Fun Camping Crafts For Kids To Do

Ever thought how innovative and fun would camping crafts for kids be? The imaginary ideas and skill put into use to make the camping crafts this summer for kids is one of the coolest ideas.

While your kid might have come back from the camp yet has few more days to go before the school begins. The best way to keep them busy and entertained would be to indulge them in some camping craft ideas where they could bring their memories into figures or back into their room by creating a craft. Also, for the ones who are planning to go to camps could bring in various ideas they would love to do in a camp like campfire, or using a binoculars, collecting stones, or coloring the stones etc.

1. Hand Print Campfire:


A simple art for the little kids which could be fun with the help of hand painting. The kids would need a paper surface and paint with brush. With the brush and a combination of red orange and yellow ask the kids to paint their palm. If a child is left handed, ask them to paint the right and vice-verse. Guide the child to paint from the red to yellow from the base to the finger tips such that it gives a perfect flame gradient. Once done, quickly stamp it on a paper and press enough for the color to print on the paper. You cannot let the paint dry too much on your hand and thus you have to instruct the kids accordingly. Also make the wood in a cross shape by using your thumb and the brown paint. A quick simple camping crafts for toddlers is ready.

2. Stone Painting:


If your child has just returned from camping with some amazing looking stone collection, it is time for you to encourage your kids for some brilliant looking stone painting. Help your child with this simple amazing camping craft ideas. You will need brush, paints and paint pens. First wash the stones for any mud or dirt on it and let it dry completely. Next, coat an even layer of the paint with brush on the stone such that it dries completely before you decide if it needs another layer of paint. Once the second layer also dries up, ask your kids to write down quick encourage quotations or anything new they learnt from the camp or would wish to learn. One of the best ways to save the stones and keep looking at them each day for inspiration.

3. Lamp decor with Stones:


Who would have thought to make such an excellent decor with the random stones your child could have collected from the recent camping? Look at the simplicity int he design and you could replicate it as shown in the picture. Also place a tea candle in the center for the best feel of the decor and light your home with love.

4. Paper Campfire:


This excellent looking campfire is one of the best kid camping craft ideas. You will need brown papers and some yellow orange and red paper (felt paper or plain chart paper). Using the brown paper, take a 1feet x 1 feet square paper as base. You can as well increase the size depending on the craft size you want to build. Make cylinders of the brown paper as shown in the picture such that it is of 2-3 inch length. Stick the cylindrical wood on the base paper as shown with some space in between. With a black marker or pen, draw some streaks and wood pattern to make it look natural. Next, with the help of red, orange and yellow papers, cut some flame shapes and place it in the center of the wooden cylinders. Your campfire craft is ready in no time.

5. Stone/ Pebble art:


Let your kid’s imagination flow with the art and craft they could do with small pebbles. One of the examples as shown above is a man sitting below a small tree. Either you can as well stick the twigs from your backyard or make it with the brown paint and stick the stones to mark the leaves and the man. However, there could be various other ideas you could implement this with in which your child could portray their memories from the camping or any other incident and express them via the stone art. Few more examples are shown below.



6. Make a Mini Camping site:


Help your kids to make a mini camping site in their room or the auditorium in school. Bring in all the kids to put their thoughts to craft and stick the paintings on the wall. This is best done when kids have company as they get bored very easily if a thing requires more time or provide a small area for the kids to do it. Teach them to make the trees and koala bears and squirrels as shown in the picture.

7. Mini Camping Site:


If you have a tent at your place, help the kid to go for camping inside house for a few days or the backyard by making one. A huge camping craft for kids where they can have the real things to play and enact with their friends. Place a camping tent with some stones and paper as the campfire. Surround it with a lot of plants and trees to bring in the real feel. Help your child to learn the most during this.

8. Bear Hunt on a Paper:


Let the kid’s imagination come on to a paper where you can use the Popsicle sticks to mark the tree trunk and the cotton as the show. Use other color papers as shown to mark the river and forest or mountain. Make a bear home inside the stones and let the track trail to the bear hunting on a paper. Excellent kid camping craft ideas to bring out the best of the imagination which you will be surprised looking at.

9. Binoculars:


Help your child make an excellent fancy binoculars with the help of a cardboard cylinder and yarn. Cut the cardboard cylinder into two 4-inches and stick them in between with a rectangular shaped cardboard. Guide your child to make it as shown on the picture above. At the end, decorate it with colorful papers and a yarn tied to one end.

10. Boat Craft with Twigs and Paper:


A smart camping craft for kids where you make a boat with the help of the twigs. Go out with your kids to gather as many twigs as possible to make this craft. This is fun to make with the help of sticking the similar sized twigs (break all the twigs to almost equal size) and with the help of the yarn, secure them with a horizontally twig places on both the sides of the length. Go with the yarn in between the twigs and secure the base of the boar in order to firm it. Next, with one of the twigs make the skeleton of the mast perpendicular from the center of the twigs attached and insert a paper to show as the mast.

Camping crafts for kids is fun and you must guide them. Include this as part of the school curriculum as well. This helps them to inspire more on the outdoor activities and kids put on their thinking cap to indulge in more creativity.

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