Best Easy Thanksgiving DIY Decoration ideas

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Thanksgiving has been a U.S. holiday every November since Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a day for praises and gratitude. Thanksgiving is one of the happiest holidays to celebrate with family. And yes you cannot forget about the Thanksgiving meal which is the best part of this holiday.

Thinking what can you do more to make it special this year? We have some exciting DIY Thanksgiving decorations for you this year to mark the day of gratitude with lovely decor for friends and family.

Thanksgiving Decoration At Home:

1.Printable Thanksgiving Decor

i. Thanksgiving Invitation

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Make your own personalized invitation card to make the guests feel special. The best you can do is to draw a base and print the copy. On top of it you can write your message and post it to your friends and family for the Thanksgiving meal. The picture shows one of the Thanksgiving printable decorations you can try at home.

ii.Thanksgiving Cutlery decoration

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Add some cute Thanksgiving printed cutlery cover. These can be easily printed and folded to form into these pouches as shown in the picture.

iii.Thanksgiving Printable Placemats

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This Thanksgiving let’s bring in some interesting table decor with these printable thanksgiving placemats. These are not just going to make it easy for you to clean the after meal mess but also that the Thanksgiving printable placemats make it more into the theme decor and looks amazing.

iv.Thanksgiving Printable Wall Hangings

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The wall hangings make an excellent decor. The best part is you can simply print these and stick it on the doors for the special Thanksgiving meal for your guests. Fill the house with excellent quotations to get the Thanksgiving feel.

2.Thanksgiving Table Decor

i.Pouring flower cup table decor:

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Things you need:

  • A saucer and cup set
  • A Fork
  • Industrial glue
  • Plastic Flowers

How to DIY:

  • Take fork and bend its neck to almost 80 degrees perpendicular to its handle.
  • Stick the forkhead with the glue on the saucer with the handle pointing upwards.Let it dry and get firm before moving to next step.
  • Place the cup on the other edge of the handle so that you can glue it up to the fork handle. Glue a cup so that it looks like pouring on the saucer. Make sure to support it with a base until the glue firms up.
  • Put some artificial grass on the saucer and glue it up. Stick flower from the cup until the saucer to cover the whole fork.
  • The end result should look like the one shown above as though the cup pours flowers down on the saucer.

ii.Oreo Turkey:

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Things you need:

  • Oreo biscuits
  • Chocolate
  • Icing
  • Marshmallows

How to DIY:

  • Make chocolate bowls to resemble it like a face of turkey and chocolate cupcake to represent the body as shown
  • Take the Oreo biscuit and place it on a tray as the base. On top of it, place the chocolate cupcake vertically to make the body of the turkey
  • Place the chocolate bowl on top and quickly place another Oreo biscuit with an icing on the bottom to fix it at the back for support.
  • Dip the marshmallows in food color yellow and the orange half and half to place it on the top for decoration.
  • Complete the turkey details using icing.

iii.Mason Jar Candles For Table Decor

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Things you need:

  • 3 Mason Jar
  • Glass paint
  • Plastic maple leaf or cutout
  • Small pebbles/ sand

How to DIY:

  • Take the mason jar and fix the maple leaf on the mason jar with a double-sided tape such that you can remove it later.
  • Paint the bottle completely with the glass opaque paint.
  • Once dry, remove the maple leaf cutout such that that portion is left uncolored.
  • Repeat with 2 more jars with other contrasting colors as you like. (you can team it up to be shades of orange-red and yellow to mark the fall season).
  • Pour some sand/ pebbles/ grains in the jar to fill it just half such that it shows up from the maple cut area half way.
  • Place a candle inside and your lovely candle is ready for table decor on Thanksgiving.

iv.DIY Leaf Bowl

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This is a brilliant and easy Thanksgiving table decor.

Things you need:

  • Artificial Maple Leaves
  • Plastic bowl
  • Plastic wrap
  • Clear glaze spray
  • Strong Glue

How to DIY:

  • Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap.
  • Paint the glue on the leaf and stick it onto the bowl one by one. Repeat until leaves overlaps well and covers the bowl. Brush the glue over the leaf as well to make it thicker.
  • To make the leaves stick flat on the plastic, place one more plastic wrap on it such that the edges do not stick out for 3-4 hours.
  • Remove the top layer of the plastic carefully to allow the inner layer of the leaves dries up.
  • Apply the clear glaze spray generously to cover up the stickiness still present on the bowl and makes it even firmer.
  • Once firm, remove the plastic from the bowl and peel it off such that the leaf bowl is also separated.

v.Pine decoration


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Pine light decor is a very simple and quick Thanksgiving table decor.

Things you need:

  • Pine cones dried
  • 3 Glass tumblers or vase
  • Series light

How to DIY:

  • Place the cones in the glass tumbler or vase such that you stack the pine one above the other.
  • Put the series light spread into this tumbler for a simple decor.

Also you can just place the different size pine and similar items in a bowl and place it on the table for that extra edgy look this Thanksgiving.

vi.Salad or Fruit Dressing For Thanksgiving

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Another very quick way to style up your table with the salad or fruits in the turkey style

Things you need:

  • All salad (Cucumber, carrot, bell peppers (red, yellow and green), Lettuce, salad dressing
  • All Fruits (Kiwi, orange, Grapes, berries, pineapple, pear)

How to DIY:

  • Place the salad tray and start arranging the pieces as shown in the picture for both fruits and salad to resemble a turkey.
  • The important bit is the eye nose and the leg detailing which can be easily cut out from any of the salad or fruit.

vii.Hanging maple leaves

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Things you need:

  • Plastic maple leaves
  • Transparent thread

How to DIY:

  • Sew the leaves with a needle through the transparent thread.
  • Leave apart 4-5 inches between each leaf.
  • Mark the length between the lamp and the table and make sure to not extend the strand more than the length. It should be enough to just hang a couple of inches above the table surface.
  • Make it dense with about 5-6 strands of leaves falling and fix it on the lamp.
  • Place some loose leaves on the table surface right beneath this to make it look natural.

viii.Thanksgiving And Turkey Balloons On Every Chair

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Things you need:

  • Balloons
  • Craft material (Paper, scissor and marker pens)

How to DIY:

  • Make the best out of these simple balloons to decorate your Thanksgiving day.
  • Each chair can have the name of the guest and with thanks note on the balloon written with a marker. No matter what, it makes the guests feel special seeing their names.
  • You can make a simple turkey with balloons as shown in the picture.

ix.Thanksgiving Table Dinner Napkin

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This is one of the most important part of Thanksgiving table decor where you make everything perfectly to suit this day. This not only makes the table look perfect but also gives a great impression to the guests.

Things you need:

  • Table napkins

How to DIY:

  • Make the best table turkeys or wrap them to look like the picture.
  • Follow the origami steps in the picture.

3.Thanksgiving Home Decor

i.Thanksgiving Special Pillow Covers

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How about painting or embroidering the pillow covers with simple pumpkin or “Give thanks” text on them? A very unique but special home decor to celebrate this day with your family and friends. Not only does it show your DIY skills but also looks amazing on the couches.

ii.Paint Thanksgiving Bottle

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Paint a simple bottle with oil paint or a glass paint and make it special for Thanksgiving with he quotes “Give Thanks”. Decorate it at any corner of the house to mark this special day.

To know more on the Thanksgiving traditional menu items to prepare, take a look here.

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