6 Innovative Girly Party Ideas For Her Birthday - Part 2

In one of our previous article, we have told you about the innovative girly party ideas but the list doesn’t end there. We have another list dedicated to the party ideas for your little joy of bundle. Earlier, we have covered four themes which included a color party theme (pink party theme), a Nickelodeon character party theme, a Disney princess’ party theme, and an American doll party theme. This time, we have extended our list to few other areas which your little angel and her friends will surely enjoy. Also note that we didn’t mention a common party theme for girls which is ‘Alice In Wonderland’ theme. We are here just to make sure that you don’t fall short of ideas.

Creative Girly Party Ideas

1. Barbie Party Theme


This party theme is also quite common for little girls. You can use ideas from pink party theme as Barbie party theme requires a minimum of few pink elements in your party. Or you can also switch to the purple party theme. Colors like pink and purple are bright and vibrant which makes them suitable for your little girl’s party. Customize a delicious and colorful Barbie cake for your little angel. You can also add another element to this party theme which can be other favorite elements of your kid. It can be her love for shoes, watches, bracelets, or anything your girl is fond of. Also, make sure that you add most of those elements which are eatable.

2. Ballerina Party Ideas


Ballerina party idea is a fun one. You can add a number of elements to this party. If you could thoroughly give the detailings of this party theme then it would be one of the amazing parties that anyone would have ever seen. From a customized beautiful ballerina cake to an eatable ballerina dress, from those pretty ballerina shoes to those ballerina frills, these tiny details will surely add another flavor to your kid’s party. You can add a ballet girl with a ballerina posture on top of the ballerina cake. Add the color theme to this ballerina party. From the balloons to the tu-tu can become the main attraction of this ballerina party.

3. Butterfly Is Lovely


Butterfly party theme is one of those party themes which give you an opportunity to play with various colors and keep the party vibrant. For the little guests, you can create butterfly wings and headbands or you can buy a set of butterfly wings from any Dollar store. You can buy a colorful tu-tu dress for your little one. This will surely match your theme. For the birthday cake, you can have both; a caterpillar and a butterfly on your child’s birthday cake. For this party theme, you can arrange games like butterfly craft in which girls need to decorate their butterflies to win a hamper. This kind of games will suit your party theme too which is more fun.

4. Fairy Party Theme


There are a lot of little girls who really love fairies and are fond of those night fairy tales. And now, you have got the opportunity to fulfill your little girl’s dream. Organize a beautiful fairy party theme for your girl. You can also choose one of hers favorite fairy to add all the elements in this party according to it. Tinkerbell is one of the favorite fairies that little girls want to become. If Tinkerbell is going to be the primary character in your kid’s party then make sure you add those elements which contain the tinge of bright blue and green in it. Also, do not forget to customize the cake according to your girl’s choice and try to include vibrant colors like blue and green for her birthday cake.

5. Hello Kitty Party Theme

This is a lovely party theme. It is just not for the girls who are fond of ‘Hello Kitty’ but also for the little girls who are fond of kittens or cats. You can add the pink party theme to this party idea. A birthday cake with a cute ‘Hello Kitty’ on it will definitely grab every other girl’s attention and will also be adored by your sweet baby girl. You can also customize the invitation cards for your girl’s birthday. Customize these invitation cards with the same theme of ‘Hello Kitty’. From the lunch table to the elements used in the party can have a symbol of Hello Kitty on it. Try not to overdo it. Keep the elements used and the theme in your mind in a right proportion.

6. Underwater World Theme


For underwater world theme, you can choose a particular favorite cartoon character which can suit your underwater world party theme. If your little girl likes mermaid then go ahead with this character. You can implement this party theme from the tablecloth to the customized cake. To add other elements in support to the mermaid party theme, you can add a wooden mermaid sign which can easily be customized by a design company. Prepare cookies in shape of sea shells The cake can have a castle of the beautiful mermaid. To make this theme work more brilliantly, you can provide your little guests with a wrap around which will give an effect of a mermaid to them.

So, that completes our list of girly party ideas. If you have any theme in your mind then comment below so that we can share your idea with our other readers too.

Tiru Dehariya

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