Top Outdoor and Adventurous Activities for Teens

Are your teenagers glued to the gadgets and gizmos at home?

Outdoor and adventurous activities are a popular choice of entertainment and fun for teens. Children of all ages love to go out and get involved in games with family and friends. Encourage your teen to pursue some outdoor activities to make it extra fun.

These outdoor and adventurous activities, help people to be physically active, relaxing, or being social. Discover your next great adventure with the outdoor activities list below.

List of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities for Teens


Outdoor activities for teens can be categorized into relaxing, fun, and adventurous.

A) Relaxing and Well Being


The relaxing outdoor activities, are the best way to feel good, just chill and look after yourself. Few of the ideas which support your well being and mental health are:

1. Fresh Water Fishing


The world we live in today, surrounds us with many opportunities for stressful activities.

There is no other better activity for a teenager, than to go into an environment, where the most stressful element, might be the splash of a jumping fish, or the silent lakeside. Explore the mysteries of nature with this fresh water fishing outdoor activity.

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Spending your holiday, sitting on the shore of a secluded pond, with a comfortable lawn chair for relaxation, is the best way to blend yourself with the wonders of nature while spending quality time breathing fresh air. Freshwater fishing has grown as a family sport, because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to learn.

2. Gardening for Fun


Gardening can be a challenge, and also a great fun for people of all ages. It involves many different activities. With gardening, you can be active outdoors, and at the same time achieve something worthwhile.

You can impress your mom by growing her bouquet for a special day; challenge your friends and see who can grow the tallest plant; Save money with the homegrown fruits; Improve the neighborhood with colorful flowers; help save the planet by growing your own fruit and veggies; and spice up your diet with homegrown herbs.

Astonish your friends and family by growing weird vegetables you will never see in the supermarket.

B) Fun Outdoor Activities


1. Sea Kayaking


A sea kayak is designed to be more stable in the waves. Teens can experience the thrill of kayaking through narrow channels. It allows you to experience the wonder and nature of the sea close up and from a viewpoint, that not many people get to see.

Enjoy a real sense of freedom when you explore the coastline with its many clear blue waters, caves, beaches and breathtaking scenery. The paddling experiences with your own power, across the waves is quite soothing to the soul.

Paddling can be a bit tiring on the arms if you are not used to doing any form of physical activity.

2. Bubble Football


One of the best fun outdoor activities for teens. Bubble football is a hilarious team game that combines football with players, in which they wear huge inflatable balls.

The idea of this game, is that every player wears a big see through inflatable ball. During the game, you can then tackle players by bouncing them out of the way.

Bounce about and roll around, with laughter when you get knocked over!

C) Adventurous Activities


Teens who are looking out for adventure activities, bring a bit more excitement in their life or challenge themselves by being active outdoors. These adventurous activities, are further divided into the outdoor air, land and water activities.

Outdoor Air Activities


1. Hot Air Balloon Rides


Hot air balloon rides are an uplifting experience, that allows you to see the countryside, from a completely different perspective. This outdoor adventure activities, gives a sightseeing experience.

The best places for hot air balloon rides around the world , the pyramids are in Egypt, watch wildlife on safari in South Africa or Cape Town, experience Australia flying a hot air balloon over Sydney and Melbourne, or San Diego, Florida, Colorado, and California in America.

If you want to go for a hot air balloon ride, choose somewhere that will have an amazing view from up in the sky.

2. Paragliding and Para motoring


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These outdoor adventurous activities, Paragliding and Para motoring lets you sit beneath a fabric wing and float around on the thermals and wind. While, in Para motoring, you have a big fan behind you that propels you forwards.

Paragliding is a competitive and recreational flying sport, especially for teenagers. They can experience this adventurous activity, where they sit in a harness, suspended below a fabric wing.

Outdoor Water Activities


1. Canyoning and Canyoneering


Canyoning also known as Canyoneering, includes a variety of techniques, such as climbing, jumping, walking, scrambling and sometimes swimming even.

Canyoning is basically traveling in canyons!

Teenagers can experience the spectacular waterfalls and beautifully sculpted walls. Though the emphasis in this sport is usually on aesthetics and fun rather than pure difficulty. Canyoning is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

2. Kite Surfing and Kite Boarding


Get thrilled with the adrenalin rush across the waves of the sea, with Kite Surfing. The experience can be fast and furious, or gentle with leaps and jumps.

Kite surfing, also referred to as kite boarding, is a water-based sport. The feeling of speed, can be quite overwhelming, if you have never tried any aquaplaning water sports. The kite surfers can have a phenomenal experience, with the big air jumps.

Outdoor Land Activities


1. Archery


Archery is the practice of using a bow to shoot an arrow at a target. This outdoor activity is great fun and is best enjoyed as part of a group. During the activity session, you will learn some new skills and have fun trying to get a better score than your friends or family.

2. Camping


A great outdoor recreational activity. The campers get away from civilization and enjoy nature while spending one or more nights at a campsite. Camping is where you live outdoors using a tent for shelter.

Campers visit national parks, other publicly owned natural areas, and privately owned campgrounds. Many campers even enjoy socializing with a small group of fellow campers. Individuals, who camp alone share their experiences with through the use of blogs and online social networking.

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