10 Excellent Fun Girls Birthday Party Games

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What’s a birthday without a party, and what’s a party without fun games!? There are several girls Bdy party games which are perfect to play and enjoy. So if you are planning to throw a party soon for your princess, you need to plan well in advance, to make it a success.

Party scenes for the toddlers to teenagers include dance, games, food and so much of fun. There are varieties of fun and enjoyable games for girl birthday parties that are also approved by the parents.

Birthday Party Games for Girls

1. Wink And Kill:

The famous game where you have to wink and kill - a popular stealth game that teens love to play. This game has an easy setup. You would need minimum of 4 players or more to play. The rules of the game are pretty simple. You will need a plain paper and a pen to make chits. The game goes as below:

  • All the chits have to be named as “Friends” but 2. One of the kids need to have a name called “Murderer” or “Killer” and the second one to have a “Detective”. The role is as simple as the name suggests.
  • Once the chits are ready, each player needs to pick one chit each when the round starts. We do not declare any identity in this game.
  • The one who has the chit with the name” murderer” or “killer” has to secretly kill the others by winking at them. The one who are friends can just put down their chit calling out loud that they are dead.
  • This game includes the players to make eye contact with one another while observing the rest.
  • The task of the person with the detective chit is to find out who the “murderer” or the “killer” is.
  • The game either ends with all the friends being killed by the murderer/ killer or the detective catches hold of the killer.

2. Truth or Dare:

Again for the girls can set in a circle on the floor. They would be two containers one marked with their and the other one marked with Truth.

  • The first player gets to choose a person from the circle and has to reach to the truth container and pull out a chit with question.
  • The girl gets to read the question by herself and decide if she wants to answer or not.
  • If the girl agrees to answer should read the question allowed following by her answer.
  • In case she doesn't really like to answer the questions she Falls the chit and puts it back in the truth container.
  • That's not it. The actual fun game starts now when she has to pick one of the questions from the Dare container no matter what and has to do it.

Super fun girls' birthday party game ideas, which everyone enjoys.

3. Balloon Stomp:

And Outer girl Bdy party game with the kids enjoys the most. A group game which can get noisy with the players shouting out of joy and Balloons bursting around. The game is fun with more number of players and all you would need is strings and balloons.

  • The aim of the game is pretty simple.  All you need to do is burst The Balloons of the opposing team without getting your own balloon burst.
  • You might want to split the players into two teams of equal numbers.
  • Using the string attached to the balloon the players have too tired to the legs such that the balloon is not too near or too far.
  • As soon as the whistle goes on, it’s the time to attack. The players have to quickly move around and step on other team members balloons using only their legs.
  • The first team to win would be the one who has successfully busted All the Balloons of the opposition team.

4. Vroom Vroom:

a super silly yet amazingly fun for birthday party games for girls where you are observing skills would be tested.  the game is fun to play with 8 or more players and all you need is space to play this game

  • The girls need to sit forming a circle. The circle needs to be large enough to have room for one person at the center.
  • Now, the person in the center called as “it” has and spun around a couple of times.  why this is happening, The Other players quickly change the sheets by rearranging themselves
  • Once everybody is settled in the circle, “It” tries to feel the other players seated in the circle with the help of a wooden spoon or a newspaper rolled up.
  • “It” stops at a particular person randomly and set in front of them. The player is now supposed to quickly quacks like a duck making silly wacky noise.
  • This is now when “It” has to recognize who the person is. If “It” guesses it right, “It”   takes the place of the Sitter.  if not then, “It”  continuous for another  lap until she finds out who the person is next.

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5. Medusa:

A fun games to play that works amazingly well when you have a big group. You need some space to play.

  • Let the players stand in a circle with the arms around each other’s Shoulders.
  • At the start of the game the players keep the head bowed.
  • on the start of the game or any other indication like a whistle, the players have to look at one another
  • if there are two players looking at each other they instantly screen and have to drop dead
  • the game continues until there's only two people left

6. Balloon Blow:

This is a fun game where your kids love and can be played indoors as well. The game is fun with large group of people with 6 or more number of players playing with balloons of different colors.

  • If you are playing in a room divide the players in to pairs.
  • each pair is given 1 balloon and the task is to keep the balloon in the air by only blowing it
  • You might just want to make sure that the players do not bump into Each Other by playing in a spacious area
  • The last team to keep the balloon in air without dropping it is the winner.

7. Treasure Hunt:

a very typical game that kids love to play.  You would need players to make teams and a lot of hints to keep the girls running to find their clues.

  • Write the clues in the placard 1 by 1 such that once the first team has completed finding the first treasure comma they come back running to you for the second clue.
  • The first team to hit the last clue would win the competition.

8. Baby in the Air:

a game which alerts you all the more and gets you competitive when played by two teams. Can be played with 8 or more players and you would need balloon water and space to play.

  • Take The Balloons and fill it with water before the game begins. You might need searched and Balloons at the least
  • Now ask the players to arrange themselves in a circle and having one player at the center.
  • Is there has to be numbered individually.
  • The person in the middle calls out “baby in the air, I called number__” and throws up her water balloon at the same time.
  • The person whose number has been called out by the center one has to be quick enough to move to the middle and cats The Throne balloon which is the baby before it falls on the ground.
  • All you would want to take care if the right timing of the through of the balloon and the  calling out of the number which makes a fun game

9. How’s it Hanging:

This is yet another fun game which can be played for a girls birthday party.  You need 6 or more players along with a Hula Hoop and a long piece of string, an orange and a banana. You will have to try the strength to the banana which has to be at least 12 inches long

  • A sort of minute to win it games which can be played by only one player at the time
  • Tie the banana with the string in front of the trouser of the person playing.
  • Adjust the strings such that the banana touches the ground.
  • now put an orange at one end of the room and hula hoop to the other end of the room
  • The aim of the game is for the player to move the orange into the Hula Hoop with the help of the Hanging banana within a minute without using hands.
  • The player who manages to finish this game the earliest wins.

10. Stack them up:

Skill game that needs all the kids to play with chocolate Ding Dong cake or sandwich cookies. This game can be played by 6 players or more.

  • This game is very simple to play where the participants show their skills of stacking and balancing. The player has to bend backwards starting to stack the cake on their forehead.
  • the player has to stack as many cakes as possible and balance it
  • If the sides of the next person gets a chance to try.  the player to have maximum stack cookies or cake in the least time wins.

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