Interesting And Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

A day to show your love straight from the heart; indeed, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is time to think about the various Valentine’s Day crafts and fun easy Valentine’s cards for kids to make.

When you make a craft all by your own, it becomes more special with the personal touch you have added in it. From toddlers to teens, there are multiple Valentine’s Day ideas for kids to do this year. Whether you are crafting the gift with your kid or looking for a DIY for your loved one, there are perfect Valentine’s craft right here for you.


1. Heartfelt Card from your Love:

This is a very simple Valentine’s crafts for kids to make.

  • You will need: An empty toilet paper roll, paint preferably pink and red, card stocks.
  • How to make it: Pick the empty toilet paper roll; flatten the cardboard tube such that it has 2 creases on both the sides. Now, push one of the creases towards inside such that it makes a heart shape. Wrap a tape around it for it to hold the shape. Take a flat container and pour the paint on it. Spread a little paint such that the kid can now dip the heart shaped cardboard onto the container and dab it on the paper to make the beautiful Valentine card. Your kid would love it. You can also have different colors and couple of more toilet paper turned into the stamping heart. Let them have fun and enjoy the craft.

2. Melted Heart:

How about your kid having some fun with these Valentine’s craft ideas? A super cute yet simple and easy craft to make is right here. Kids love colors and usually have a lot of crayon clutter in their art room. How about we use them to make these amazing melted hearts? We surely need elders supervising kids for this craft.

  • You will need: Crayons (broken or full, old or new), a heart shaped mold for oven
  • How to make it: Preheat the oven for up to 250 degrees. Help the kid to fill the mold by removing the crayons from their paper cover. Depending on the color combination that the kid aspires, separate them. Make a big pile of the colors together such that you can feed them into the molds. Although when you break the crayon into small colors, they melt easily or crayon shavings too, you can break them before putting them in the mold. Fill up to ¾ the mold or depending on the desired thickness. Bake them for about 20 minutes at 250 degrees. After they are done, have them cooled and attempt to take them off the mold. Be careful as they might break if taken out before they cool. Add it to a greeting or pierce a hole and use it as a pendant, it just makes a beautiful gift of love. Doesn’t that make a simple Valentine’s Day ideas for kid’s craft? Well, this could also be used by the elders to gift their beloved.

3. Scratch-off Cards:

A card means a lot for everyone but the one where you have put in your heart and mind to make is even more special. These could be brilliant Valentines craft ideas for kids to do or even for the elders. This is an amazing DIY scratch-off card which has something surprise in store for your beloved. Have some options for the gift and let them take a lucky chance of scratching to know what they could get this day of love.


  • You will need: Cardstock, scissors, plastic cup, crayon, paint, dish soap, spoon, brush to paint, craft sticks, pen
  • How to make it: Have a printed card or print your design that you desire for the card. Make a circle or heart and write your gift options. Next, color on the circle or heart with crayons heavily (preferably white color). Mix 2 tablespoon of acrylic paint and 1 table spoon of dish soap. Fill the circle or the heart shape now with the mixture using a small paintbrush. Allow it to dry completely. Add a penny in the pouch or carry one along with you when you are ready to gift it such that they can scratch open their options with this. A lovely Valentine’s craft idea is ready for you here.


4. A Heart Picture Puzzle:

A simple yet very cute idea is to make these heart picture puzzles for your loved ones. You have your persona picture as well here to add that lovely touch to your gift. This could make excellent children Valentines crafts too.

  • You will need: Paint brush, cardstocks, mod podge gloss, markers, scissor, and construction craft papers.
  • How to make it: Using the scissor and construction paper, cut a heart shape of your desirable size. Next, decorate it with your desired design with a marker and stick it to a card with the help of mod podge. After this, allow it to gloss dry and then cut them into puzzles. Now add them to the envelope and gift it to your friend with a perfect message written on it. You will have to add the message at the back before shuffling it. Make it as challenging as you can and remember to scramble them up.

5. Love you this much:

One of the cutest Valentine’s Day crafts for kids where you could have lots to express in this simple gift. Let your beloved know how much you love them.

  • You will need: Craft paper, scissor, pencil, marker and glue
  • How to make it: Trace your kid’s hands on the paper and cut out two copies of the same on the same color or different colored paper. Next, cut out a broad strip of paper (about 1.5 inch) and fold it in the accordion style. Using letter stickers, add the word “I LOVE YOU” on the outside hand cutout and “This much” on the strip of the paper. Glue the ends of the accordion strip inside the hands and your card of love for this Valentine’s is ready. Won’t you be happy to see your little one gift you such an amazingly creative piece of craft for Valentine’s Day?

6. Thumb printed hearts:

Do you know, there are so many DIY ideas which are as simple as this one where you add your personal touch by using the thumbprint? This is great Valentine’s crafts ideas that lets describe your love for the person.

