Key Tips For Planning A Successful Fun Family Camping Trip

Preparing for a great camping experience is a primary thing to do. If you are also among the enthusiastic camp lovers and planning for a family camping trip, here are things you must note. Although it could seem a little wacky to do it the first time, trust us with the tips in here, you could do it like a pro.

A common misconception that runs about camping is that you need to be a nature lover and enthusiastic outdoorsy to enjoy, whereas, on the contrary, camping is more about the disconnect with the rest of the world and enjoy with your family and a bit of nature. A bit of extra prepping beforehand lets you have more time stargazing with your family once you get there.

Dust off your tent, get ready with your sleeping bags and fire up your camping stove as the camping season is about to be here soon! Here are few tips to help you plan a family camping trip effectively.


Tips On Planning A Family Camp Trip:

1. Plan in Advance:

The most significant thing starts with planning. You must be aware in advance where you can look for a Campsite along the trail. You can also refer online resources or go through a guidebook to talk over and think about your options. There would be particular Campsite in few areas that you would have to select.

2. Few Camping Site could be Shut:

Owing to the over usage of the camping site, there are potential chances that it could be closed. You must be aware of the local rules and follow them. A very good idea is to touching base with the Land management agency, for you can have quick information of the camping regulations and the requirement for a permit. You can ask about the accessibility of the chosen site. Also, there are few sites which allow bigger camping groups. Hence, it is also worthy to know if you need to split. Most of the camping sites ensure group size regulations that you must know and plan accordingly.


3. Consider advance Reservation:

If you have planned and know that you are going for a camping, it is sensible to book your Campsite in advance. Many of the popular hiking destinations are full throughout the year. Get your booking as early as possible before you might have to look for a substitute camping site.

4. Keeps the Options Open:

If this is the first camping experience with your kids, it is nice to be closer to the home so that you can pack up when you want and go back. In case the trip does not go as planned, you must be in a position to pack up and head home. Also, if you do not have a tent yet, try easing your family with a great camping experience with the rustic cabin or a yurt. Kids love yurt and cabins. And so do the elders.


5. Safety Considerations while Choosing a Campsite:

You might not want to go camping in a rocky Terrain full of snakes. Or a site is which has past experiences of avalanches or rock slides. You must also avoid camping at the bottom of the cliff risking falling rocks or which has loose rocks. If you are closer to the water bodies, comprehend the higher level mark for water in a dry stream bed all the rivers subject to flash floods. You might want to take a note of the Poison Ivy or oak areas and avoid them. Do not come on a site with the fallen tree leaning on another one. Large boulders, a dense stand of trees, or rock outcroppings are natural ways to protect against high winds. You must not choose a Campsite with tall and dominant trees or single standing tree as it becomes the target for lightning. You must choose a safe and fun Campsite to make you enjoy the experience.


6. Plan and Self-Prep your Meal:

If you are worried about eating out and want to prepare your own food in the kitchen while camping, what must you carry? It is best to try and keep ready as much food possible packed from home you can. Make a note of your menu and plan precisely. Start the chopping, marinating, measuring, grating at home to make the preparations at the campsite easier for you. Think about the options to cook at the campsite. Do you need to carry a small stove and fuel? Or would you have a campfire to cook on? Or cook no food at all at the campsite? Think what you want to do then accordingly understand the restrictions at the campsite too before you can affirm your decisions. And in case you want to do a campfire, plan for the wood and chopping etc. The perishable food must be kept in cold and safe. How about the drinking water? Would you boil and treat your own water or have portable water service? All these things are important to consider before you could confirm your camping plan.


7. Care during Winter Season:

You must camp either on a bare ground or the snowfield ground with less or no plants. This is since camping on the snow reduces any impact on the surroundings. However, you must circumvent any animal tracks such that you do not interrupt the wildlife. Cold as usually turns to collect and hence it is suggested that you must camp on a higher area. Especially during the winters, you might want the sun to arrive first in the morning and position your tent, therefore, to receive the full throttle sun to revitalize you. Also, examine the surface as it need not have a Frost texture or any brittle texture with might specify the harsh wind pattern is. You must leave such a Campsite and search for alternative safer one. Keep a watch on the weather information and look for the signs of Avalanche happenings. Check if you have any Avalanche debris in the area below you. Look for the trees that were relocated into the past Avalanche. If you have signs of an avalanche, it is best to move to alternative area. Select your camp tent to safeguard your family well from the weather.


8. Pack Wisely:

The first time campers can always rent or borrow the important gear instead of buying all of it as it might be a little expensive to do so. Planning a family camping trip could be overwhelming but you need to make sure to have the right things to carry to the camp. Pack enough clothes, more than you think as you may need it when you get dirty willingly or unwillingly. Include both the warm and the cold weather clothing such that you can layer yourself in unexpected weather changes in temperature or rains. Choose a bigger tent for at least to accommodate 6 people. The extra space you will need to live comfortably and not get into each other’s way, it really gets annoying. Do not assume camping has to be an uncomfortable one. It is all how you make it for yourself. The campers might usually have told you stories of how they survived. But here, when you have an option, you must even carry your pillow and sleeping pad for your comfort along with blow up mattresses. A very important thing at a campsite is the sleep that you get at night, which helps you to rejuvenate and have a fresh energetic start to the next morning. Have a base underneath your tent to avoid water seeping. The tents nowadays come along with clips to attach the tarp along. You might want some dry spot for sitting during the daytime too. Keep your first aid kit handy with the basics and especially carries sunscreen and bug spray.


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9. Come Planned with Activities:

The camping could be great fun, but to keep the kids entertained, come with additional planning for activities like kayaking, swimming or hiking etc. as appropriate to your camping location. Research about the several activities happening nearby. You could make your trip memorable with this added fun and adventure. The family camping participants might want to know about the planned activities beforehand so they come prepared with the needed instruments, gear and clothing. This helps in packing right and especially at the middle of the woods where you cannot be looking for swimming goggles with no internet connection. Make a good balance of relaxing, exploring and activities for the duration of the trip such that you have enough time to spend together appreciating the wildlife too. Keep everyone entertained for few hours each day.

10. Quick Packing list:

A good family camping trip happens when you have the best of the experiences at the campsite. Hence we recommend you to take a look at the basic checklist you might want to take a note for packing.

  • Camping tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Handy small Knife (or multi-tool like cutting fruits, veg or wood and could be used for extra usability)
  • Hiking bag (a day pack if doing a multi-day trip)
  • Headlamps, torches or flashlight (with extra batteries in store)
  • Water bottles
  • Swimwear/ swim goggles and caps
  • Sneakers or hiking boots
  • Comfortable clothing for day and night (depending on how long your trip is, keep extra pair)
  • Socks and undergarments (always keep extra pair)
  • A jacket/pullover and rainwear (depending on weather conditions, recommended to keep both)
  • Toilet papers
  • Sunscreen and bug repellant
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • First-aid kit (made aware to the kids as well where it is kept and its utility)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • All essential toiletries
  • Board games and Playing cards
  • Lighter or matches
  • Meal list and packages for each day you’ll be camping
  • Plates and utensils (do not keep many of these, plan to re-use)
  • Any cooking equipment (stove or barbecue – light versions of it) your meals requires
  • Sunglasses and caps
  • Extra trash bags (for trashing and to keeping things from getting wet)

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