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Children's Party Games can be enjoyed by all age groups and they can have fun at any time in birthday parties. List of games helps children get rid of their bore in the party. Good stock of indoor games are important for your child’s birthday party or for any other occasion. For any of the game mentioned below, parents need some preparation in advance so that it would be easy for you to start off the party with the activity immediately when they come.

Musical Chairs: Arrange chairs in circular shape and start the music. When the music starts children start dancing and running round the chairs. Once the music stops, they have to immediately sit in any of the chairs. One kid will be left out during this process who have to get out of the game. Finally a kid will be left out in the chair and the kid is the winner of the game.


Dressing Up and Dancing: Choose some of the items like hat, scarf, skirt, badge, etc. in equality for all kids and start the music. Ask children to dance around to the music and when the music stops, call out for the object. Children have to pick up the object and wear it on them. Till all the items are finished and till kids are dressed up correctly with all the items, the process continues. Children definitely have fun with the game and it really works out well at parties.


Musical Bumps and Statues: Let the children dance to the music and when the music stops, they have to sit down immediately. The last kid who still goes on dancing to the music is out and the kid who remains till the end dancing for the music is the winner of the game. The statue is also the same theme, but the difference is instead of sitting when the music stops, you have to remain as a statue after the music stops. The kid who remains last playing for the music is the winner of the game.

 Musical Bumps and Statues

Follow A Kid: A kid is chosen as the leader in the game and remaining kids have to follow the leader. Whatever the leader does, for example nodding head, jumping, moving hands, waving arms, laughing etc. are done by remaining kids. This is definitely enjoyed by kids because imitating their friend finds interesting to them.

 Follow A Kid

Pin The Tail On The Dog: Draw any animal like dog, donkey, buffalo etc on a piece of cardboard and leave the tail part of the image that you have drawn. Ask the kid to attach the tail part to the animal and also explain them the rule that if cheated, they will be disqualified. This is a silly game yet can be enjoyed by kids.

 Pin The Tail On The Dog

Pass The Parcel: Prepare a parcel by wrapping up the parcel with different layers of papers. Place a gift in the parcel and wrap it. Ask kids to sit around and start the music. Once the music starts, ask them to pass on the parcel. When the music stops, the kid who is holding the parcel removes one layer of the gift and the process continues till the gift is visible. The kid who opens the last layer at the end is the winner of the game and wins the gift.

 Pass The Parcel

Pretend As Sleepy Lions: Kids of age less than 5 finds interesting to play the game. When things go on worst with kids, ask all kids to lie down at once and pretend as lions sleeping on the floor. Tell them to move slowly with the lion snoring sound. Any of the kids can wake up the other lion as well or tickle the lion. This can be opted when the whole environment is noisy with kids.

 Pretend As Sleepy Lions

Popping The Balloon: This game is noisy and remember that this game can be chosen only if all the kids are comfortable. For this, you require basket full of balloons. Two kids can start their game taking out each balloon from the basket and pop out the balloon by sitting on it. The kid who pops out maximum number of balloons is the winner of the game.

 Popping The Balloon

Happy Birthday: Divide the children into different groups of animals and ask them to sing the happy birthday song for animal for example-Happy birthday dear dogs and all the kids in dog group have to bark like dogs and they have to start singing on the birthday song. This is a bit noisy but you can engage kids for a while through this game.

 Happy Birthday

Treasure Hunt: Make an animal with cardboard and cut the animal into four pieces. Place these pieces in different locations and ask the respective groups to pick up the pieces of animals to form their animal. The group who find their animal first are the winner in the game. The game can be played with any object instead of animal. Hide different objects and give them the clue where they are hidden. The Kid who finds out the object is gifted with the found object.
Treasure hunts can be in the sand, picture animal, etc. As an indoor game, sand is not preferred during indoor parties.

 Treasure Hunt

Prize Walk: Write number from 1  to 30 and arrange the numbers in the circle. Write again the number and keep the numbers that are rolled in one basket. Start on on a number and walk once the music starts. When the music stops, the kid has to stand on a number of their own option and this number is to be matched with the number picked from the box. This game is continued till the kid gets any gift in the game.

 Prize Walk

Chopsticks Game: Tell children to sit on the floor and place a towel on the floor with a few raisins on the floor. Give them the chopsticks and ask them to transfer the raisins into a vessel.  The kid who transfers first all the raisins is the winner of the game.

Chopsticks Game 

Touch and Feel The Item: Take a box and place different items in the box. Ask children to place their hands on the item in the box and guess what the item is. If the guessing is correct in one attempt, then gift the child. Items like vegetables, pen, pencil, hairbrush, fruits can be chosen.

 Touch and Feel The Item

With little bit creativity in the game along with pre planned ideas, you can make your party awesome and interesting. Finding unique ideas makes the party memorable in your life.

- Neelima

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