Summer Camp-Inspired Activities for Kids

We all know that kids love to play. They love to indulge themselves in various fun activities that exhaust them throughout the day. They love to have fun.Summer camp activities are some of the most interesting things a kid can experience. Be it water games, out-door games or just some interaction with the new kids around. So, I have listed down a few interesting summer camp activities for kids because who doesn’t love some fun?

If you’re looking for some low-key one-on-one time with peers then here’s something you could try, but if you’re looking for outdoor activities or creative activities then, you’ve come to the right place.



To be more precise, hand-crafting. Be it making a paper-plane or a mega slime project, you could introduce your kids to so many crafts that will occupy their free time in the summer vacations. They can play around with clay and create a master piece. You never know. Summer camps are the best times to involve your kids in something that’s a little outside their comfort zone so that they will grow used to new adventures and tasks.



This one is my favorite. When I was a kid, I remember my dad taking me to a lake and we would just sit near the lake bank and just fish. The point was not really to fish there, the point was to spend some time with my family. Of course, you can skip this point if you’re looking for exclusive camping activities and games. But, you can add fishing to your to-do list while you’re still at the camp. Kids love to fish.

3.Water games:


While we’re still talking about aqua, I think it’s only fair to include some fun water games for your kids. Pool scrabble, Duck and Splash, Water Relay and so many things come into mind when we think about water sports. All water sports make great summer camp activities. If you want to pull up the game a little, scuba-diving is something the kids can try. Before even getting involved on the pool side, make sure that your kids know how to swim.



Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Rugby and many more sports are out there for your kids to get involved in. Kids love to play like I said before and if you introduce your kids to a sport of their interest, they might take interest in it and who knows? Maybe it can become their niche. All these games can be played at summer camps.

5.Star Gazing:


Summers are incomplete without star-gazing. We all love stars but kids hold a special relationship with them. They love to gaze at the dark sky and see those twinkling ones glow, just like their dreams and future. Every kid loves to gaze at stars and this is especially fun when the nights are clear and filled with a number of twinkling stars.



Okay, so this is not academic stuff. This is “out of the world” reading. Didn’t get me? Fiction! It is important to keep the imagination alive in those young brains of your kids. It is important to keep them hooked to new stories, This way they’re not only having fun while reading, they’re improving their vocabulary. If your kids are not into novels, they can always opt for comics. Both are educational yet fun.

7.Family Time:


While it is important to let your kids go out and have some good time at the summer camps, It is essential that they do not get lost in the summer spirit. It is important that your kids explore some down-time with families too. Families play a great part in the growing of a kid into a proper responsible adult. So, do make time for your kids and enjoy having meals with them.



Kids get tired after a long day of having fun. They need rest. It is important that your kids get the rest that they need and have a good night’s sleep, so that they can wake up the next day energetic and bright. The next day awaits more fun activities and new adventures.

Summer camps are some of the best memories that kids will remember after a long time from now. It is important that we place as much importance on building their memories as much as they love to have fun.

So, what do you think? Did I miss any activities? Let me know in the comments below.

Mithravinda Tenneti.

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