  • You will need: Small Mason jar, paint (acrylic – red, white, pink), sandpaper, paint brush and sealant.
  • How to make it: Using the acrylic, paint the jars (prefer 2 coats for good texture). Allow it to dry completely by leaving it overnight. Distress it with sandpaper and let it dry again for some time. Now using your finger, (any – depending on the size of the heart you want) for kids they could use their thumb or other fingers for elders, dip it in the paint and create a slightly slanted thumb print to the jar. Next, dip in paint and again add another finger print slanting towards another direction to make it look like a heart. Make as many as you like on the jar with contrasting colors or create one bigger heart in the center with the thumb and once it dries up, create another second layer of the inner heart with another light color. Allow it to dry again and add some flowers or you could fill it with chocolates if you want to gift it to the kids. A jar of love this Valentine’s Day is just going to be fabulous.


7. Let it rain hearts:

The perfect cute and lovely Valentine’s kid crafts where you could help your kids to do this DIY idea.

  • You will need: Red card stock, wool/ any wire or thread, cardboard, paint, paint brush.
  • How to make it: Using a cardboard, cut out the shape of a cloud from it and paint it with combination of blue and white. On the back of the cardboard, after the colors dry, paste the wool strand or the thread with a small distance between each such that you can have the different size of the strings too. Next, with the red cardstock, cut out some heart shape and with different sizes (smaller ones too as they look prettier and cute), stick it on the thread or strand such that they are 3-4 hearts of different size stuck to the strand. Do the same for each strand and let it dry. You can make a look in the back of the cloud for it to hang. Your Valentines craft is ready.

8. Heart Pencil for Valentine’s Day:

A brilliant Valentine pencil craft ideas for the kids this love day. Your kid might not only enjoy making these but also have fun equally gifting them and using them. Let them spread love and fun. The pencils that you get in the stores could never have been this pretty.

  • You will need: pencils, paint – red and silver, glitter paint, pipe cleaners - red and silver.
  • How to make it: Ask your child to paint some pencils with red and silver color. Using these bright colors, completely paint the pencils and allow them to dry. Since holding the pencil while being painted gets difficult, a quick smart suggestion here is to either leave the rubber portion as it is to us it as a grip or, sharpen the pencil and could use the nib as the grip to paint the rest of the pencil. With the pipe cleaners, as they are springy and wobble around and fun to play with, it is easy to shape them up. Make some heart shape with the red ones and with the silver ones, twist it around like spirals and spring it up. Cut the extra string off and leave the rest for the glue to dry. Now the final step to stick the ends with hot glue to make sure they hold upright.


9. Hanging heart full of flowers DIY:

This piece we can bet, anyone would love. And if you are planning to surprise your beloved with this amazing floral heart, they would be yours forever and ever! The shades of pink and the heart will make the day of your love.

  • You will need: Faux flowers, sheets of styrofoam, glue, cup hooks, balsa wood, clear fishing string, glitter paper, bread knife to cut the foam.
  • How to make it: The size of the heart that you want has to be traced on the Styrofoam first. You can always do it freehand or if not, you can use the printout to trace it onto the Styrofoam. Next, with the help of the bread knife, cut out the heart shape and keep it aside. In case you want a bigger shape of heart, use glue to stick the remaining of the Styrofoam to form a bigger shape. Wait for it to dry. Cut the plastic or faux flowers off the stem and stick it to the Styrofoam using glue. Make sure you cut the flowers from the right place as they fall apart if not. If you wish to make gradients of the floral colors, use the lightest shade in the top then fill with the darkest shades of the flower as you go down to the bottom of the heart. Next, you make an arrow with the help of the balsa wood and then cut them out. Paste it with the glitter sheet and leave it to dry. Since you need the arrow to go through heart, you might want to divide it into two pieces beforehand itself. Stick them as per the angle and affirm them. To hang this beautiful now, add a cup hook on the top and make sure you again affix it well with the glue. Next, using the fishing string as it is almost invisible to look from a distance, hang it straight up and let your heart of flower blossom throughout.

10. Handprint heart tree:

A beautiful art for Valentine’s Day crafts that kids can make. A lovely three dimensional craft that just make everyone love it in the first look.

  • You will need: cardstock – blue, green and brown color, construction paper, paper cutter, pencil, glue, stapler, scissors, and paper palate.
  • How to make it: You will start with making the paper hearts with the help of the construction paper (preferably pink color). First, cut a strip of this paper of dimensions 6 inches by ½ inch. Pinch the ends and staple it together. Next fold a crease to make the heart shape and repeat this with 20 more such that you have tree full of hearts. Make the blue cardstock as the base and on it cut a green strip of cardstock to mark the grass – prefer it being uneven from the one edge to mark the unevenness of the green grass. Trace the kid’s hand on a brown sheet and cut that out. Glue it all on the cardstock. Arrange the paper hearts all over the handprint tree trunk and stick them. Let the masterpiece dry before they can gift it.

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