10 Best Museums for Kids in London

Museums hold a lot of value in this era as the history and the culture are slowly fading away with the fast-paced technology. Museums preserve the long forgotten yet significant objects and artifacts collectively. The exhibition of such artifacts spreads a word around the town about the history and the importance behind it. Museums give us an insight of human evolution from the time man created something to now. Which is why kids should be encouraged to understand the significance and the artistic value of the artifacts and objects exhibited in the museums. So, here are a list of museums  in London for kids

1.Museum of London:


A museum that your kids have to visit. Millions of history of the London City is captured in the walls of this museum. A trip to this museum will be so worth it as it will take you on an adventure beyond expectations. A gallery of history with the twist of modern architecture really captures your heart.

2.British Museum:


If you’re going to visit a museum in London, this will fall on the list for sure.The aesthetic side of the British times are captured here. The modern architecture only elevated the look of the golden museum. The library inside the museum stacked with millions of scripts and books takes your breath away. Something kids will fall in love with. This is by far the biggest collection of artifacts in the city of London.

3.London Transport Museum:


The evolution of the transport system throughout the history of British is conserved here with exhibitions of various antique vehicles. Trains, Buses, Cars and much more will awestruck you. It will take you back in time. If you’re familiar with Harry Potter series, that’s what this will feel like. A magical adventure.

4.Science Museum:


A museum that exclusively preserves the development of the science and technology. Exhibiting the pride of astronomical achievements and engineering equipment, science museum in London will take your breath away. Various exhibits of space capsules, science tricks, art and may more to spend the day with. A place that will add more knowledge to your kids’ minds and give them an idea of the evolution of science and technology through the times.

Similarly, some more museums that kids will love in the U.S are here to explore.

5.The Crystal:


A collection and exhibition of sustainable development is what this museum is about. Kids will love this place as the museum educates the crowd about generating power without depleting natural resources. Something the future generation should know as we are exhausting their future natural resources.

6.Horniman Museum and Gardens:


This museum was designed by Charles Harrison Townsend and boy did he do a great job. This museum specializes in collection of musical instruments, anthropology and natural history. Kids will love it because the collection gives an insight into the nature and the changes that took place in the environment. Which is why the beautiful spread of gardens outside the museum, steal the show.

7. Geffrye Museum:


If you want to explore the interior designs and the home-life of London from the 1600s to now, this is your go-to place. Kids will love this museum as the wide range of interiors capture in your mind. The aesthetic feel of “home” and the style of old times will stay with you for a long time after leaving the museum.

8.Old Operating Theatre Museum:


This is one of the oldest operating theatres that’s still surviving. The museum exhibits the surgical history of London city. Kids will be excited to see the age-old museum and the instruments used to operate patients back in time. A foundation of the surgery procedures and the history behind it is what this museum explains.

9.Golden Hinde in London:


This museum in London is a replica of the original galleon called “Pelican”. The replica exhibits wooden build and the beauty of the ship. Kids love this museum because it sets the mood of pirate sailing. If you have ever watched “Pirates of the Caribbean sea”, then you will understand the hype surrounding this beauty.

10.Victoria and Albert Museum:


A museum that kids love as there is lot to explore here. From the portraits, art, vintage interiors, antiques, artifacts to cultural depictions in paintings. Theatre performances, shows and much more to see. An experience that kids will never forget. The feeling lingers…

Museums hold great value in our hearts forever. If you’ve got time to further explore the world, here are some destinations to add excitement to your journey.

There are many places to explore in the city of London but museums hold a special value and significance in the modern millennial times. Kids can explore these museums and understand the evolution of culture, technology, art, science, nature and much more.

Did I miss any museum that should have been added to the list? Don’t hesitate to let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Mithravinda Tenneti

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