20 Best Camping Hacks To Know Before Your Next Camp

Camping is always exciting, isn’t it? Campfire, grilled food, under the sky, peace of mind and what not! But have you thought about what happens when you forget to get the right thing for your camp or are stuck in a tricky situation? Things can be a little fiddly when we are left to the mercy of Mother Nature. But, how about we tell you the tricks and tips for an awesome camping experience?

Best camping tricks and tips:

1. Sandpaper for your matchbox:

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You think the matchstick box might get soggy and you won’t be able to light it? Don’t worry; take a small sandpaper piece and stick it to your matchbox for any weather conditions.

2. Natural mosquito repellent:

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Sage in your campfire will keep off the pesky mosquitoes which are a common problem while camping. Common sage (salvia) belongs to the mint family and has grayish-green leaves along the woody stems. The leaves of this herb release a strong fragrance and produce oils that repel mosquitoes.

3. The cotton ball dipped in liquid soap:

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This is a great trick to treat ticks. If you or any fellow camper has a problem with the tick, place the soaked soap cotton on the tick for half a minute. The tick stops feeding on your blood and comes away with the cotton ball.

4. Need a broader spectrum of light while camping?

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Strap the headlamp or torch to the gallon jug of water or place it at the bottom of any bottle to fill the tent with ambient light.

5. No whistle? Find an acorn cap:

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Find an acorn in the woods, remove the top brown cap of the acorn which should not be cracked or deformed. Place it between both the hand’s thumb and index finger with the cap inside facing you. Firm your thumb near the top of the acorn caps such that the thumbs are touching each other. Place it near your mouth and position the lips such that when you blow your upper lips are on the knuckles of the thumb. Air should not escape out of your bottom lip. It is a tough thing too, but when you try a couple of times, you just make it through to whistle.

6. Ignite fire?

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Thanks to the powdered seasoning coated on Doritos, it becomes a great way to ignite a fire. The fire spreads very quickly on it and flames are long-lasting. But be careful!

7.Protect your toilet paper:

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You can use a coffee can to hold the toilet paper rolls. Attach a wire to the box such that you can hang it from a branch or anywhere if required. This is a very useful camping trick.

8.Use tic tac boxes to store spices:

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While going for a camp, the main worry is space to pack your entire required luggage. The best way is to accommodate the smaller portions of all that you need. For example, since you are camping only for a few days or weeks, a limited quantity of spices becomes handy for the use. Thus packing it in the empty tic-tac boxes reduces space and increases utility. Such camping tricks are worth it.

9. Camping microfiber towels :

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These microfiber towels become very handy during camping as they are made of natural fiber and have extremely fast drying and non-absorbent characteristics, which make it easy to use. These are as well very easy to store and do not consume a lot of space.

10. Wrap duct tape to carry along for an emergency:

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Duct tape can never stop amusing us with the varied uses of it. Carrying a whole bundle of duct tape might be space consuming. You might not even need as much. The best way to carry it for camping is to wrap it around the bottle of water which will be with you always. Do you know another good use of the duct tape is to reduce the friction on your feet? In case of blisters, apply moleskin and then duct tape around it to protect it further and keeps you on the trail.

11. Make a solar light source handy:

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You can simply get a solar light from the market and fix it in a small mason jar to take it handy for your use at camp. These are among the best DIY camping ideas you can carry along with you. You can as well place this outside the tents near the ropes to not trip on them at night.

12. Pack egg for travel:

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Whenever you travel (not only for camping sake), always have eggs bottled for hassle-less use. You just have to shake the bottle whenever you need, saves a whisker and bowl to carry.

13. Make small straw containers:

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Use the normal straws to carry the antibiotic ointments, toothpaste etc. Wondering how? Simple - If you need it only for a single use just cut a portion of the straw, fill it with the liquid, and seal it with a lighter. Although this is best for one time use as you do not want to end up having an open pack after use or, either you can reseal them or make multiple such packs for longer usage. The picture shows a larger pack, however, you can make smaller ones too.

14. Johnson’s baby creamy oil keeps the mosquitoes off!

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Want to keep your skin to be supple and off the mosquitoes? The Johnson baby creamy oil is perfect not just for your skin but also to keep the pesky mosquitoes off you while camping.

15. Coffee bags out of coffee filters and dental floss:

Image Source: Buzzfeed.com

Isn’t this a super cool DIY camping stuff where you use coffee filters and dental floss to make the coffee bag. Place the coffee into the coffee filter (obviously, the coffee has to be a ground form of it). Tie it up with the dental floss that you are carrying and brew it like you brew tea from tea bags.

16. A Bottle into a spoon?

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Need a spoon while you are in the camp and do not have one? Don’t worry we will tell you how to DIY this by simply cutting the coke bottle as shown along the dotted lines to make a perfect spoon. Careful with the edges though, they will be sharp unless you rub them smooth with sandpaper.  Aren’t these cool camping ideas?

17. Soap peels for one time use :

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Peel the soap bar using a peeler for one time use soap pieces. These become handy while camping so that you pull out one piece and use it. Storage for it becomes easy too.

18. Itchy skin? Use deodorant!


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Have itchy skin due to some reason? Want to soothe it? Pull out your deodorant and apply it on the affected area! It will give you immediate relief.

19. Emergency toilet

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It might sound weird right now but imagine if there isn’t a bathroom nearby! This DIY toilet seat is going to come handy for you. Take a 5-gallon plastic bucket and put in a heavy duty garbage bag in it. Attach a roll of toilet paper and you are good to go!

20. Silica gels:

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Ever wondered what to do with the small packets that you get when you buy new bags etc.? Next time, store them! These silica gel packets serve as a cool camping hack to absorb moisture when you need. Place them in a packet along with damn clothes or swimsuit and it works! Also, keeps the snacks fresh without letting it get soggy due to moisture.

These hacks and tips are going to make your camping life easy! Try these and let us know your comments, we love to hear from you!

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