5 Simply Amazing Birthday Craft Ideas For Your Kids

Are you planning for your kid’s birthday party? Then you must be well aware of who are going to be your guests for the event. Yes, the kids similar to the age of your child will going to be there. So, you need to plan accordingly to keep your little guests interested in this fun birthday celebration of your child. The best solution is to keep these little kids busy in a constructive way. You can make them mingle with several creative craft ideas.As we all know how a conventional way of rewarding a child with a goodie bag is no more trending.So, to celebrate your child's birthday in a trending way, you can keep the kids entertained with various craft activities. A craft activity is an efficient solution to keep the little guests busy and entertained at the same time. It will surely add a fun factor to your baby’s birthday celebration. In this article, we will list down a number of birthday craft ideas that can give a super awesome touch to your kid’s birthday party.

Splendid Birthday Craft Ideas

1. Crafted T-shirts


Crafted T-shirts are a brilliant craft idea for the children who are 4 to 6 years old. Ask the kids to bring a white T-shirt as you won’t be able to get right sized T-shirts for all the kids. And, even buying these many clothes will surely cost you a lot of money.

For this craft idea to work, you will be needing fabric paints, stencils, aprons, paint brushes and, a flat space for the kids to get started. Lay all the t-shirts in this space and slip a thick sheet of paper between the layer of t-shirts so that the color on both the sides remain intact individually. You can help kids to choose the color and even, you can suggest these young participants a few tricks to paint their respective T-shirts. The participants can use paint brushes, stencils, fingers, and their hands to create any desired designs on their piece of fabric. This activity is fun and all the kids will surely love it.

2. Scrapbook


Scrapbook is another creative idea to interest your little guests. You can use several types of equipment when you are working on a sheet of paper. You can also use gift cards or something that can be photo framed. Provide your guests with scissors, rulers, colored tapes, paints, and they already know what to do with them.

You can also provide them with glitters or stickers to make their craft look amazing. They can use thick sheets of paper to create something out of it. For an instance, one can use a sheet of paper to create an airplane, a boat, a ball, a frog, and a number of different things. This activity will surely be loved by the small kids as they like to watch a paper getting converted into something new after a few organized folds.

3. Bracelets


Friendship bracelets are something which can interest the little kids as they are comprised of vibrant threads and colorful beads. This craft idea is very effective when you are throwing a birthday party for your little girl. Join their band to make these cute little girls understand how to make a bracelet using strings, clasps, stones, and beads. At the end, all of them will love whatever they will create of it. You can buy 2 to 3 kits which can be used to create a bracelet. These kits usually come with instructions that will help you and the kids to create something beautiful out of this various kind of materials. But, ensure that you buy plenty of these materials so that no girl would feel the shortage of any material.

Your guests can also use beads and strings to create something. They don’t strictly need to create a bracelet out of these materials as they are free to use their creativity in whatever way they want it to be.

4. Kaleidoscopes

Kaleidoscopes never fail to amaze kids. The beauty of the pattern of kaleidoscopes is just simply wonderful. Teach your guests how to make a kaleidoscope and they will love the idea of making it. But, as this craft needs a bit of advanced cutting and detailing, so, this activity is for kids who can do this properly. For creating a kaleidoscope, you need to buy a number of vertical mirrors of the same size in a set of 3. You will be needing a broad tape, wax paper, color pencils and colored paper to decorate your kaleidoscope, and scissors if required. The set of 3 mirrors need to be taped in a prismatic manner (in a shape of triangle. One end of this structure needs to be covered with the help of wax paper and you can use another end of this structure to peep in. Chop colored paper in small bits and pour a few of them inside the kaleidoscopes. This craft activity seem very interesting for young kids.

5. Use Clay


Clay is the best solution of all the craft ideas you will ever find. This craft idea is not subjected to any age group or gender of kids. These young guests of yours just need a dough of clay to create amazing structure out of their imagination. To prepare a dough made up of clay, you need to mix the dried, powdered clay and salt. Now, boil water in a pan and add salt to it. Once the water starts boiling add the dry mixture to this boiling water. Now, add white glue and Borax to this mixture. You will get a perfectly soft and fluffy dough of clay which can be used by these little ones to give a shape to their imagination. Kids can easily mold this dough in any form they want. You just need to inform the parents about your this craft idea so that they would be able to take the necessary precautions to avoid the stains from clay.

So, that was our list of 5 best craft ideas you can use for your kid’s birthday party. Use any of these craft activities and you will definitely bring a different charm to your little one’s birthday celebration. Well, let us know if we have left any of the major birthday craft ideas for kids birthday party.


Tiru Dehariya

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