Top 15 Essential Winter Camping Tips and Tricks

Winter camping can be fun and is a great way to get outside during the cold months! Planning ahead makes your cold-weather camping trip comfortable and memorable.

Moreover, you cannot go camping without the right equipment. Here is our top essential winter camping tips to ensure your trip goes smoothly, and help you stay warm.

Winter Camping Tips and Tricks

1) Pre-Trip Planning


A main key for a successful winter camping trip, is pre-trip planning. Plan in advance what things and materials to carry with you, else you would have a spoiled vacation. Do pack with the worst case scenario in mind. Make sure you carry all necessary emergency supplies such as extra food and water, and clothes.

2) Wear A Fire Proof Shell


If you are planning to build a campfire, make sure that the outer layer of clothing is less likely to end up ruined, if struck by a burning or glowing coal or wood. The campfires, can be used either for warming up andcooking. Make sure, you wear a fire proof shell, made out of wool, asit is the most fire-resistant natural materials and is great for a campfire.

3) Know Your Gear (Or Take More Of It)


For minimal equipment, knowing your gear is essential to survive very low nighttime temperatures. Double up your sleeping bag, put one inside the other, or start out with a warmer bag in the first place.

You can even stick one or two foam roll-mats underneath your inflatable mattress.

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4) Warm Up Your Batteries


Generally, batteries do not discharge as well until warmed up. If your flashlight batteries, stop working in the cold, warm them up before using them. Keep them in your sleeping bag or hold them in your hand near a heat source.

5) Embrace The Pee Bottle


Being cold, can cause you, to want to urinate more frequently. It may be inconvenient to disrobe and undo your sleeping bags at that cold temperatures. It is ideally recommended for women to look into the various accessories that allow you to pee whilst standing, and a well-marked pee bottle will simplify your nightly self control, for both the genders.

Make sure your bottle is well-marked and wrapped in some duct tape, and do not get confused with other bottles.

6) Bring At least Two Stoves


Stoves can fail in winter. Generally, white gas stoves, which are mostly used in camping can stop functioning and get junked up, if they are not cleaned properly or use bad fuel. Even, canister stoves can also fail when it gets too cold for their fuel to vaporize.

It is ideal to get at least two stoves, when you go on winter camping or backpacking in a group.

Bring a foam pad to sit on when you melt snow and cook!

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7) Use Plastic Grocery Bags as Snow Anchors


Instead of carrying tent stakes, it is recommended to use plastic grocery bags as snow anchors for your tent. Fill them with snow and bury them, so that just their handles are shown above the surface of the snow. The plastic bags are super lightweight and also easy to reuse and remove in the morning.

8) Choose The Right Campsite


Summer campers might prefer the secluded and shadiest spot. However, in winter, the morning sun can be a welcome companion. Take a note of where the sun will first appear at sunrise, and position your tent to take advantage of the early sun rays, while protecting your door from the wind.

9) Hydrate, Then Hydrate Some More


As in summer, it is just as important in winter, to stay hydrated. You may not feel thirsty in the cold weather, but drinking warm or cold water, hot chocolate, hot tea,  provides high-calorie fuel for your outdoor adventure.

10) Use Hand Warmers To Warm Up Your Sleeping Bag


Your sleeping bag relies on your body as it is the only heat source, if you are in super-low temperatures. Warm up the sleeping bag much faster while trapping in the heat, with a hand or sleeping bag warmer.

11) Put Boiling Water In Your Water Bottle And Sleep With It At Your Feet


Fill your water bottle with boiling water. Make sure it is able to withstand boiling temperatures and put a sock around it. For that extra warmth, keep it in your sleeping bag.

You will have non-frozen water to drink in the morning!

12) Bring The Right Sleeping Pad


It is necessary to carry the right sleeping pad, if you are going on a winter camping trip. A sleeping pad with two layers on the bottom, and one on the top are worth. Winter is no time to skimp on your sleeping pad, as you may losemore heat when sleeping than anything else.

Make sure, you have a pad with an “R value” of four or more. A “R value”, is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. The higher the R-value, the greater that resistance. Put on a closed-cell foam pad underneath, if you have one. Stuff extra clothing underneath you, and place your down jacket on top of your sleeping bag.

13) Eat Late


The body needs fuel to generate heat. Before sleeping, eat a hot meal immediately and make the meal a fatty one, as fat is metabolized more slowly than carbohydrate, it will last for longer as you sleep.

Carry extra cheese or olive oil along with the other camping things, as cheese had the additional bonus of giving you really vivid dreams.

14) Use Wooden Utensils, Not Metal Ones


One of the best winter camping tips and tricks is to use wooden utensils, instead of metal ones. Since metal can get super cold, using metal utensils can cause the temperature of whatever you are cooking to drop quickly. Opt for wooden or plastic instead.

15) Hook A Binder Or Key Ring To Your Zippers


Camping in the cold can be difficult. It can be hard to find your zipper, with your cold hands or if wearing very thick gloves, and when it is really cold outside and you have put on a lot of layers. Just hook a 3/4 - inch key ring on the handle, as a simple solution.

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