Children With ADHD Need Better Parenting. How? - Part 2

We have already covered an article regarding this topic. But, ADHD is something which needs to be taken seriously. We might haven’t told you directly before, but it is absolutely wrong to compare your child with other normal kids. You must always remember that you can only encourage your child to feel normal like other kids, but forcing him/her to become one of them is absolutely absurd. If you keep on pressurizing your child to become one of those normal kids then there are possibilities that your child might end up in the pit of depression. It might also lead your child to substance abuse and self-injury. Remember, the growth of your children make him/her vulnerable to other issues. It would be better if you recognize the condition of your child as soon as you can and then provide the appropriate treatment that your child deserves. In the first part of this article, we have advised you with 5 basic parenting tips and in this article, we will enlighten you with 7 more tips that could result in a better parenting strategy for the child affected with ADHD.

Better Parenting Tips For Child With ADHD

6. Stop Blaming Others For Your Child’s Difficulties


We have already told you to accept your child as the way he/she is. So, also accept that your child could be a trouble for those who are genuinely complaining. If you are one of those parents who think that their children are simply flawless and none can point a finger at them, then you are being absolutely wrong. We understand your selfless love for your kid, but if you keep on protecting your child from his/her every mistake, then your child will think that he/she can easily find a way out even after being trouble for others. Don’t blame others for your child’s mistake. If you know that your child is capable of doing whatever you have heard then you should be talking to your own instead of blaming teachers or somebody else for your child’s mistake. Your child must know the sense of responsibility.

7. Never Underestimate Your Child


Calling names to your child would be easy but you never know the impacts of those words or names on your child’s mind. Calling your child as “lazy” or “slob” will make your child’s condition worse. It is a known fact that kids who generally hear bad words about them, eventually, begin to believe those words. According to a child psychologist, Carol Brady, “When you personalize a child’s ADHD-associated problems, her self-esteem plummets. But when you team up with your child to problem-solve various negative behaviors, you create a climate where your child feels loved and supported despite her shortcomings.” It is better to involve your kids and let them know that they are facing problems unlike other kids but together you can find a solution.

8. Don’t Say “No” Reflexively


Many parents are habitual to say “no” to their kids. It might happen because they are worried for their children or they wants to control them or out of their fear. Whatever the reason is but saying no all the time will make your kid rebellious in nature. There are times when you can just approve of what your child has to ask. Or instead of saying no straight on your kid’s face, you can just provide your child with a better option. For an instance, if your little one is being adamant about going to play then you can ask for your kid’s help in some of your work. This will not make him/her feel that he is being totally ignored. Also, your child will feel that he/she has a bigger work to finish than to go out and play.

9. Emphasize On More of Your Child’s Positive Behavior


There are times when parents just ignore the positive of their kids in a fight to minimize their negative behaviors. Parents should maintain a balance between getting rid of negative and praising the positive behavior of their children. If you would be able to catch your child at the right time and praise him/her for the positive behavior then you are encouraging your child for more of good deeds. It also gives a sense to your children about what exactly their parents expect from them.

10. Anticipate Ahead


Can you imagine a situation where your little girl who is affected with ADHD is invited for a birthday party? You know that your child is not popular among her classmates and the girl who invited her had a brawl with your kid a couple of days ago. What would you do in such a situation? Will you hope for everything to go well?

To be honest, generally, parents don’t take much time in reacting to such a news. They think that this is their ray of hope to give a new start to their kid but is it really true? Absolutely not. Parents must think about the future and plan accordingly. You should analyze every detail before sending off your kid to an unknown birthday bash. Parents must discuss everything their kids’ want. Their kids must know what is going in their parents’ minds.

11. Be An Ideal Role Model


Children get most of their behavior from their parents. So, it will be better if you could just think before you act. Shouting or yelling in front of your kids will make a similar impact on your kids’ behavior. Hence, next time, when you feel that you are boiling with anger then instead of yelling at anyone just leave the room, take a few deep breaths and whatever it takes to calm yourself down. With this, you can teach your kids the way to control their anger.

12. Never Hesitate To Seek Help From Others


Understand that there are few things in life that you can’t do on your own. Same goes with raising a child with ADHD. You always need someone to keep you strong; mentally and emotionally. You can ask your pediatrician for the name of a psychologist for your kid. It will help you to keep fighting with the issue patiently and calmly.

A child with ADHD always needs a proper care and medication. But, the parents are the only one who can positively mold their child with better parenting strategy. Follow these parenting tips to give a better future to your kid.

Tiru Dehariya

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