Home Remedies for Asthma and Wheezing in Toddlers

To find the home remedies for asthma and wheezing in toddlers, we need to understand some fundamentals behind it. Toddlers are easy targets for diseases in general. Their bodies go through vigorous changes everyday and hence, bacteria finds its way into the little one’s body. Some diseases are minor and the natural defense system of your baby can handle it and fight against it. Other diseases like Asthma need to be observed keenly. Asthma is one of the fatal respiratory problems that affects almost millions of infants every year, that should explain why you should care. Often the symptoms are overlooked as wheezing or cold.

Before we get to the remedies, it is important you understand why Asthma is attacking your child (apart from it being a fatal bacteria affecting the respiratory system) Shall we?

Some of the most commons reasons could be Hereditary, Air-bone Irritants , Other respiratory problems, Weather conditions, Fumes, Blocked nostrils, Sulphites in foods, reaction from medications and many more.

Without further ado, let’s get to the base of the issue here. We need remedies. Correction. We need remedies that actually work for our little ones. So, if we opt for further medication, we may make things worse for our children as not all toddlers are comfortable with medication. It’s always best to opt for natural medication and home remedies for the treatment of wheezing and asthma in toddlers because it has less side-effects and more positive results. The following are some of the natural remedies for asthma wheezing in toddlers:

1.Dust Off Your House:


It is important that we maintain our homes tidily especially once a new-born has come. Their organs are more delicate and sensitive to the finest particles of dust than we are. So, it is best to clean the house regularly and dust from the roof to the floor and everything in between to maintain proper hygiene and health for the baby and yourself. Choose to vacuum your rugs, carpets, furniture, mattresses , etc regularly.

2.Ventilation is Everything:


While it is important to keep your house off dust, it is more important that your house also breathe some fresh air. Let the air come inside the house. Make sure that your child’s room is properly ventilated too. Do not leave your kids in closed spaces. Suffocation is a major cause of breathing problems which worsens the breathing condition for your child.

3.Toys are the Villains:


A lot goes away from our eyes unseen. Such cute little innocent things are toys. They catch on to the dust particles easily. If you see your toddler putting those toys in their mouth and chewing on them until the toy looks like debris, then you have the reason right in front of you. Toys are not food and the dust particles are being consumed by your toddler. It’s important that you clean or wash (soft toys) regularly.

4.Ginger water:


Adults need highly concentrated amount of ginger extracts in ginger water to consume if they’re affected by breathing problems. Toddlers quickly react to the nutrients you give to them in finer quantities. Just extract few drops of ginger and add some lukewarm water to those drops and feed the concentrated liquid with a spoon. The flavor is very strong and pungent, so do hesitate when adding the drops of ginger extracts to the lukewarm water.

Your toddlers will hate the taste of it (which is understandable because adults hate the taste too) but you have to do it because it will clear off their throat and improve digestion. It will also benefit their respiratory system and clear off mucus blocking the airways.



There are some vaccinations that are available for your toddler’s needs. Vaccinations made exclusively for the prevention and treating Asthma in toddlers are available at the local clinics. These do not react harshly on your toddler’s organs but will fight strong enough to beat the bacteria and that is all you need. Do make sure to ask the ingredients used to make the vaccine as it’s not suitable for all children.



Any extract of the citrus family like Lemon, Orange except grape fruit(because it will cause acidity) can be used as home remedies for asthma in toddlers. Just take a cup of water at room temperature and add few drops of lime or orange to it. Make your child drink the mixture slowly. You need to drink this slowly for it work. Do not add sugar as it will make coughing worse.

7.How toddlers sleep:


It’s important that you switch the position in which your toddler affected with Asthma sleeps. You have to make sure that the head is on the higher cushion\platform than the rest of the body. This way, the phloem will not move from their chest to their throat. They can have a good night’s sleep without having to go through sleep disturbances. What’s more? A proper sleep through the night will naturally heal the toddler’s body and fight against the bacteria plaguing it.

8.Watch your smoking:


If you smoke and if you find yourself smoking around your kids, then it means that you’re a contributing factor to your child’s disease. It’s not appropriate to smoke around your kids, in general because your smoking   impacts their minds negatively. The smoke generated through your cigarettes\weed will directly affect the sensitive organs of your child’s body. Keep away from smoking, if you have a problem with smoking then, get help but do not smoke around kids.

With all the above natural remedies, we can prevent and treat the Asthma and the Wheezing induced by Asthma to some extent. If the condition persists then, it is time you take your child to a doctor and get to the root of it before your toddler’s health worsens.

Mithravinda Tenneti

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