Excellent Brain Games For Your Kids To Play And Learn

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What better than the educational games for the kids to play? Brain Games for kids are one of the most excellent tools to build the knowledge, be it foundation math or language skill in kids. These are not only fun to play but also very addictive and keep up the kids busy learning.

These mind games for kids are useful in cases where kids are glued to the screens and do not want to get off it. If you want them to do something more productive, brain games to activate thinking in kids is the one you must try. Peppa Pig or Doraemon would not teach them or help them to put their thinking caps on! Instead of merely nagging them to get away from the screen, offer them to play! “Hey, do you want to play a game with me right now?” You must see the happy face of your child and guess what, the screen is gone, and the brain has already started working.

Learning and developing brain is a process which does not happen in a day or two. To make the valid grounds for your kids to learn is your onus. Such mind games for children will help them to keep away from screens and develop their thinking keeping them entertained and stimulate their minds! Since kid’s play is an integral part of learning and development. Kids do not play just to entertain self, but also always learning from it. Even if a kid goes to fetch a soft toy, they are indeed learning.

What are The Benefits of Brain Games?

There are various skills acquired while playing brain games for kids.

1. Involves analytical Thinking

2. Requires comprehension

3. Brings in spatial Awareness

4. Has conceptual Learning

5. Builds lateral and Critical Thinking

6. Encourages creativity

7. Helps in learning problem-Solving which is very important too

8. Helps linguistic enhancement and many more…..

List of Brain Games for Children:

Now that you have already seen the benefits of playing brain games with kids let us take a look what are the quick, easy games you could play with them.

1. Building Blocks:

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Lego or set of blocks is a fundamental game that every kid loves to play and is an old game as well. Ever thought that it has never faded over the years even though there have been so many technologically advanced toys around? Well, that’s the whole point! Playing blocks has its own benefits. Especially the ones with different colors, shapes and sizes allowing kids to gather their head into an imaginative world and build one. Kids try to perceive the shapes in their head and try to recognize creativity by stimulating their mind to form figures and structures out of it. This is an excellent game that you must expose kids to. Also, you can challenge the elder kids to build the longest and the thinnest structure or the longest bridge with least blocks, such ways they are forced to think about problem-solving methods and improve their skills.

2. Puzzles or Brain Teasers:

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We know that puzzles are fun for the whole family. The best way to help kid’s brain games have a positive effect on them is by encouraging them to play! They develop special perception, coordination, cognitive skills, fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Wow! Such a simple puzzle game can instil so much in kids; isn’t that amazing? Various puzzles appropriate to age are available online and in stores today. Be it board games, puzzles, Sudoku, crossword, scrabble, logic puzzle, Rubik’s cube – these surely are teasers!

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3. Jump, Skip, Hop, Through and Run!

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Don’t you want your kids to be active too while they are developing a brain? The obstacle courses are the best brain development games for kids. Yes, the set up could be tough and cannot happen at home. However, you can create a simple obstacle course with the available household items and complicate the structures as per kid’s age. The obstacle course helps kids to develop their motor skills, problem-solving, coordination, critical thinking, visual perception, motor planning, language and many more such skills. The items you can use as an obstacle could be as simple as cushions, tables, sofa, boxes, string, hula hoops, skipping ropes etc. Various tasks you could ask the kids to do would jump over, hop, run, crawl under, walkthrough, solve a riddle, and so much that you could find endless combinations to do and entertain the kids.

4. Role play:

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Did you even think about this smart yet unique play to develop their brain? Yes, this is an amazing brain game for children that helps them stay off the screen and play with friends. Role play boosts creativity and imagination. This game helps to set the right moral tone for the kids and also benefit the society when they understand the importance of each role. Kids grow up to be responsible and also adjust to the environment better. An adult intervention is a must to help them learn more and develop positivity.

5. Treasure Hunt:

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Finding that thing could be fun to play. Brain development games do not have to be the lazy ones to be played sitting in one place. You could have some flash cards with clues or riddles they need to solve to find the next object in a limited space. Be it a playschool, school ground or home or garden, you could play this simple game anywhere safely. Show the object to the kids or write it in the form of riddles according to age to help them develop the right pronunciation and cognitive development along with amazing problem-solving skills.

6. Maze solver:

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I have fun solving mazes always. It helps in keeping your brain sharp. The left or right and building the map in the head before acting has a lot to learn from. Such children’s mind games are available in activity book or online and in toys as well helping them improve math, motor skills, imagination, and problem-solving! Kids enjoy this. Another brilliant idea is to download the puzzles from online and print it for kids to solve.

7. Story Telling:


Yes, you are right in thinking how could this be one of the kid's mind games? Well, storytelling prompts and helps kids to develop brain compared to what kids gain only from listening to the story or reading the story books. Story telling makes kids attentive, focused on the story for a very long time improving their concentration. They also develop memory and retention skills along with some self-confidence and independence. The sequence of events happening in the story is also building their imaginative power in their head to perceive it and guess what happens next. It is fun for kids and good to fill a shelf full of kid’s books and have a routine to read every day.

8. Word Hunt:

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Word hunt makes an excellent children brain game where using the alphabets via cards, blocks or magnets; they have to match the image. Using flashcard is the best and the easiest way to play this. The kid has to match the word on the flashcard with the image. Such kid’s brain games boost alphabet recognition along with memory and word formation.

These are some great kid’s brain games which help to expose your kids to a great development of not only personality but overall. What matters is right attention at the right age!

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