Best Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls

A birthday party is an important milestone that all of us love to celebrate. Little girls always want the classics on their special birthdays, when it comes to choosing the cake. Be it fairies, flowers or Frozen theme, and every single one of them surely in pink.

From the decorations to the food, the girls like to plan everything nicely and well in advance for their birthday party, and want everything to be just perfect. Below are some of the best amazing birthday cake ideas for girls.

Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls

All you need to do is to be creative, and try to come up with some unique and special ideas, which will make the cake, the center of attraction at the party.

It is very important to keep in mind, the below points and ideas. Make sure the cake turns out to be just perfect for her birthday party.

1.Colors Of The Cake


The very first thing that distinguishes a girl’s cake from a cake meant for the boys is its color. There are no surprises here, and the color pink represents the females in the most elegant and delicate manner.

However, it is also important to remember that there are many other colors which you can use on the cake, besides this color pink. Yellows, red, whites, and almost all the colors go really well on a girl’s cake. Make sure, when all the colors come together, they should give a feminine, gentle look and feel to the cake.

Try to use the more delicate and lighter shades of these colors instead of trying to go in for the dark and bold shades.

2.Flavors Of The Cake


It is generally possible to experiment with the flavors much more, with a girl’s birthday cake. Chocolate seems to be the only good option for the boys, while in the case of girls, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, red velvet,pineapple and almost all the other possible flavors sound like a good option.

The final call about the taste and flavor of the cake should, however, lie in the hands of the birthday girl, and whatever is her favorite flavor, the cake should be ordered for that flavor only.

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3.Arrange Only For The Best Cake


An important part of the birthday celebrations for a girl, is the birthday cake, and therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you make no compromise about the taste, quality or looks of the cake.

You may be an excellent baker, but not only the cake needs to be good in taste, but should also look perfect. The birthday girl may be looking for a cake design, that goes well off with the party theme.

The only way you can get the perfect look of the cake, is by allowing the professionals to handle the decoration and making of the cake.

Know about the best bakers in your town. Discuss in detail about the look and design of the cake you want, taste their flavors before deciding the flavor of the cake. Once, all the aspects of the cake have been verified, only then go ahead and order for the cake.

4. Ensure The Entire Cake Is Edible


Usually, there are many decoration items, which can be used on the cake, while decorating it. Right from the icing on the cake, to other decorative pieced and icing on the cake, it is necessary to ensure that everything that is placed on the cake is made from safe, high quality and edible ingredients only.

It is these decorations on the cake, which are far more attractive for the girls and therefore, they might actually want to eat them.

5) Design Of The Cake


The most important aspect and which has to be handled in the most careful manner, is the design of the cake. Many factors influence the selection of the design of the cake, like the preference of the birthday girl, the current trends in birthday cakes and the theme of the party, etc.

Some of the most popular cake designs for girls that are a favorite among all the girls world over are as follows:

A) Princess Sofia Cake


One of the best birthday cake ideas for girls. Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her birthday and this cake is sure to make everyone feel at the party, that they have certainly come to attend the party of a princess.

It is a simple round shape two-layered cake, which is decorated with white beads like a pearl necklace of a princess. The cake also has a special flower shapes designed on one side. On top of the cake is a princess crown, giving the cake the final look of a cake belonging to a princess.


B) Rainbow Ruffle Cake


This is a layered cake. Depending on the size of the cake, you can have as many layers as you want. In order to get the perfect effect of the cake, generally, you need to have a minimum of three layers.

Every layer of the cake is frosted in a way, that it gives the cake a ruffled look, and comes in different colors of the rainbow. The colors used in the cake, however, are very delicate like white, pink and white, etc., that represents the elegance of the females in the best possible manner.

A very simple cake with no decorations, and yet the simple colors and the ruffled design of the frosting makes it look absolutely beautiful and tempting.

C) The Frozen Land


The movie Frozen seems to have captured the imagination of all the girls all over the world, and they all want to be Queen Elsa, or her Sister Anna.

Your little girl’s birthday is the perfect time to make this dream of hers come true!

Get them a cake, which represents the entire land of the Frozen along with some of the other important characters from the movie, crafted beautifully with some fondant icing.

This cake looks, pretty, exciting and totally inviting!

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