Excellent Ideas for Healthy Kid Friendly Snacks

All the healthy snacks for kids do not have to be dull always. Snack time becomes a part of your kid’s schedule, and it is important that you toss out the junk from their menu. It is vital that the kids eat healthy during this time to eat the snack happily and have a boost of energy. Friendly school snacks for Kids just got simpler and healthier with the below ideas:

1. Whole Wheat Cereals:

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With the perfect combination of vitamins, calcium, and fiber in a bowl, this tasty whole grain cereal with milk and dry-fruits make a power-packed snack for the kids. You can as well add strawberries and yogurt for added taste and flavor.

2. Homemade Gummy Fruit Snack:

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The kids love gummy bears, don’t they? Why buy from the market if it can be made at home easily and loads healthier than market food.

You will need:

  • A cup of berries (mixed) half a cup apple sauce, half cup fruit juice with ¼ cup water.
  • In a pan mix the berries with water and bring it to boil. The berries should be cooked and soft in 5 minutes. Puree this mixture to blend it into a smooth paste and keep it aside.
  • Put the apple sauce in the pan and allow it to boil now.
  • In a bigger bowl now, sprinkle gelatin over the fruit juice and let it stand for a minute or two. Add a hot mixture of fruits until gelatin completely dissolves.
  • Pour the mixture in a baking disk or into moulds. Refrigerate for 3 hours before cutting it into block shapes and serving it.

3. Grape-Pillar:

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Do you as well worry that your kid is reluctant to eat fruits? Why don’t you try to make it interesting by making a caterpillar with grapes? Kids love it when they see the caterpillar going smaller each time they take a bite. Using a skew, push in few grapes together to form a chain of 6-7 grapes. Make the eyes of the caterpillar using whipped cream dots and stick a chocolate chip on it to look as shown in the picture. This makes an easy school snacks for kids.

4. Baked Apple Chips:

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Kids love this as soon as they hear chips. The only thing they miss out to know that it is made up of an excellent fruit which is good for health. You will need to do the following to:

  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 3 large apples
  • In a small bowl mix sugar and cinnamon.
  • Slice the apples and place it on a baking tray.
  • Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mix on the apples.
  • Bake the apple until they are dry and crispy (an hour and a half or two). Flip the apple every 30 minutes
  • Enjoy the delicious snacks.

5. Healthy Apple Cookie:

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An apple cookie could be the tastiest and healthy snacks for kids to take to the school. The apple needs to be cut into slices and seeds removed. Apply a layer of peanut butter on it and sprinkle with some mixture of nuts, dry fruits and muesli to make it a mouthwatering snack for your kid.

6. Energy Balls:

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The no-bake energy balls are a savior for the parents to cook. This super fast recipe for energy balls, kids love to munch on. This is an awesome snack for school for kids.

  • You will need - 1 cup dry oatmeal, 3 tablespoons of honey. Half cup peanut butter. Add some coconut flakes and nuts if you need.
  • Mix this thoroughly in a bowl to form sticky thick textured dough.
  • Take a small portion of this and make the balls by rolling in your hand using both the palms.

7. Zucchini Bites:

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A super quick rich in protein bites for the kids is this Zucchini bite.

  • You will need Zucchini, 2 eggs, and cheese, oat flour and Italian seasoning.
  • Take the zucchini slices and dip it into egg bowl and then place it on the oat flour mixed with seasonings.
  • Once the zucchini is covered properly from all sides, place it on the baking tray.
  • Repeat with all the zucchini and then bake it for an hour to get these amazingly tasty bites.

8. Meat Sandwich:

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Meat sandwiches are extremely tasty, but they usually add up calories, don’t they? Try this low-carb, excellent type of a sandwich with cucumber slices and layered with meat, cheese slice and seasonings in between. No bake no freeze; it is ready for a treat. This makes an excellent evening snacks for children.

9. Strawberry Cheese Cake:

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An instant strawberry cheese cake can be made by whisking together soft and light cream with seedless strawberry jam or preserve. To assemble it, place the graham crackers for the base, spread the whisked cream on top and add some sliced strawberries to make it wonderfully tasty. This could be a healthy evening snack for the kids

10. Seaweed Octopus:

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The seaweed octopus is an interesting snack for the kids as they love to eat it. The octopus is made of the sausage by slitting one end of it carefully into 8 or lesser parts and leaving a head enough portion on the other end. Boil some noodles and add the seasoning to it and make a healthy snack for the kids to take to school.

Quick Tips for Healthy kids Snacks:

  • Keep junk out of the house: No point tempting the kid with all that junk in the house like candy bars, cookies, chips, etc. Set a good example right from the beginning to eat healthy with the kid.
  • Protein power: Protein helps the kid to grow and feel fuller and healthier. Stock up the protein-rich food like boiled eggs, deli-meat, cooked chicken or drumsticks etc.
  • Whole Grain: Whole-grain food must be preferred such as tortillas or pretzels made of whole grain which is rich in fiber and excellent for the health. Whole wheat bread, hummus etc. can be great snack items for your kids.
  • Have an extra large menu: When you offer kids a variety of vegetables and fruits, they are encouraged to choose a few of such colorful snack items. Serve baby carrots with hummus or ranch dressing.
  • Avoid sugar: Add natural sweetener like honey, etc. for taste and kids to enjoy the food.

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