20+ Slumber Party Ideas for the Best Sleepover Ever

Be it your birthday or a casual sleepover, you can always have your friends stay at your place for the night and talk about everything and anything. Slumber parties are always fun. Dressing up, themes, make-up, Do-it-yourself ideas and many more things come into your mind when you think about Slumber Parties. So, here are some of the best party activities to help you throw the best sleepover ever.

Moms and Dads have to do lots of work to plan some extravagant themes to throw a proper slumber parties for their toddlers. Usually, parents stick with blue theme if it’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl. But, let’s break the stereotypes and cross the color-bar.

1. Slumber Party Ideas for newborns:


A theme where the party is all about welcoming the new life and blessingthe new-born with love and gentle hugs. You can invite your friends and their toddlers for this. Flowers, ribbons, beautiful soft carpets to set the mood for your babies and yourselves. It’s always welcomed to have a camera with you (flash-free) to take pictures of your little ones with the other little ones. Someday, these little ones will grow up and look at these pictures and smile at themselves for just how fast the time changes.


1.Edible toys and cake tiers for the adults and loved ones. Cakes are available in baby themes too, so you can opt for that.

2.A photo shoot to capture the sacred moments of the baby.

3.Ribbons and Flowers to decorate the room as a welcome to the new ones.

4.A soft-toy festival. The idea here is to buy a number of soft toys and arrange them in an order that you find fitting the most and place your little ones near them to take pictures.

2.Slumber Party Ideas For 4-6 years old:


Now that the baby has grown up and he\she has become a cute little bundle of happiness and joy, they might make new friends along the way. They might want to throw a slumber party for their friends.  You do not have to say no to this as this is all just a part of growing up. Slumber parties are fun. So, here are some ideas for throwing a safe yet fun slumber party for kids aging 4-6 years.


5. Lots of soft toys and blankets

6. Animated movie marathon

7. Do-it-Yourself blanket tents inside the house with some dim lights.

8. Drawing and crayoning session

9.Bed time stories to soothe the adrenaline that tired them down.

If you’re looking for some fun ideas for birthday or other themes, you can find them here.

3.Slumber Party Ideas For 7-9 years old:


Now that the cuties have grown older with years and are living their lives by balancing their academics and an active life, it is important for them to have a little down-time with their friends. The best ideas to throw slumber parties for 7,8,9 years old are as follows:


10.Costume theme where everyone can dress up as their favorite superhero or their favorite prince\princess.

11. Paper maze, where kids can have fun around being silly.

12.Slime with glitter to make silly nothing and have a sense of enjoyment while doing it.

13.Clay modeling is something that one can try. It does get messy but it’s worth the try.

4.Slumber party ideas for 10-13 years old:


Your kids have just reached the end of first decade of their lives and a lot will change. Physically and emotionally, they will change. They will want different things and they may not like the things that they used to until now. So, here are some of the best ideas to throw a sleepover for kids aging 10,11,12,13 years old.


14. Build a pillow castle and have a pillow fight.

15.Build a chocolate fountain and indulge in a sweet memory.

16.Take pictures again because tweens will not look the same from 10 years now.

17.Dress up like your favorite animated character.

5.Slumber party ideas for teens(14-16):


Now that the priorities have changed, silly gum doesn’t excite the teens anymore. It’s the time where fidget spinners are trending and frankly, the old ones like us don’t know what the heck it means. So, we just go along with it anyway but we do know how to have fun and that’s why I have listed down few ideas for teens to throw the best slumber party ever.You can always look for some fun games and those fun games are here for you to implement.


18. Fortune cookies to play along and predict the happy future filled with achieved goals and dreams.

19. Aroma candles and DIY Jar-candles to light up the fortress, that is, your room.

20. Make-up time! You can always have fun around with make-up and a stroke of that highlighter to add up to the glam…so, why not?

21. Try any Tumblr theme. The website provides many ideas for amateur bloggers who want to spread around a few ideas exclusively relating to DIY party themes and tents.

22.Binge in with lots of junk food and snacks along with your favorite TV show\series. A huge mug of hot-chocolate with marshmallows usually suffice for the night after a pizza session. But, add in your own snacks and foods to make the occasion even better.

If you’re looking for other birthday ideas along with the above mentioned, you can find them here.

Apart from the above mentioned ideas, you can always personalize your themes and throw the slumber party for the best sleepover according to your tastes and style. With all the endless options available out there, why not choose the best for yourself? After all, it’s all for the fun.

Mithravinda Tenneti

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