15 Best Thanksgiving Party Games For All Age Groups

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Thanksgiving is all about family, friends and fantastic mouth-watering, delicious food menu. To entertain your kids and guests, we have some brilliant ideas for Thanksgiving games for you.

List of wonderful games for Thanksgiving:

1. Holiday Pictionary:

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Pick up some great Thanksgiving words like (feast, leaf, turkey, corn, fall, America, etc.) and write it on decorated Popsicle sticks with a marker. You can decorate the Popsicle sticks with any paint and in a combination of green orange yellow and pink (all fall colors). This is one of the perfect Thanksgiving games for kids.

2. Pumpkin toss:

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You need glow necklace and a big pumpkin with its small stem attached. You can either play it in the day or the night. From a distance you have to toss the ring in order for it to fall on the pumpkin through the stem and stay there. This holds as one of the most enjoyable family games for Thanksgiving.

3. Feed the monster:

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DIY this using a cardboard and draw 3 pumpkin faces one below the other. Draw a large mouth for each but gradually increasing size from the 1st until the 3rd, big enough for the balls to go through. Cut out the mouth portion of all the 3 pumpkins. From a distance, the players have to throw the ball through the mouth of the pumpkin. If the ball goes through the one on the top, it fetches the maximum points as it is the smallest mouth and the last one with the biggest mouth has the least point. Count this amongst the most interesting Thanksgiving games to play.

4. Base the balloon:

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Blow as many balloons as you can and make sure those are of equal size and shape. Now, make cones out of a chart paper (all of the same size again). Hand over a cone to each kid playing, and toss the balloons for them. They have to let the balloon sit on the cone with the tied end facing down in the cone properly. Until this happens, they can keep tossing the balloon for luck.

5. Pumpkin sweep:

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Place similar size of pumpkins in a row for the kids. Give them each a broom. The game is to sweep the pumpkin to the end line without disturbing other participants. The first one to sweep it until the end line wins.

6. Stuff the turkey

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Make a bag with the brown paper and cardboard. Keep its mouth wide open. Make the ears with the help of some brown paper and cover the ends with while paper such that the ends look like a chef’s hat. Fix it to both the sides of the bag to look like a turkey. Make balls by rolling the same paper and from a distance, pot the ball into the paper turkey. It is a perfect Thanksgiving activity for families.

7. Thanksgiving turkey stacks:

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Decorate the plastic glasses such that you attach a nose, eye and the turkey crown to it. Stack it up and use a paper or a cotton ball or a plastic ball to blow the stack from a distance. It can also be played with the players divide into two teams, and one team breaks the stack while the other team has to build up the stack again. The twist in the game is the team to break the stack needs to hit the opposite team member with the ball such that they move out of the game. The team wins if they pull out all the team members from the opposing team or if the opponent team has formed the stack already. Doesn’t this count in the most amazing Thanksgiving games for the family?

8. Candy corn stacking:

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Handover each player their bag full of candy corn. When the leader says “Go”, each player begins to stack their own candy corn. As the players start to stack and in case the stack falls into the centre of the stack, ultimately fall down, the players have no more choice than to eat the candy corn. The winner is the one with the tallest standing stack.

9. Careful with the tepee:

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Take a bundle of the sticks and make them a bundle in a loop. Kids need to take turns to remove one stick from the bundle at a time. The first one to trip the tepee and crash loses. You can as well make it challenging by asking the players to stand on their one foot and play or you can have a timed challenge too. The kids need to show their motor skills and will enjoy the Thanksgiving game. Even though kids enjoy this but nevertheless, the elders enjoy playing it too, making it a fun and entertaining family game for Thanksgiving.

10. Shoot the balloon:

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Each player has a chance to shoot the balloon with a play dummy gun. The player who pops the balloon with the star wins. If the kids pop all the balloons and the star‘red’ balloon is not out, they go for round two. The kids love to play this fun game for Thanksgiving.

11. Turkey hunt:

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Hide the pictures of turkey all around the places. Divide the guests into teams of 3 each and handover a list of clues one after the other to them. The team to get the maximum number of turkey cards in least time wins. This is one of the best Thanksgiving family games.

12. Pumpkin Run:

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Place a small or medium size pumpkin on each player’s head and ask them to stand in a queue. Once the leader blows the whistle to mark the ‘Go’, the players have to run balancing the pumpkin on the head and without touching with hands. The ones to imbalance the pumpkin and put it down the head gets out whereas the one to complete the race the quickest with the pumpkin nicely balanced wins.

13. Pie eating contest:

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This game interests both kids and elders as this is one of the messiest games to play. Make small pumpkin (or any) pie and keep it on individual plates for the players to start the game. The rules were as simple as to finish the pumpkin pie as much as possible only with mouth, with the hands tied at the back within a stipulated time and the first one to do so win. To make it even more fun, add some whipped cream on the top which is the trickiest part as the cream is all over the face while trying to finish the pie cake. This is not just kid’s Thanksgiving games but also the elders enjoy getting themselves dirty with this game.

14. Claim your yam:

Place the raw sweet potatoes on the plates in the room. Keep them the floor right in front of the players who are standing. They have a fork in their mouth each and have to push the yam across the line in the rooms. It will be so funny to see the yam being pushed in varied directions across the room and players getting all messed up in crazy direction. The best one for the family to play on a Thanksgiving party.

15. Thanksgiving word search:

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One of the easiest printable Thanksgiving games where the teams have to find and highlight the word from the grid as per the hints provided. All it requires is a pen and the printed sheets for each team. This is an intellectual and interesting game for both kids and elders to enjoy their holiday together.

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