10 Must-Have New Year Resolution For Kids

As we approach the end of this year and almost about to welcome 2018, don’t you think it is time to think and list our new year's resolutions? It is not only for adults. New Year resolution for kids is also important to help them share their goals and accomplish it.

There are simple and practical ways in which you can help your little one to make unique New Year resolutions. New Year resolution is an age-old custom and tradition dating back to the Babylonian era, where people followed a new set of changes that they vowed in their lives. There are many benefits of New Year resolutions for students as well. It not only helps the child to inflict themselves in a change in their attitude towards life but also their generic outlook and behavior. New Year resolution ideas for kids need the parents to take a bigger responsibility for guiding them in the right direction.

Since the kids are at a growing age, different problems seem to arise with the change of time, making it even more challenging for the kids and the parents. Most importantly every parent wants their child to lead a healthy lifestyle and hence, making New Year resolution list for kids is going to be simple yet smart. It is going to be all about teaching the basics to the kids, being more organized and responsible, and indulging in disciplined and more punctual life for the children. This would help kids in a long run to be successful in their endeavors.

Your little one would need more care and attention from you. So, as a New Year resolution, it is your primary onus as well to create a fun and learning environment at home. Parents should try to devote more time and attention towards their kids.


Top 10 New Year's Resolutions For Kids This New Year

1. Learn New Things:

This is one of the best and ranks as the first resolution for kids. Discuss with your child as to what do they want to learn this year. Give them options like singing, dancing, painting, swimming or anything else that you think your kid would enjoy learning. Use age-appropriate options for your child.

2. Lesser Junk this Year:

The foremost problem in the United States today is obesity due to poor lifestyle and eating habits. Kids do love to eat junk like the burger and other fast food which is not good for the health. Discuss with the kids and decide on no more fast food. No Pizzas, no burger, but more of homemade healthy food. Take a resolution to Limit soda and indulge and more in healthy drinks. This is an excellent kid’s New Year resolution to help them lead a Healthy lifestyle by limiting the unhealthy food.

3. To do Better in Education:

One of the most important New Year resolution ideas for kids would be to have them take the responsibility to grow academically. Discuss with your child as to what do they want to master - for example, math (addition and subtraction) to do their homework and assignments regularly. Indulge more in reading and lesser screen time.

4. Some Workout?

Thanks to the technology today that kids have been getting lazy day by day. Kids enjoy screen more than outdoor activities. It is the time that we help our kids to indulge in some good workout activities like biking every day or going to the park with the elders for a run or play more with the siblings.

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5. Safety Resolutions:

Explain the kids the importance of safety measures especially, while they are outdoors playing like skating, biking, scooter etc. - they must wear a helmet and a knee pad. Also, another important security-related thing to learn would be to not let out personal information either online or to strangers.

6. Extend a Helping Hand:

It is good to teach kids the importance of volunteering and helping the community groups by joining an organization that aids the needy. Giving and helping is a very big thing that kids must learn.

7. No drugs, Cigarette, and Alcohol:

This is for your elder kid to promise to not indulge in any of such unwanted activities like smoking, drinking alcohol or consuming drugs.

8. “Green” Lifestyle:

With the lifestyle that we currently lead, we know that we are killing the environment. It is the time that we rectify our mistakes by helping our kids to know the importance of natural resources and encouraging them to use lesser energy. Teach them to put off the light every time they move out of the rooms or unplug all the devices while moving out of the house to school. Talk to them about recycling the old used items and help make our environment a better place to live.

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9. Continue the Good Behavior:

Encourage ok to continue behaving good and learning social etiquettes. Help the kids to How to get to keep listening to their parents and respect elders.

10. No Negative Talking:

Let us create a positive environment at home. Teach and encourage kids to take a resolution not to talk negative or discouraging. This gives a healthy environment for everybody to cope up well. Never use negative self-talk like “I can’t”, “I am so dumb”.

Great, now that you have a set of resolutions ready for your child, as a parent, it's more important to practice what you preach. It is time for you to also list out your resolutions and follow them. You can print your own resolutions to the household things and to the kitchen table. Remember that every day is a new day and it gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself. It is also good to start all of this with the recap of what your child might have achieved from the last year’s resolution goals and accomplishments. Do not point out the shortcomings but work for their betterment by praising them.


Even though you have a list of resolutions you think your kid must have, it is good to have them to think about what they can do this year. If your child is not very keen in making a list of resolutions comma it is your responsibility to keep encouraging the kids by letting them know that it took very fewer efforts to fulfill all the resolutions from the last year owing to which we must try doing it this year too. Do not have a long list of resolution for the kids such that they lose interest even before trying to keep up with it. It is also good to prioritize the list. Make sure to have the fun element in the list of resolution for your kids. You can also have your child to write down all the resolutions for the New Year on a whiteboard hanging in the room. This keeps you off from the nagging and helps the kid to be reminded of it every single day.

Consider the below Tips on How you can Help to make Some More Resolutions for your Kids:

1. Give priority to your family - for example, you can make family resolutions together which would be almost same for all the members.

2. Make resolution as a ritual - You can make the New Year’s resolution more meaningful by adding elements of ritual.

3. Begin the conversation of making a new year’s resolution: Don't be disappointed if your child does not have a resolution of their own. They are just had and as a parent, you can start the conversation. Explain why resolutions are necessary and how does it help in improving. Discuss with them about your resolutions as well so that the children are encouraged.


Everything boils down to the fact that whether we make bigger resolutions or Simple ones or skip them all together, the Crux is to stay happy and for the kids to keep growing. Workout together what is feasible for your little one and let go of the ones that won't work out without any guilt.

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