6 Cool Camping Games For Kids

Are you planning a camping trip with your family? Possibly, you all love to spend quality time together. And, those lovely moments when you and all your family members gather around the campfire after a delicious dinner. But, is this camping trip is going to be the usual one? If that is true then we would suggest you to spice up this camping trip with new ways of interaction with your family. It is most likely that you and your family members have been through charades to enjoy your camping moments. And, what about the kids? They were sitting ideal to watch the time passing by. This time, try to organize such a camping trip where your kids can enjoy their camping moments too. Now, you don’t have to wait for your kids to sleep or to get them caught in some task. We have got a list of camping games that you and your kids can enjoy together. Well, at night, you can let your kids sleep and then you can carry on with your regular night games.

Camping Games For Kids and For Whole Family

1. Scavenger Hunt


Children loves to play scavenger hunt and an outdoor site is suitable for this game. You can divide all the children in a group of two or three. Now, ask all the participants to find and collect items around them. The players can collect pine cones, maple leaves, oak leaves, snail shells, pine needles, and rocks of different colors. The members of each team need to stick with their group. Provide each team with a compass, a digital watch, and a paper bag. Also, provide them with a pen or pencil and the checklist they need to finish. You can also convert this scavenger hunt into photo scavenger hunt by providing the teams with a digital camera and to win this game, the group members need to capture the photos of the items present in their checklist.

As a reward, the winning team will not participate in their choice of work and the losing team will need to do that job on their own.

2. Camp Olympic


This camping game can become the most fun game of your camping trip. If you are camping beside a sandy beach then you and your family members can go for a long jump competition. If you are camping in an open area then a relay race would be a suitable camping game. And, if the camp is set near a water body then go for a swimming competition. You can also opt for tug of war. Keep in mind that you need to choose a game which is suitable for your little ones too. For your children, you can go with not-so-athletic games which include skipping stones and balancing in tree pose the longest.

3. Campfire Story Contest


We all love to hear stories. Either you can ask your kids to narrate a story or else you can share family folklore. You can also go for story games, according to which, one person needs to say a sentence and the other person needs to continue the story with another sentence. Keep on passing the turn to another member until someone finishes the whole story. Even, bringing Mad Libs to a campfire night is full of fun.

4. Twig Castles


This is another fun game when you are camping with your little ones. But, this one is restricted to those camp areas which are placed besides beaches. You can go to beach and make sand castles. Whosoever makes the bigger and beautiful castle in lesser time, wins the game. You can twist this game a little if all of your family members are ready. You can bring a bottle of white glue and scissors to begin a game with small twigs. You need to create a twig castle with these tiny twigs.

5. Catch, Don’t Catch


This is a real fun game for the whole family members. A big circle is drawn and all the participating members need to stand on the peripheral of the circle. One of the camper needs to go in the middle of the circle with a ball in hand. The camper in the middle circles around facing each participating camper and throw the ball before calling “catch” or “don’t catch”. If a camper catches the ball even after hearing “don’t catch”, then the camper standing at the peripheral is out of the game. To raise this game to an advanced level, you can use two balls and can also speed up the game with the ball throwing speed. Whoever remains till end is the winner and also, is the new middle person of the next game.

6. Murder In The Dark


This camping game is one of its kind. You need to place scrap of papers in a bowl according to the number of persons playing in the game. One scrap of paper should have a black dot, one scarp of paper has a star, while the other scraps need to be left blank. Every participating member picks up a scrap of paper and keep it with themselves. No one is allowed to reveal each others identity. The person who is having the scrap paper with a black dot is the murderer, the person who is having the star is the detective. And all the remaining members are the potential victims.

The murderer needs to detect his/her potential victims and wink at them. A wink is an equivalent to a murder. Whosoever dies is not not allowed to reveal the identity of the murderer. The game continues until the detective find out who is the murderer. If the murderer kills all the participants excluding the detective then he/she becomes the winner. Otherwise, the sheriff or the detective will be the winner. Also, the award can go to someone who had the most dramatic death.

Never limit the camping fun to elders. This trip can become memorable for the little ones to only if you know how to include them in your fun camping games.

Tiru Dehariya

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