How To Throw Messy Party Games

Do you have a camera at home? If no, then get one ready for this hilarious and messy, memorable party. Have you already started imagining your kid days? Trust us; kids have the max fun when they play messy! Especially when they are allowed to attend and play the messy party games and do not have to face any consequences from parents.

The goal is to make a mess. And the result is to make more fun than we ever have. Gear up for the wild side in you. It is preferable if you have a backyard or any open to conduct the messy party. Extend the invitation not just to the kids and friends but also the adults because you are going to have one amazing mess of your life. In the invitation, make a point to mention that this party might have some very messy party games - so, come prepared!

Game Ideas for a Messy Party

1. Egg Toss


Yes, the name says a lot. Now you know why we asked you to come prepared. Divide the participants into pairs. Line all facing their partners such that they are about one hand distance. The game starts when each team is given raw eggs. They must toss the egg to their partner and the partner has to catch it without breaking it. After each toss, the partner takes a step away from each other. The winning team is the one who has the maximum distance between them before dropping! Isn't this the best messy game to play?

Let’s talk about some more variations in this game

  • Egg smash

Fill a bowl full of boiled eggs and keep one of them raw. Ask the participants to choose one egg and smash it on their head. Repeat this until the raw one is chosen.

  • Egg Target

Set up a target where you can afford mess around. Get a container full of eggs, and present it to kids, let them take chances and throw the egg at the target. Isn’t this an excellent messy party game for children?

  • Spoon and Egg

Give each participant a spoon with a raw egg; ask them to place the egg on the spoon. The participant must hold this spoon with egg in their mouth balancing to race and finish. The first one to reach the finish line without breaking the egg wins.

2. Chocolate Pictionary


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Ever thought what to do if we do not have a pen and a paper? We always have the chocolate sauce available at any cost! Trying to make the Pictionary worthy your messy party? Pull out a sheet of plastic and spread the chocolate on a table. As the participant to draw and explain the Pictionary on the chocolate using their fingers.

Let’s talk about some more variations in this game

  • Nose Pictionary

The set up remains the same, however, ask the participants to draw with their nose instead of the fingers in the previous one.

  • Pictionary on clothes

Make teams of two and let the participant use the chocolate sauce to draw on their clothes instead, could be any part of the body, all we need is a mess at the moment!

3. Search the Jellybean


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You have to make a very simple arrangement here. Need a table, a container (big and flat) and any flour. Place a Jellybean in the container and add the flour to the container and fill it. Now, having their hands tied at the back ask the participants to search the Jellybean with their mouth only. After they are done, do not forget to click pictures of their pretty flour‘ed’ faces!

Let’s talk about some more variations in this game

  • Jelly Jellybean

For very young kids, we make it simpler by replacing the flour by small jelly chocolates like Haribo gummy candy and ask them to pull out the Jellybean with their mouth.

  • Cake Jellybean

You can also bake small cakes and ask the kids to eat that away to find the Jellybean.

4. Body Painting

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This is our personal favorite, where we have the liberty to paint the face or any part of the body the way we want. Use some natural color here by mixing flour or cornstarch, water, and food color. The process to make this is simple. You need to mix cornstarch and cold water first. Pour this into the boiling water in a glass and stir constantly. Let it cool and it is ready for use. You are allowed to color each other’s face the way you can and want. The only rule here is to make sure nobody remains clean in this party.

5. Bobbing for donuts

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One of the cutest one among the messy games to play. For every participant, you will need a donut. Isn’t this the best part of the game? Hand the donut from a tree branch using a string or a ribbon. Make sure the donuts are handing low enough as per the kids/ adults height just enough for them to touch with the mouth. The fun bit comes when they have to jump to grab a bigger bite of it and play. The hands of the participants are tied at the back. They start together and need to finish the donut as fast as possible. First one to finish wins.

Let’s talk about some more variations in this game

  • Jump - O - Chocolate

This game has the ball of chocolate with molten liquid chocolate inside hanging the string instead of a donut. But this time it does not have to be eaten in a go but in 3 bites. The first one to take three bites to finish the chocolate wins. The molten chocolate starts to drip from all ends making it messy. This is a great messy kid game.

6. Water balloon


This is the game to let your party go crazy. Take some water balloons and fill it with colored water for extra fun. Keep the bucket full of water balloon in the center and let the party animals leisurely throw balloons at each other and enjoy getting dirty.

7. Blindfold Feed

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Parents take pride in feeding their baby the right way without spilling or messing up. This game is all about how much you could mess! Blindfold the parents and give them a bowl and a spoon of cream or apple/ papaya/ banana pulp. Let the kid stand in front of them. The parent has to feed their kid in a way that they take their hand with the spoon filled and drop it as soon as they touch the body. See them going utterly funny feeding their kids via nose and ears.

8. Balloon Shaving

Before the game starts, have markers and balloons inflated and ready. The game starts for all the participants together. They have 2 minutes to draw their face on the balloon provided to them. And then apply shaving cream over it. Give every participant a plastic razor. On the ‘GO’, players now shave their balloon without popping it. The first person to complete it wins. These are messy kid games they love to play.

  • Whip the balloon

The game gets messier when you fill the balloon with whipped cream and imagine when the balloon gets burst by the participant by mistake; they end up with cream all over them!

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