Birthday Party Games for Kids

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Kids will never get bored playing games. So, have more games than you think you will need for the kid’s birthday party. Throw your child an epic birthday bash this year with all the creative party games. These birthday party games for children will not only make your kid feel happy but as well you to make the arrangements without having to spend any extra money on the supplies – isn’t that brilliant?

Kid birthday party game ideas:

1. Treasure Hunt:


This birthday, give off some clues to your kid and their friends. Let that clue lead the kids to the areas around the house or yard until they reach their final clue. The one kid which finds out the last clue wins! This kids game for birthday party fits well if customized for little kids.

2. Charades:


Let kids entertain themselves by enacting movies or stories. This is a classic game for kid birthday party that can be adapted by all age groups.

3. Tug of War:

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A fun birthday game that really encourages the kids and their friends to use their coordination and play around.

4. Blindfold:

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Simply blindfold any one of the kids and make an outline for the game area. Within that area, other kids can run and get saved from the blindfolded person who is trying to catch any random one. The one caught is blindfolded next. And the game goes on.

5. Passing the Parcel

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This is a fun birthday game where you have an object. Something which not too big or too small, could be a cushion or a ball. Oh, that rhymed well! So yes, this object needs to be passed in a continuous circle among the players one after the other. In the background, you could conduct the game and have some music on. The moment the music goes off, the player holding the parcel or the object is out of the game. At the end, only 2 players remain and one wins. To just make it fair, the one putting the music on and off isn’t supposed to watch the game.

6. Peek-a-boo:


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This game ranks the favorite in the game for kid’s birthday party. Peek-a-boo! Let all the players hide except the one who has to look for them without them having caught him by surprise.

7. 2-legged Race:

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Tie one leg of a kid to a leg of another kid. Which means if they stand adjacent to one other, facing the same direction. Tie the right leg of one to the left of another. Make such duets and let them race.

8. Sacked Race:

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When the kids jump into a sack and have to run, won’t that be fun? This is a lovely game for the kids to pump up their energies by hopping and hoping to win!

9. Dress up Rally Race:

Keep ready a pile of clothes or costumes along with accessories. Segregate them equally in a box or suitcase for the teams to play. Let the kids form a group of 3 and play the game. When the whistle goes ON, the first player runs to the suitcase with prop and dons all the clothes from the box over the already worn dress. When the player is completely dressed, he then quickly removes all the dress-up clothes and puts them back to the suitcase or the ox. The next player then takes the turn to run and repeat the same process. The first team finishes winning.

10.Water Balloon Toss:


Let the kids play some water balloon toss and make it fun on the birthday evening. Although this game needs to be played outside the house.

11.Grandmother’s footsteps:

One person becomes the grandmother, standing with the back to everyone. The other players have to line up at the other side of the room.

When the grandmother’s back is turned, the players creep near her. One player which grandmother catches moving has to go back to the beginning. The first player to make it all the way to grandmother and tap her shoulder is the winner. The winner gets to be the grandmother next.

12.Duck Duck Goose:

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All the players sit in a circle. One of them needs to get out of the circle and walk around the outside of it, tapping the head of each calling out “Duck”. After a while, the player says “Goose” instead and runs to catch her seat in the circle. The player who has been called goose needs to get up and catch the child before she gets to her place. If she sits down, the chaser has his turn to roam now, if not, the same child continues.

13.Escape the Zombie:

In a big, yet limited space, line up all the kids. Out of them, there could be one or two to pretend to be the zombie in the forest. The other players have to run in the forest everywhere without being caught by the zombie. If caught, they become zombies too. Play until the forest turns to be a zombie land.

14.Eat the Jelly:

Make small individual bowls of jelly and place a small plastic animal in each. With the players' hands tied at their back, they have to run to the table and eat the jelly with only their mouth and free the animal. First one to free the animal wins.

15. Word association Game:

Please read this article to know how to play the game.

16. Freely Bag:

Take a large fabric bag or a box and fill it with all the items in it. For example – orange, cotton, socks, shoes, etc.

Ask the kids to come one by one and to put their hand in to take a guess what it is without looking. This is one of the common most games for kid’s birthday party.

17.Musical Chair:

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Arrange the chairs in a circle. The chair count has to be one lesser than the number of players. When the music plays, the kids start to move around the chair and when the music goes off, they need to take a chair. The one to keep standing still is out of the game. Remove one chair from the circle each time and continue. At the end, there would be only 2 circling 1 chair to win it.

18. Whisper whisper:

Let the kids sit in a circle one besides the other. One kid starts by saying a small sentence to the next one sitting. And the next person needs to pass the message to the third and so on until they complete the circle. The last one has to speak it out loud. If it is correct then the next player starts this game. In case the message is not the same as the original, each player is asked to repeat what they had just passed in reverse to find out who faltered.

19. Chopsticks:

Give the players one chopstick each, some raisins and a container.

Each participant has to transfer the raisins to the container with the chopsticks without any other support. The winner is the first person to transfer all the raisins.

20. Pin the tail on the Donkey:

Get a large cardboard and dray a donkey on it. Make a tail from a separate piece. Blindfold each child one by one and get them to attach the tail to the cardboard with Blu Tak. Mark the spot with the child’s name once done. The winner is the player who gets closes to where the tail should be stuck to.

If you are thinking about places where you could organize the birthday party for your kid, then take a look at this article too.

Kids birthday party games are so much fun not just to play but even to watch. You being the adult monitor it and make sure to follow all the safety measures to not hurt any little one.

Please let us know how you enjoyed these games for kids birthday party and also write to us. We love to hear from you.

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