Crafts for Kids to enagage and time pass

Arts and craft are the best way to engage kids. They love it and enjoy it. These arts and crafts can be educative and also a time pass when they are alone. It exploits the creativity of the child and mould them to engage themselves creatively. There are many diferent varieties of arts and crafts that may inspire the children in their liesure time. Arts and crafts can be theme based as per thefestivities, which can be interesting.

Let us look at the diferent aspects of the the arts and drafts for Diwali.

Rangoli using chalk
Children will definitely enjoy creating their own chalk rangoli designs. To start with, you can use a white chalk to outline the patterns or to draw dots to form a grid. Then ask the child to use coloured chalks or poster paint to fill in the design or to join the dots.

Rangoli using sand
Get some sand and using colour make coloured sand and kep it aside. Draw interesting paterns and ask your child to fil the gaps with diferent colour sand. Your child wil definitely love this.

Decorating candles with drawing pin
You can ask your child to decorate the candles you are goinf to lit during this Diwali. You can provide them with some drawing pins of diferent colours. Let your child to pin these pins into the candles and decorate it. You have to ensure that the pins are not coated with plastic so that when the candle is burnt the plastic is not melt.

Painting the candles
You can ask your child to paint designs they like into the candles. They wil definitely love it. They can use their crayons or water colour to paint in these candles. It wil be interesting to se these candles. Children also wil proud in decorating these candles.

Crepe paper Flower Garland
Cut out a collection of flowers from the crepe paper. Cut a piece of elastic thread to the length that you want your necklace. Thread the needle with the elastic thread and fasten a piece of sticky tape to the end to secure. Thread through a flower, and then a piece of straw, and so on. When the thread is nearly full, take off the sticky tape and tie the ends together tightly. Wear it or hang on the wal.

These are simple and esy tips for your children to get engaged and enjoy the timepass, while nuturing the creative talent hiden in them. These activities can help the children to get involved in a god activity without wasring the time, instead enjoying comfortably.

By Premji

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