Host A Perfect Super Bowl Party: Ideas For Decorations, Foods And Fun Games

Wondering whether your guests come to the party for fun games or for food? How about a plan to keep a combination of both with excellent Super Bowl party ideas that we have listed for you to keep your guests (of all ages) entertained.

What Is a Super Bowl Party?

The Super Bowl comes once every year when it offers the best opportunity to get the football-loving family and friends together to party at home while watching the big game on the TV or screen and snack on some great food items while enjoying the drinks together.

  • Ideas For Hosting a Super Bowl Party: 

Watching the Super Bowl big game is only half the fun. But treating your guests with a kick-off football theme menu of healthy hearty snacks, appetizers, and beverages while you celebrate the game-day tradition this winter is going to be the best ever Super Bowl party. Pump up this festive with the football theme decoration to make it a comfortable venue for watching the big game. We will tell you great ideas on how to Host a Super Bowl party this year.

  • Ideas For Super Bowl Party Decorations:

1. Decorate with Super Bowl Balloons:


Inflate the colored balloons (green, yellow, brown, or black) with helium.

By using a white paint pen or chalk, you can draw or write on it, for example:

a) Draw some O’s, X’s and arrows to construct your own football plays on balloons!

b) Write the slogans, cheers or phrases, and some of your favorite or famous player’s name on the balloons!

c) Draw a long vertical rectangle and several small horizontal rectangles overlapping it as shown in the picture to turn balloons into footballs!

d) Keep some empty ones for your guests to draw if they like with their favorite quotes or names of the player.

We advise drawing what you wish on the balloon once first and allow it to dry. Then, go back over it to brighten up another layer of the white chalk or paint so that it looks prominent on the shiny smooth balloon surface.

2. Best Printable Super Bowl Party Tips:


a) Go online and check for some great designs to print your football printable decors on heavy white cardstock.

b) Once you have printed it, simply use a scissor to cut and turn it into a garland with the pieces sewing through your machine or with hand.

c) You can replicate some designs as shown in the picture and get started.

d) You can as well stick these printable decors on the bottles for the guests to have an extra edgy Super Bowl theme fun.

3. Printable Bottle Labels:


a) Again print the label for the water bottles as suggest in the point above, however you have an additional attractive added decoration to it with a whistle hanging from each bottle to let people enjoy blowing it with every goal.

  • Food menu for Super Bowl parties:

Amazing super bowl party tips are to have a specially designed football food menu for the day.

1. Strawberry Football PoppersAmazing-super-bowl


Serve these delicious very easy to make chocolate dipped football strawberries this Super Bowl party to impress your guests.
All you need is a bunch of fresh strawberries and chocolate. Melt the chocolate and dip the strawberry to place it on a tray and let it freeze for 10 minutes. Once done, you can design the football lines on the top with an icing cone as simple as shown in the picture.

2. Water Break:


You can make sure guests don’t forget to hydrate with this idea of supplying a big water cooler decorated with a printable paper reading “water break”

3. Crackers for Intervals:


The effortless arrangement of the crackers and cheese football can make the day even more pumped up with the guests indulging in the game and food.

4. Super Bowl Swirl Up Cakes:


Bake some cupcakes and arrange it in the shape of a football. With an icing cone, make the detailing on it as shown in the picture. OR you can do it on the individual cupcakes too.

5. Quick Party frostings:


Get such simple easy frostings ready for the game day party.

6. Make it a special beverage:


Serve the Super Bowl beverages in a mason jar with a football logo on it to make it special for the game day. Guests would love this unique idea.

7. Deviled Egg:


The healthiest of the snacks is the deviled eggs. Where you boil the egg and cut it into a half. Remove the yellow yolk from each half and put it in a bowl to mix it with spices and chopped onions and chili and feed it back in the egg cavity with a cone. With the mayonnaise, make some football pattern to make it special for this day.

  • Super Bowl games for the party:

Some of the best Super Bowl party game ideas that we have come up with you will take almost no planning or easy simple setup giving maximum fun.

1. DIY Football Stack Break:


A DIY football cup game is a last-minute football party game idea for your Super Bowl game day. All you need is a dozen of brown plastic cups (you can get it online) and a white marker.  Just draw on some football pattern and let it dry. Take a plastic bowl and play the game from a distance to break the stack.

2. Pin The Football on The Goal:


Make a very simple and quick goal post with a tape and a bunch of brown paper footballs as shown in the picture. You play by blindfolding the players and giving them a spin, then ask them to pin the football on the goal! Any football that made it correctly between the goal borders earns a prize. We also write the name of the player on each ball to mark their play.

3. Super Bowl Mini Football Toss Game:


This mini-football toss game is an easily portable party game that keeps the kids occupied like their part of the Super Bowl. When its halftime, gather the kids to entertain with this game instead of getting bored. Adults love to play this game too with the kids. This game easy to make, follow the instructions below.

Take a rectangular wooden plank about 5 feet or smaller depending on the children guests in the party. Make a base for it to stand vertically. Paint it green with oil paint or acrylic. With a white marker or paint, make the goal post enough for the ball to go through. And then below you can have some markings like 10, 20, until 50. Cut a circle on the goal post area such that you can throw the ball through it.

4. Football word Scramble


American football fans are definite to enjoy unscrambling the 20 vocabulary words this fun Super Bowl scramble worksheet. You can involve the older kids too to play this super fun word scramble game.

5. Paper Football:


Play this amazing mini paper football game with your family and friends at a Super Bowl party. You need a green turf placemats or a green tablecloth to cover a small rectangular and add some markings on it as shown in the picture. Make a goal with any available square hollow or with the PVC pipe and play this game by tossing a ball with fingers.

Games for Super Bowl party just got awesome with such amazing ideas.

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