15 Top Recipe Tool Finder App For You To Make Your Life Easy

Technology has never missed a chance to surprise us. It has only made our lives easy! How many of you look into your fridge and pantry to wonder if what could you really cook with the leftovers? It nearly seems impossible to come up with any dish. But hey! What if there are Recipe Finder Tools which could tell you the various dishes you could cook with whatever exists in your kitchen or fridge? Interesting, right? Don’t worry – we are going to talk about such recipe search tools and applications that can help us when in need.

Whether it is summer cookouts or camping meals or a family meal, it is time to find out mouth-watering recipes on your cell phone or tab.

Best Recipe Search Tools:

1. SuperCook: To your rescue, SuperCook application comes handy when you are in need of it. The application page reads “Just add your ingredients and Supercook instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites!” Indeed, as it says it correctly, it not only helps you to waste lesser food but also enjoy fantastic meals. The website is simple and easy to navigate. The moment you get it, you will have to put in all that you have in front of you as available ingredients (simple checkboxes to tick or you can type as well), narrow down your search by selecting the type of meal you want to make (like soup, casseroles, salad, etc. by naming it) and then the type of cuisine and the main ingredients. You can also save your ingredients by making a profile. This is the best online recipe finder which makes your life easy.

2. Sidechef: A free application for both Android and iOS, helps you to learn cooking. The cooking experience with this recipe finder tool lets you juggle with the ingredients easily as per the availability. A step-by-step instruction giving tool which also has pictures and videos to guide along with voice instruction too. The best recipe search tool which has timers in the app to follow along and keep focused. A lovely serving of extra content delivered by this app in the form of search tool filters on the ingredient, cuisine, diet or featured recipe and more.


3. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner: AllRecipe is a super cool app which is available for multiple devices. Tablets and smartphone users can access this application. Browse through the list of recipe via categories such as dietary restriction, meal type, cuisine type, season and cooking technique. The best part about this recipe finder tool is that when search by ingredients, it allows you to set your parameters based on what is available in your home. The application lets you list down your ingredients to include or omit in the recipes shown as results. If you do not have for instance chicken wings, the recipe finder app will not show any recipe that contains chicken as the ingredient and even if you have all the other necessary required ingredients for a particular dish. You can also save your recipe and ingredients by logging in and creating an account. You can log in using your phone, tab or computer, anywhere.


4. The Liquor Cabinet: An application which is as tempting as the name. This is the best recipe finder tool for the cocktail recipes which doesn’t cost you a cent to take a look and try it out. The Liquor Cabinet app which is free for iOS comes with hundreds of variations of the recipe using the basic alcohol available like brandy, gin, rum, whiskey, and vodka. The complete detail and list of ingredients come with a short write up on each drink’s specialty and variety of liquor. Search through the recipe list which has a variety of filters to use such as base liquor, flavor, etc. which you can save as your favorite drink for easy future reference.

5. Yummly: This tool for recipe finder Yummly, is free for Android and iOS app which has an ocean of recipes handy for you. The application is smart enough to take into account your dietary restrictions and taste to help you get the best of the recipe and discover your interest in making them. The application as well lets you rate the recipe which then, in turn, makes a featured list ready for you every time you open the app and it is regularly refined as well. Saving your favorite recipe is simple and also helps in making the shopping list or online delivery of the list through Instacart. Wow! So much this app offers, making it one of the best places to find recipes!


6. Green Kitchen: A great app for food recipe finder which is chargeable in iOS, has the variety of good vegetarian food recipes. The book comes with a shopping list of the ingredients along with the timers for each recipe. Apple Watch supportive application which can be used by users to AirPrint recipes as well as search for them via Siri integration. Some more features of the application are the built-in library of the recipe and more of these are available in the paid premium version.

7. Bigoven: The app called Bigoven has more than 350,000 plus recipe stored in its database which is accessible to you! Yes, Bigoven is certainly big, letting you navigate and brainstorm in multiple ways. You can check out the Ideas section for a meal inspiration, isn’t that brilliant. There are categories like “Use Up Those Leftovers” as the name says it all, the recipes you can make by reusing the ingredients. This app also has a Grocery List section which allows you to sort the list by ingredients and keeps the other tab open to what you will need to make a certain meal. This recipe finder tool lets you come up with the dishes for future such that you are not stuck trying to compose a meal with any unplanned ingredients again.


8. Kitchen Stories: the app Kitchen Stories is free for both Android and iOS which has a lot of recipes for you with easy to follow instructions, videos and mouthwatering variety of food photographs. The app has a wide spread of food variety and lifestyle articles. The interface of the application is an excellent showing of the food images in the tile interface. The step-by-step recipe makes it easy to take notes and create a shopping list for the dish to make in future.

9. NYT Cooking: Yes the New York Time cooking app is the name of another recipe finder tool which lets you have access to 17,000 plus recipes from the newspaper’s archive. You can use the filter in the app to find the right recipe based on your diet, preparation method, cuisine type and many more. It lets you leave a review comment, save the recipe for future use and sync the personal recipe box with easy access via Evernote.


10. Forks Over Knives: An application which has an advocacy from the film of the same name – Forks over knives. This app presents to you a “whole-food, plant-based” diet that avoids the processed food. This application comes with 180 plus recipe designed around the healthy recipe and lifestyle which makes it unique as compared to the rest of the recipe tool finders. Each recipe in this application shows up with by the high-resolution photography and detailed instructions that help to track the ingredients you need to shop.

11. Epicurious: The tool, Epicurious is a recipe finder by ingredients which is not just a beautiful looking tool but very simple to use as well. The best part about the tool is that you can toggle very easily through the ingredients to find the recipe ideas and many of the photo features are the real dish finished and ready to serve. The instructional videos make it very simple and apt to use. The application also includes a kitchen times, isn’t that so cool to let you cook the dish to its perfection with the available ingredients.


12. Chefsteps: The search recipe for ingredients tool free for Android and iOS which lets you know about the rich serving of dishes and their tips and tricks. There are articles and videos to assist you to have a nice conversational style of cooking. It covers a wide list of recipe and food hacks. The hack is a new smart way of dealing with everything, isn’t it? The app interface is very simple and hardly any complications included. A one-time purchase premium version of the app gives you extra recipe and content.

13. CookPad: Cookpad is an amazing recipe finder which is also a part of a social platform. You are free to search the ingredients for the recipe you want to make and in this social media crazy world, this app has the best feature to let you share it as well. Post it publically along with an image to flaunt your skills and also for others to try it out. How cool! The other searches you can perform in the tool includes dietary restriction, names, and holiday special recipe, basically, it has got the entire category you can think of.


14. Tastemade: A free for Android and iOS application which best for people who love to try new recipes as per their travel and varied culture. The application features the tastemakers and new young chefs listing a variety of recipes and videos that show how to do it. A regular show that features the culinary bent. It has an all-nighter show that gives an insight of the late night eating joints, bars and other hangout places or the comedy Food Court. The free version of the app lets you save a limited content however the premium paid subscription removes such limitations.

15. Tender: Tender is an amusing iOS and Android free application to quickly find out what you want to cook and save the recipes in your smartphone for convenience. The user can create an account in this Tender application or sign up for an existing Facebook account. The app has a variety of recipes with mouthwatering images from different sites. The application usage is as simple as swipe left to save your cookbook and swipe right to pass on and move to the next one. There are various filters like category or food type etc. in the app that lets you make your own choice. There is also a link to the original website where the ingredients lists are mentioned.

Let us know which app suits you the best and your reviews on it. We love to hear from you! Keep reading!

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