead of losing it. The metabolism of your body is hampered when you do not eat for a long period of time. This leads to storing your energy into fat form and calories instead.

2. Eat your meal consciously


Most of the times, eating is not a problem but what you eat is. Make a healthy choice of your food instead of accumulating junk. Also, try to concentrate when you eat. Distractions while eating can lead to a long-term increase in the consumption of your food inadvertently.

3. Switch to green tea


The best antioxidants for your body can be from the green tea if you inculcate drinking each day. This is easier to brew as well. The green tea has all-round benefits for your body and increases the metabolism as well as fat breakage or burning. You can have 4-5 cups of green tea each day instead of coffee. Add some honey if you like along with it, just to improve the taste and flavor.

4. Keep Calm


Do you know that stress can get you fat as well? Even if you exercise and eat well, you are bound to gain weight as the stress prevents from weight loss. The hormones released in your body makes it harder to lose weight along with fatigue, sleeplessness to add to it.

5. Eat on a small plate


This is no magic but, the bigger the plate, the more is the meal. While the food on a large plate makes it significantly less and the same amount of food in a smaller plate makes it more! You need to understand the reasonable portions in which you intake your meal. We tend to eat more than what our stomach fills with. Using a small plate will make you take a lesser portion of food to realize when your stomach actually feels full.

6. Keep off Sugar


Sugar is a carbohydrate, which will eventually turn into fat in your body without you realizing. You can get natural sugar from your food via fruits. Sugar affects the insulin levels in your blood and turns into a craving for some more instead. Hence calories add up when you tend to eat sugar/ sugary food.

7. Eat smaller meals more often


Experts recommend having smaller and frequent meals. Instead of having 2 huge meal a day, have 4 meals with fewer items. To keep weight flying off, eat in smaller portions frequently as you tend to eat less in such a case as compared to eating more and less frequently. Have high protein snack in between the meals.

8. Avoid alcohol


Alcohol is a key to weigh-gain! The metabolism of your body is altered because of the consumption of alcohol, which causes weight gain very easily. Especially when you are trying to put down food with alcohol, you consume more calories than you can burn. Thus these extra calories turn into fat in your body.

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