Top 11 smart and healthy grocery list makers for you

Sure you can keep your grocery list on a paper, but having to be reminded to take that along before shopping is another task to do. Having a well-planned healthy grocery list is a must for you to bring the healthiest things in the budget. The grocery list maker assists you to quickly step into the grocery store and stick to your healthy eating plan and diet.

While getting a shopping list ready, whether you’re pressed for time, sick of discount coupon clippings or want to be in the budget, it does not have to be a complicated endeavor always. You all will agree that it is very easy to forget to put some things on your list that you realize one fine day in the midweek. Yes, it is easy to overlook the necessary things while you are in the store. That is why; a grocery list generator is required to make your task easy and quick. There are many ways to make a grocery list; however, the greatest and most accessible ideas have been shared here below. Scroll down to take a look.

Grocery list generator:

1.Free Shopping List Ease: This app is easy to use and also for free. This app helps in creating a very different type of a list. Not only does the application permits to create a list of your own items but also a concurrent tab to let you know what all you have in the kitchen. Isn’t that awesome and must have in the application for an automated grocery list? To keep the items in the list organized; this app is the most recommended one in your busy life and makes it simple to shop. The app is free for both IOS and Android.

2.GroceryIQ: GroceryIQ has a database which helps you customize your list with the help of millions of grocery product that your search through typing, scanning barcodes or talking. This app remembers your order from the past and helps in building the current list faster. The list in this app has the ability to segregate the items and viewed easily. This app is free for both Android and IOS.


3.Ibotta: Cash Savings and coupons: Ibotta is another free app which makes your life easy by getting your shopping list prepared before stepping into a grocery store for your purchase. It is designed to get you cash back offers on the items you purchase from the store when you visit. The app works with the leading brands and retailers to help the customers take advantage of quick saving while using this application. Isn’t that the best thing you can hope for? Imagine having to carry the paper coupons around and forgetting the promo code? This application helps in browsing the rates on the app before you can go for shopping and shows you different offers you need to know with relevant cash backs. This is applicable for both IOS and Android.

4.OurGroceries: This is a free app for IOS and Android. This app makes it pretty simple for the shopping list as you can create more than one list by entering manually or scanning the products from their barcode which is in the premium version only. The premium version costs only about 5$ and comes along with few more additive features. There have voice controls which quickly help you to add the items to the list (in Android devices but not IOS). It has a memory of its own to remember your last list which makes it simple to add the next time. You can share the list with anyone else using the app, such that your family can contribute too. The premium version users can scan the items from their Android watches and get their automated grocery list too. Isn’t that a super cool and brilliantly smart grocery list maker?


5.Flipp: Flipp application helps the user browse filter and find the best deals for your weekly grocery shopping. The important deals pop up for you for the important things in your list to make it well within budget. Helps you save on your weekly or monthly groceries easily. A paperless coupon master application which is free and available for both IOS and Android. This is an application as which is known for the recipe source. But also a great application for planning the grocery shopping too. Search through a million recipe for something delicious, and helps you to get the details across the web. You can easily add ingredients of a recipe to the grocery list with a single click. Planning a weekly menu is just simple one via this application. It also helps you to search the local sales and lets you browse on the recipes based on what’s already available in your fridge. This recipe grocery list generator makes it is simple to put your list healthy and in the budget.

7.List Ease: List ease grocery list maker lets you not forget your important items of the list. It is very easy to forget few things when you walk past the grocery shop. Thus, this application makes it handy for you to have your grocery list with what’s in your pantry and what needs to be bought. The typing to search for an item with this application is very simple also helps in scanning barcodes or copying items from your previous list. The free for Android and IOS, this application smartly lets you get the items only when it is over and done with at home. You list syncs with the entire family to allow them to add on items and never forget a thing when you are out for shopping. If you have a hoarding habit or accidentally buy extra things, this application suits you the best.

8.Anylist: A simple free for IOS application helps you to manage the grocery shopping with its auto-sort and share feature. AnyList allows the user to customize the shopping list and tailor it in a way to make it versatile for use. The recipes are handy via the app allowing you to save the ingredients into the categories listed and make the grocery list perfect. This recipe grocery list generator makes the shopping whole lot easier for you.


9.Shop kick: ShopKick is an application which comes handy for keeping your budget in the limit. A saving-savvy app which lists all the items you want and automatically arranges them by departmental stores making it easier like never before. You earn reward points by walking into the store, scanning the items and your bill or receipt and more. These points can be redeemed for gift cards at stores or for donations too. What better can you hope for from a grocery list builder app? The app helps you rack up the reward points for all kinds of shopping. Free for Android and IOS devices, just takes your shopping to the next levels.

10.Wunderlist: Wunderlist acts as your new best friend and assists you in your shopping trips. This is a list manager application which helps you to organize your to-do lists along with the tasks and easily shares them with family and friends to keep them synched. Also, Wunderlist instantly syncs between your devices such that your next meal’s prep is already ready for you. A free app for IOS and Android just makes you feel relaxed about the grocery shopping.

11.Out of milk: this application is as cute as it sounds. It allows you to take your shopping list wherever you go, allowing you to create a fun and interactive shopping list. You can create a customized to-do list with ease and keep an updated stock of your pantry for reference. A free for IOS and Android application, never lets you go out of milk.


Quick tips for making a sensible grocery list:

  • Plan your recipe: Plan your meals on the calendar, and then click on your shopping list maker to select the ingredients that you need to shop and plan a list.
  • Sort, group, combine similar items before putting it in your shopping list generator: The smarted trick to make the list in the grocery list generator is to combine the similar items into one list. By merging the ingredients from the different recipes, you can have the smallest and healthy clean list possible which can help you to make your way through the store easier and quicker.
  • Organize your shopping list by grocery store: If you already have decided the items to buy from a number of different stores, try to club them. Look for an option in your grocery list maker where should be a selection to add the grocery store name and the items you would like to mark to buy in future too.
  • Have a staple list: There are things that you know that you will need it each week like for me it is eggs, bread and milk. That goes into my staple food list every week such that I do not forget the needful.
  • Know what is stocked up at home: It is okay to buy cookies but not if you are only going back home to realize that you have 3 packets of the same and would not need another one for sure. Make a list of items available at home separately to keep a check and update if replenished.

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