Top 9 Party Games for 5 year olds

Birthday party games are always fun to play, and can be enjoyed by all age groups. These games help to get rid of their boredom in the party. For any birthday party, or for any other occasion, a good stock of games is important. Below are list of birthday party games for 5 year olds.

Birthday Party Games for 5 Year Olds

1) Balloon Burst


This is one of the best party games for 5 year olds.

Before inflating the balloons, write challenges on paper and insert them into balloons. Challenges can be anything from trying to lick your elbow, trivia questions to physical tests, or sing a song with a mouthful of crackers.

Let the kids bop a balloon in the air to music until the music stops. The person, who was the last to touch the balloon, must pop it and complete the challenge that is written inside.

Make sure you have enough balloons to continue the game for as long as you decide.

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2) Stand In a Line

To play this interesting game, you will need a stop watch if you want to time them.

The goal of this game is to arrange themselves in a line from the shortest at one end to the tallest at the other. To play this party game, using three of the children, demonstrate them what they need to do. The children turn round, and at the shout of ‘Go’, they have to start lining up. Repeat and see if they can do it faster.

Another alternative for older kids is, ask the kids to line up, according to their ages, with the youngest at one end, and the oldest at the other. To play this game, adult help may be required, as the children will need to know exactly, which month and date their birthday is.

3) Origami Boat Races


Another best party games for 5 year olds, which is played by blowing through a straw to power paper boats across a plastic pool. If you play this game in groups, then the winners from each group or race, can continue to play, until a final winner is declared. The younger kids, will need help from parents, to make the origami paper boats.

The first player, with the paper boats to make it across, wins.

4) Spiderweb Game


The best party game ideas for your kids birthday party.

To play this game, roll up a small ball of black yarn, in the size of a golf ball, and give it one for each child. Let the children, stand in a circle, holding their ball. With a help of a parent, tie the yarn around each child's waist, and give that child the rest of the ball to hold. Now, every child takes turns around the circle, and tosses the ball of yarn to someone across him. That child, then wraps around him and tosses it to another child and so on and so on.

They must now, get themselves out of the spider web they have made, once done by tossing and wrapping.

5) Animal Antics Game

This is a great game to play, if you have an animal themed party.

To play this fun party game, simply whisper the name of an animal into each child’s ear. Make sure you give each animal name, to at least two children. At the start of three, your guests start behaving like their animal, by using the noises and actions of the animals.

The player, who first identifies, the person, behaving the same way, wins. If you have a small group, you can make the party game a bit difficult, by blindfolding all the participants, and just relying on the animal sounds.

6) Chopstick and Raisins


Another best idea for party games for 5 year olds.

You will need a small bowl, a pair of chopsticks, and a packet of raisins. To play this game, fill the bowl with raisins, and if you are playing in teams, you will need two bowls. Every team, has a pair of chopsticks. On a count of three, each child turns to pick the raisin out of the bowl, using the chopsticks. If they drop the raisin before removing it, then they hand the chopsticks over to the next child.

Once they have picked up the raisins, in three successful pickups in a row, they hand over the chopsticks to the next child. The first team, to empty their bowl is the winner.


7) Fishing for Prizes


This birthday party game is well played, to get the prize.

Gather together small, light prizes such as stickers, small notepads, and pencils. Over each prize, slide a giant paper clip, and lay them in a big box, or simply on a rug on the floor. Give each child a fishing rod, with a magnet placed at the end of the line, and let them go fishing for their prize.

You can make the party game harder, by blindfolding your guests, or let them to fish over a stair landing or balcony so they cannot see what they are fishing for.

8) Wheelbarrow race


This party game is an outdoor game, and requires a lot of space.

To play this party game, prepare a start line and a finish line in an open space, but not too far apart. Pair up the children up, with a child of similar size. One child, places their hands on the ground, and the second child holds the ankles of the first child up in the air, just in a wheelbarrow position. Once, all the children, are in place at the start line, shout ‘Go’.

The children, must travel to the finish line, in the wheelbarrow position. The team, who first comes over the finish line, wins.

9) Hula Hoopla Game


Divide the kids into teams. Every team, must hold hands. Make sure, during the game, they are not allowed to let go of each others hands. The teams are given a hula hoop. The goal of this game, is to move the hula hoop over their bodies. Start moving from the beginning of the line to the opposite end and then back again. The hula hoop, has to go over each team member while they are holding hands.

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